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On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy

On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy: We acknowledge and give honor to Rosa Parks as the ' Mother of Civil Rights' during the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr . in the...

On-Point Insights: The Irony of the"Cross"-Celebrate Resurrection

On-Point Insights: The Irony of the"Cross"-Celebrate Resurrection: The New Testament Bible pivots on the one week-end in Jerusalem approximately 2,000 years ago. It's important and also OK to meditate on wha...

On-Point Insights: Effective Ways to Burn More Belly Fat

On-Point Insights: Effective Ways to Burn More Belly Fat: Many thoughts may be swirling around in your mind at the moment. Concerning certain questions as: What are the keys to loosing belly fat? Or...

On-Point Insights: Mentorship 'Motto'

On-Point Insights: Mentorship 'Motto': When we as concerned citizens and neighbors come along side to mentor, coach, advise and touch our young people in positive ways. A worthwh...

On-Point Insights: Much More Attention 'Must' be payed to Mental Illi...

On-Point Insights: Much More Attention 'Must' be payed to Mental Illi...: I consider today's tragedy in Conn the last straw when it comes to protecting helpless young children, especially those between the ages of ...

Much More Attention 'Must' be payed to Mental Illiness

I consider today's tragedy in Conn the last straw when it comes to protecting helpless young children, especially those between the ages of 3-10 years old and even older. Time and time again, we hear of
a mentally ill person being responsible  for violence, pain, suffering, and killings put upon others by those
who have a mental illness disease. It seems that there is always a rush to judgement to blame it on an issue that has political implications, such as "Gun Control". Although, especially in the Conn situation it is readily
ostensible that the root cause is due to an unstable person having the disease of a mental illness dis-order.

Yes, the use of a weapon such as Guns is partly to blame-but it is not the total reason for the tragedy.  During times such as we find ourselves-we are witnessing more rage and rancor than ever before in our life span. As we experience a myriad of shock and a disposition of mayhem. This lend itself to a violent-state-of-culture.

However, I hasten to add that does not render all people as murderers; just as smoking cigarettes or second hand smoke don't cause everyone to contract lung cancer. Albeit, that does not mean it is non-lethal.

 If there ever was a time and place for people of this country, the nation and the world to touch and agree for the sake of togetherness to live in unity, harmony and embrace a concern for all of humanity. The here and now can be that opportunity for a nurturing relational building and development approach among humankind.

The key situations and circumstances  to focus on are, coming to grips with civility, re-discovering the advent of togetherness, that shall embrace unity, harmony and genuine love for one another.

Remembering, the book, "Purpose Driven Life" always revealed in it's content. Which was, "It's not about us" . This is also the age where we should listen to the instructions of the only begotten son. Those instructions are we should  exist for others and to be a blessing to others. In doing so, our blessings will manifest in abundance.

Steve Braxton, contributing writer, featured blogger, published author & Ordained Minister
Bishop & Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese-An affiliate of COGIC, International
December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mentorship 'Motto'

When we as concerned citizens and neighbors come along side to mentor, coach, advise
and touch our young people in positive ways. A worthwhile approach that shall lend itself to allow
those young people to reach their fullest potential in life-working in their respective "purpose'
for life on the path of the journey.

I would be good to ascribe to and take a motto to effect change:

"Mentor's Motto"
'I am both please and proud to serve;
I will do my best to try and inspire;
I know and realize that I exist to help others;
I wanna be free help live and let live..!
This is my aspirations...Yes! Indeed, it is...
To God Be The Glory!

Steve Braxton, Contributing writer, featured blogger and published author
Bishop & Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese-An affiliate of COGIC, International
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Effective Ways to Burn More Belly Fat

Many thoughts may be swirling around in your mind at the moment. Concerning certain questions as: What are the keys to loosing belly fat? Or why it is so important to take better care and/or have more control of the midsection of the body?.Well, If  these thoughts are in your consciousness they are very good questions to ponder.

Just know that 'Belly Fat' is one of the most dangerous type of fat to have in your body. Possessing a large waistline is an indicator of multiple orders of life threatening diseases. 

