Monday, February 13, 2012

A Red Rose Represent What? And What are the 7 Days Before 'V-Day?

The Red Rose is very significant, in that, it means; to be caring, has a connection to the , "fullness of life", a measure of great success indwelt with creative juices, also has a healing connotation, a love aspect, and holds a level of popularity. In the victorian language of the flowers and colors-it reveals some interesting and and amusing things about the approach  for roses of different colors.
>Burguendy Rose, unconscious beauty
>Deep Red Rose, bashful shame
>Yellow Rose, passion and a tinge of jealousy
>White Rose, "I am Worthy of You"
>Red & White Rose, unity
>Austrian Rose, "thou art all that is lovely
>Red Rose Buds, pure & lovely, innocent & naive

What are The 7 Days Before Valentine's Day?
~Feb 7th-Rose Day
~Feb 8th-Propose Day
~Feb 9th-Chocolate Day
~Feb 10th-Teddy Day
~Feb 11th-Promise Day
~Feb 12th-Kisses Day
~Feb 13th-Its "V-Day, Happy Valentine's Day; Oh yee precious ones

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