Where Does Belly Fat Comes From-In The First Place?
>It begins with Lifestyle, poor eating habits and/or lack of a good daily exercise routine
>Another source of midsection weight gain is a fat-inducing hormone called "cortisol". The presence of stress is a primary cause for high levels of cortisol secretion. The presence of stress in the body breaks down lean muscles-the type of muscle that burns tissue calories most effectively. The secretion of cortisol, fat storage in the abdominal region, coupled with poor lifestyle practice worsens the overall condition to rid the body of dangerous belly fat.

Remedies and Solutions to Practice as a Good Measure:
a. Get Proper Sleep, at least 7 hours per night, however 8 hours would be even better. When the body is tired or suffering from fatigue it produces more "Ghrelin", which triggers cravings for more sugar and other fat building foods, which becomes a determent to the body shaping goals.The lost of sleep can also alter the body's  hormone production. This can affect the cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity-a primary reason for inducing Belly Fat
b.Perform Short Burst of Exercises, It's a sure conclusion that crunches will yield strong abdominal muscles, but on top a full layer of fat-will not allow the maximum results sought after. Yes, do continue doing the crunches, but also perform exercises that engage multiple muscle groups that works your cardiovascular system. Such as treadmill, biking, walking, etc. Try planking, it is relatively simple to do. (hold self-up in a 'push-up position, resting your fore arms on the floor, do 3-4 sets, holding for 30 seconds each.After ward engage in the cardio routine
c.Reduce Sugar Intake, back off on sugar, and carbs, reduce calories by filling-up with protein, veggies, whole grain. Replace bad snacks with good ones such as, red seedless grapes, apples, walnuts, dried fruits, yogurt, muscle-milk, alkaline water, etc. For Breakfast: eat oatmeal sprinkle with cinnamon, or brown sugar, put in some raisins and walnuts. The use of cinnamon will help stabilize 'Blood Sugar' and also slows the rate at which food exit the stomach, which helps you feel fuller longer
d.Get Enough Vitamin C, this will help to balance cortisol spikes, and will also support your immune system, shall aid in limiting the catching of a "common cold". Vitamin C is essential to the body's carnitine production, which is a compound use by the body to, "turn fat into to fuel". Others great products to eat for rich Vitamins & Nutrients are: bell peppers, kale, collards, kiwi, and oranges. to name a few.
e.Eat Fat (good type of fat, of course), Although this may seem like it's counter-productive. However, "It Takes Fat, To Burn Fat". That being said, it is sugar that make you Fat, Not Fats. A word about "Good Fats, that are rich in Omega-3, such as Salmon, (wild caught), Avocado, Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds. These fatty foods are full of nutrients that help keep you satiated on a daily basis.
f.Slow Your Breathing Down, here is a simple method you can employ when you are in the midst of a mini-crisis. As soon as you notice you are feeling tense and up-tight check your breathing.

During the presence of a tense or a  stress related situation people tend to hold their breath with short burst of breaths intervals or they will take rapid shallow breaths. This is not healthy-a need to make a change is essential in order to cope and manage the situation better

Heightened Awareness:
Consciousness is key, as your awareness is heightened you can consciously relax your abdominal muscles and begin to slow down the breathing process. This works best as you grasp the awareness and begin to focus on the elements of slowing down the breaths. It can start through exhaling rather than inhaling. As you engage the practice of exhalation-it is at this time you say quietly to yourself, "slow down, slow down, my breathing". It is done,  let it be so...Mission accomplished....

Remarks: Mark Williams of Mass Gain Source and I has conferred to engage in a 'Collaborative Effort' to provide more insights and Intel regards "Fat Burning" see his info at:

Created/compiled by: Steve Braxton, featured blogger, contributing writer, and published author
Also, Bishop, & Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese for Midwestern Territorial States

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Ancient Origin and Etymology of Biblical Scriptures

The Biblical Scriptures of the Bible had its beginnings in ancient times. The actual historic recordings of the the inspired word known as the Bible was not done at the exact time it was happening but capture in later years. The B.I.B.L.E. stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. It is a "Must Read". Since it's origin and inception the Bible has enjoyed the distinction of being on the best seller list for over 2000 years. And has been translated into every imaginable language in the Earthly Realm.

All scriptures are written in Inspiration to God and by God's Divine Providence. It is captured in the genre of both human author and divine author. There are many  Biblical Scholars noted in the book from Genesis to Revelation. Such noted and inspired men of God as, Moses, King Solomon, Asaph, The Sons of Korah, who penned some of the Psalms, Apostle Paul (book of Acts & others and Apostle John who wrote the book of Revelation. All of these Holy Men were under the Divine Authorship and Inspiration of God unto the "Trinity" God (Father) God (Son) and God (The Holy Spirit).

In praise of and about the unity and harmony of "Divine Providence". It can be thought of as being closely akin to the experience of the "Day of Pentecost" in the Upper Room. Where Jesus promised to send back the Holy Spirit to intervene; after he rose from the grave; and his ascension to Heaven to sit at the right hand of  the Father. The bible tells to us that on that day in the Upper Room; all of the Apostles were on one accord. So much so; that what one would thinketh; another had spiritual gifts of discernment and in-sight for the utterance and revelation of the thought (s) of another in the Upper Room. Oh, what a spirit-filled worship celebration that must have been. This move of God ushered in the the Paraclete, known as the number one helper of wisdom, knowledge, insight and discernment-all to the Glory of God in the Genre of the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, the chosen prophets who had the responsibility to write and share divine spiritual in-sight enjoyed favor of special dispensation for blessings from the Creator. Which allowed them to be on the same page; at the same time; in the same elements, at the exact moment. While possessing the singleness and consciousness of identical thought processes. All scriptures are given inspiration of God; and is; profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for corrections, for instructions, in righteousness. (II Tim 3:16).
If we were to exegete (seminary approach) it would reveal to us: "All scriptures are God breathed (inspired) and is used to re-buke, (reproof) for correcting, and training in righteousness. Making everything in scripture to be "God's Inspired Word". Rendering all of its usefulness for:
>Helping people to understand what thus said the Lord
>And for correcting them; showing them; how to live an upright life before God that is pleasing to him
"For the prophesy came not in old time by the will of man; but Holy Men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (II Peter 1:21)
Put another way, the prophets didn't just come up or make up these words on their own. They were guided along by "The Spirit of God". For the prophesy never had its origin in the will of man, but man spoke from God who spoke through them , as they had the full benefit of the "Holy Spirit". This happened all during their thought processes and deliberations within the order of Divine Inspiration of God in the entirety of their biblical writings.

Bishop Steve Braxton, Assistant Presiding Prelate-Light of Illinois Diocese, also a featured blogger and contributing writer in the global portals on the internet. In addition, Author of uplifting, incisive and inspiring books. Latest book: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Contact at:

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The Irony of the"Cross"-Celebrate Resurrection

The New Testament Bible pivots on the one week-end in Jerusalem approximately 2,000 years ago. It's important and also OK to meditate on what these events mean and to just know they actually happened. The real focus to consider is: JESUS loved us so much that he laid down his life-to spend 'Eternity' with all of us. However, there is a choose to be made-we must choose him. The Eucharist (Lord's Supper) is symbolic of his body and his blood. The leaven bread symbolizes 'Sin' which is broken for all humankind. The wine use in giving communion is the symbol of what Jesus called: "My Blood of the Covenant" which was poured for many in the forgiveness of sin.

On the night that he was betrayed, Jesus, took bread; broke it; and said, "Take eat of it; do this in remembrance of me". Like wise, he took the cup, saying; "This is the new covenant of my blood", take and drink of it; do this in remembrance of me". Be aware when we represent Jesus, follow his example. We must meet others where they are in their understanding; then commence to lead them to a deeper awareness.

During the Resurrection Celebration Sunday as you partake of "Communion", look back on what Jesus did for you. Then look forward to his return (The second coming) and remember; He is, Our Passover. 1 Cor in 5:7
Let Us Pray:

All mighty God! maker and creator of all humankind, the creatures, and the embodiment of the heavenly galaxies;
how excellent is thy name in all the earth.
Touch us today with your comforting, strengthening, and healing hands;
in every area of our mind, body, and soul.
Help us to concentrate on the practice of 'forgiveness';
 as we strive and thrive to embrace it; keep us forever moving forth.

And as we do so; I ask that you would unblock our blessings;
let them fall fresh upon, and among us- let them flow freely.

Oh! Great, Wise, and  "God of Provisions"-we ask you to keep us in good steads;
that of sound mind, body, and physical statute.

The words of the biblical text reveals to us to seek, to ask, and to knock;
We continually ask for a reasonable portion of health and strength,
as well as, nutritional, emotional, well-being and physical fitness.

Let us always be conscious of the blood you shed on the "Cross" for us;
on that ironic day over 2,000 years ago at Golgotha in Nazareth;
where you hung on the 'cross' for the ransom and paid the price for the right to the "Tree of Life"
We thank you that you did it for the "Sins" of all humanity in-the-earthly-realm.
This is our prayer, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
Amen, amen, and amen...

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On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy

On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy: We acknowledge and give honor to Rosa Parks as the ' Mother of Civil Rights' during the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr . in the...

Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy

We acknowledge and give honor to Rosa Parks as the 'Mother of Civil Rights' during the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the by-gone era of the 60's. We also point to the fact that she should be known as the 'Mother of the Nation'. Just like George Washington, former President of the United States was known as the 'Father of the Nation'. This argument is sorely based on the fact that people of color were not included in the legitimate honor of humanitarian recognition during the George Washington era. Instead they were seemly relegated as being summarily dismissed and/or ostensibly invisible.

Therefore, it can be said that they were the ones who did not matter, and were non-existence for proper recognition. At least not until Rosa Parks drew attention to the matter during the 50's.  The sudden and momentous decision made by Ms. Parks of 'refusing to give up her seat' and move to the back of the bus created quite a stir-as it caused the ugly face of the In-justice of Jim Crow to be splashed into the Lime Light on the World Stage. 

This historic set of circumstances, in my humble opinion and the opinion of others, is worthy of bestowing the honor of 'Mother of the Nation' upon Rosa Parks. Many evolutionary and trans formative situations occurred during that time in history. Such occurrences gave blacks legitimacy to be recognized, honored and respected. Moreover, not a single shot was ever fired in defense of violence. Yes, such things as pride, self-worth and dignity in behalf of indigenous people were proven to matter.

A few notable young people in the Hip-Hop Genre did not fully understand the historical significance of the Rosa Parks Legacy. They chose not to give honor or respect, but instead insults, disparaging and disrespectful remarks. Upon being confronted for making such unflattering comments, the poor choice of words uttered were, "Well, when we look in the mirror we call it as we see it" An elderly more outspoken person, we know and love as "Big Momma" said, "I look in the mirrors often too, and it is my sense that mirrors are not only a reflection of  what you see,but can be used to correct what it is that you see. In this instance what you see should be viewed as fore-knowledge". Big Momma, went on to say, "The fore-knowledge you should know is that Rosa Parks touched many of us in positive ways. In the process of reaching out to touch, Rosa made an indelible mark, as well as, tremendous differences in civil rights, voter's education for me, you, and generations yet to come".

The annals of history has recorded the evidence. Which consists of Rosa's travails  that was both diligent and faithful during the Civil Rights Movement. Numerous instances are noted where Rosa Parks contemporaries met their fatal demise in the midst of the systematic racism of Jim Crow. All while enduring the struggle to further the cause for fair, descent, and humane treatment for under privileged humankind.  It is imperative for all of us to continue in the quest; not to be silent, blinded, or unconcerned about double the standards; when it comes to inhumane treatment of others. It is a must for all of us to Stand Up! Speak Out! and be resolved  not to rest until a level playing field is finished for all of human creation.

Now is the time; to pay attention; to be relentless, maybe even get angry. However, I hasten to add, not angry to fight physically. But angry to to write and right. It is a must to work to right the wrongs, and write on the ballots at the voting polls. This is a sure way to have a good measure of success for beginning to make and sustain that difference. Go Forth! and just do it!

Steve Braxton, Life Coach, Consultant, Contributing Writer, Featured Blogger, founder of Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc., and Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Impending books" Creole Soup and An Anthology of Poetry

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Firstly, there's good credence in the practice of healthiness and a lot to be said for an on-going healthy lifestyle. It is vital and the key to a long lasting weight control and management program. However, you can loose a few pounds quickly, easily, and safely, here's how: One of the essential things is to slash the sodium consumption from your eating habits. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control, (CDC) your intake should be no more than 500 mg of added sodium per day. Don't go on an all out eating spree, especially during the weekends. Instead, the  best way to loose weight on the weekend is to consume more oats and whole grain, supplemented with yogurt and fresh vegetables.

Also, consume more potassium, which will give your body a chance rid itself of sodium. Eat such foods as sweet potatoes, apricots, figs, oranges, beets-all is high in the big "P" (potassium). In will also be good to add soluble fiber. Just know that soluble fiber is found in plants. The presence of soluble fiber in the system will allow for: 1) food to pass through undigested, 2) delay the empty feeling in the stomach, 3) giving a feeling of  fullness, and help control the munchies. Soluble fiber can be gained from eating the following:
>Oats, legumes,
>Barley, apples,
>Pears and flaxseed

It will be imperative to include whole wheat, and whole grain, such as brown rice, broccoli,carrots, dark leafy vegetables (collards. kale, spinach, etc) and red grapes. Drink hot water with lemon in the morning to get going and as a nightcap before going to bed. This will lower the PH in your belly and help natural probiotics, according to Beth Reardon, Director, Duke University, Intergrative Medicine. Reardon goes on to say,  "as a health bonus, all the excretion will help rid your body of toxins, excess estrogen for women and will lower your Cholestrol  levels as well"
Edited/composed by: Steve Braxton, Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Contributing writer, Google Buzz & and Featured Blogger:

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A Red Rose Represent What? And What are the 7 Days Before 'V-Day?

The Red Rose is very significant, in that, it means; to be caring, has a connection to the , "fullness of life", a measure of great success indwelt with creative juices, also has a healing connotation, a love aspect, and holds a level of popularity. In the victorian language of the flowers and colors-it reveals some interesting and and amusing things about the approach  for roses of different colors.
>Burguendy Rose, unconscious beauty
>Deep Red Rose, bashful shame
>Yellow Rose, passion and a tinge of jealousy
>White Rose, "I am Worthy of You"
>Red & White Rose, unity
>Austrian Rose, "thou art all that is lovely
>Red Rose Buds, pure & lovely, innocent & naive

What are The 7 Days Before Valentine's Day?
~Feb 7th-Rose Day
~Feb 8th-Propose Day
~Feb 9th-Chocolate Day
~Feb 10th-Teddy Day
~Feb 11th-Promise Day
~Feb 12th-Kisses Day
~Feb 13th-Its "V-Day, Happy Valentine's Day; Oh yee precious ones

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On-Point Insights: Valentine's Day-Its Significance-Origin and Tradit...

On-Point Insights: Valentine's Day-Its Significance-Origin and Tradit...: On February 14, every year Americans and people of the Nation and the World celebrate Valentine's Day. The occassion is to celebrate a long ...

Valentine's Day-Its Significance-Origin and Traditions

On February 14, every year Americans and people of the Nation and the World celebrate Valentine's Day. The occassion is to celebrate a long time tradition embodied with the proclivities to explore "love" in all of its beauty, splendor, style, grace, majesty and ideals . Many of us give little thought of how it all began or of  its origin,traditions and customs. Well, according to the historic context there are some connections to "Venus-The Goddess of Love". And the origin had it roots in the Roman Empire in ancient times. An event known as the "Lupercain Festival" was usually put on to honor the "God of Fertility'. During the celebration or in the midst of the Lupercain Festival, young men would get to choose their mate with the intent to eventual matrimony. Claudius the Emperor did not take kindly to the idea of marriage, He would rather see young men trained for battle and war. So he abolished the festive occassion where they would choose a mate. The young couples complained to Bishop Valentine at the Roman Catholic Church. But there was little he could do about the emperor's decree to abolish the celebation to choose a mate. But when the couples continued to find mates in other ways. The Bishop agreed to still marry them-but it was done in secrecy. 

When Claudius The Emperor found out about what Bshop Valentine was doing. He had him arrested and schedule him to be executed. While in jail waiting for his execution-the Bishop began to exchange letters and notes with the jailer's daughter. Because of the constant contact through communications-he fell in love with the jailer's daughter. On the day before Bishop Valentine's was beheaded he wrote a last note to the jailer's daughter and signed it "From Your Valentine". This situation precipitated a plethora of Valentine's Day symbols, of gifts, cards, and poems being exchanged. The news of Bishop Valentine's situation spread far and wide, and the name Valentine became synonymous with "Love" and Poetic Expression. In conclusion, I offer this poetic expression to all Yee Noble one. "A Salute to Women of Color"

"Only the action of the just; smell the sweet blossom in the dust; none knew her but to love her; none named her but to give accolades and edify her; O Woman! great is thy fathfulness; be it resolve unto thee; even as you maturate into full bloom and potential; with style, elegance and grace, pristine persona and peaceful are both adorned and adored. Within the statue of your beauty, your strength, and empowerment; you've nurtured us all; even the others quietly admire and enjoy the unsung attributes you bring. You are a diamond-in-the-rough, comes from the best of the clay for the day. You are the cream-of-the-crop that rises to the top! And as the song is sang, you are the growth of the plant-of-freedom; upward sprung"-Happy Valentine's Day, Oh Noble Women

Steve Braxton, Consultant, life coach, minster, congributing writer and featured blogger via Google Buzz and

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Broken People-Who Mask True Inner Feelings (Broken-ness)

It is becoming clearer each day that we as a people often mask (hide) our feeelings. We are not honest and open about the "broken-ness" that lurks deep inside of us. It's not good to be in denial or bury stuff deep in the inner recesses  of our soul. It will manifest itself in ways that will be a surprise to you and surely shall be a shock or held in dis-belief by family, friends and/or the public in general. In the book, The Road That Is Difficult To Travel by Steve Braxton, it is expounded upon in describing 'precipitating events' which is later manifesation into one's life.and the term is also defined in the glossary and pronunication key.

A few recent situations come to mind when reflecting on masking and/or hiding feelings, Michael Scott, President of the Board for Chicago Public Schools and top aide and advisor to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Dave Duerson, NFL Super Bowl Champion, a player on the Chicago Bears football team and  a member of the board of directors, University of Notre Dame, and just a few days ago, Don Corneilous, founder & creator of the nationallly syndicated TV Show, "Soul Train." It was announced that all three death were considered apparent sucicides. Of course, upon hearing about these tragedic incidents the feelngs and emotions were very sorrowful and painful. And also caused everybody to be in a state of shock and dis-belief.

There are some benefits to being honest and open about one's broken-ness. Case and point scenario, the population that exit in the U.S. the Nation and the World are,  in fact, a gathering of People-in-Community. And as such; can provide a outpouring of encouragement, support, concern, prayer, and meditation that can go a long way toward making a positive difference in the live of another person who have a felt-need to be met.

In the book of Jereimah 18 chapter, it speaks of  the pot is marred as it was being shaped-but the potter took it, re-shaped it and formed it another way. God being the potter-and we being the pot.
Broken-ness can manifest itself  in a myriad of ways. The first  use of the expresssion of broke, immedately cause you to focus on finances-meanng having no money-just a little humor. However, other types of broken-ness can be physicial, romantically linked or a relationship betrayal, and also in the spirit.
 All can lead to broken hearted-ness.

Whatever way broken-ness appears in your live-there should be a conscious effort of being honest and open about it. This approach can bring the benefits of soothing the sorrow, pain, hurt and unexpected downturns, by creating the opportunity for the outcome of the situation to be turned into joy .

The good news is, upon acknowledging your plight it will serve as a luminuous light that when embraced; can enhance the process of healing through encouragement, inspiration, and edification, from the gathering of  the People-in-Commuinty.

Steve Braxton, Contriuting writer, Consultant, Life/executive coach/mentor, & Ordained minister