Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's the 28th Day: Awesome Journey of The 40 Day Daniel Fast Lifestyle Change

Firstly, it is my hope and prayer that thus far; this Daniel Fast has been a powerful experience for all of you who are with us on This Awesome Spiritual Journey. As you "Practice The Presence of The Lord" and as you are open to; and embrace the Holy Spirit-Know it is available to you. It is precious, a comforter, the paraclete-number one helper, and serves as companion, guide and a friend.

Take some time to pray, worship and praise God for all that has happened to you during this time of prolonged lifestyle change, of fasting, prayer, meditation and biblical text.

Here are a few things to be reflective of:

  • Lessons Learned: {draw nearer to God, learn more about self, become aware of valuable intel regards the importance of fasting and it myriad of benefits, detox/cleanse/healing}
  • Develop Good Habits: {how important it is to spend with God, feed both your spirit and soul with good food to help you prosper and grow, and is long lasting, most of all can become part and parcel of "Who You Are",  and is Yet To Become
  • Your Body, Eating Style & Habits: {Your body is own its way to being sparkling clean, Its happy time, you've been very disciplined during the Daniel Fast period, in the aftermath, be careful and wise about your eating style and habits, don't rush back to meats, dairy, sugary foods and anything to that might cause your body react in negative mode.
The Daniel Fast is closely patterned after the Lifestyle of those who are considered 'Vegans' here's a few word about vegans: [contary to; and/or defies  popular myths}
~Have healthier bones and higher blood protein levels than omnivores {animal based foods}
~Vegans are strictly plant-based food intake and consumption
~Vegans get more than enough protein within a matter of weeks
~When the body is nourished and replenished with an abundance of plant-based foods the body get sufficient protein that is needed {How Blessed Are You w/40 days of replenishing?}

The Biblical text of Daniel 1:8-16 is the epitome of a plant-based protein intake for replenishing the body at optimum levels. Of Course, this is the center-piece of  the Lifestyle Change we are currently pursuing. There are only two vitamins not available in plant-based lifestyle, which is "D" and "B12"

We are going forth being steadfast on The Awesome 40 day Journey. Only 12 days to go. See you at the finish line..
Blessings Upon all of you

Research: edited/compiled By Bishop Steve Braxton,
Bibliography source for some intel;

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Intel & insights: to cope with Looming Financial Crisis {2016}

Those of us who want to "Survive and Thrive" during the looming financial crisis on the horizon. I am compelled to implore you to have a "Front-of-Mind-Consciousness that shall serve to help you with  a sense of safety, protection and also an approach for "Peace-of-Mind"

If you've been 'paying attention' like I have, you should recognize and see Shades of the 2008 Financial Crisis Looming, not from afar, but is getting very close to being reality. In recent days the Stock Market fell sharply, Crude Oil dropped below $30/barrell. If you noticed, seemingly all efforts being put forth by Central Banks to get over the hump. It has been all for naught. Instead, the efforts are trending toward fueling an asset price bubble in the Stock market. Take note of the following:
~The S&P, reached its lowest level since 2014 {slid 64 pts}
~Dow Jones Industrial slumped 511 pts
~The Nasdaq Composite tumbled 190 pts
~European Stocks lost 2.8%
~The US Dollar fell to a one-year low vs the Japanese Yen

Again, if we've all been 'paying attention, we are aware that the economy and the market has not been ok since the 2008 financial crisis [recession]. What with the dollar index now resisting below its March highs. The Yen and the Euro are poised  to rise further. The question to ponder is, what does that mean for those of us in #Move2TheMillion, who are exchanging and holding Gold as a hedge and protection against inflation.

Let's focus on the recent activity of Gold. Just this week Gold rose $22.40  or 2.1% to $1,096.20 an ounce. Let me hasten to add, Gold does not lose its value, unlike the paper fiat currency, it only fluctuates. Therefore, when it's fluctuating that's a good time to exchange, because its just on sale for a moment.
The recent bounce we saw in the Gold Rise, is poised to rise even further. Remember the adage of investments, it is wise to buy low and sell high. Precious Metals, in particularly, Gold are going to be very interesting to 'pay attention to' Why?, because; you will see it will help to turn the current bear market around. The activity of precious metals shall inherently fuel the prospect to prove Gold in 2016 shall bring forth a pivotal year for all to benefit from. However, you must be involved to take advantage of such benefits. For more definitive details please feel at ease to make contact
Research: compiled/edited by Steve Braxton,

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daniel Fast Alert!-This is The 10th Day

During the whole ordeal and wherewithal of the Fast for Daniel, and friends The Hebrew Boys, Hananiah {Shadrach], Mishael [Meshach], and Azariah {Abed-Nego}was the situation of Daniel asking the Chief official of King Nebuchadnezzar for different foods from what the King had ordered. Which was royal kosher foods and wine. After some deliberation Daniel's wishes were granted but with certain special conditions.
The special conditions were to come before the King in ten days to be inspected for physical condition {countenance and appearance} tested for intel and knowledge. Of course Daniel and the Hebrew Boys were found to be exceptional in all matters of Wisdom and Understanding. The others were not. As a matter of fact  Daniel and the Hebrew Boys were found to be ten times better than all of the others.

At this juncture on this journey of the Daniel Fast-it's time for some comments, and/or testimony of experiential encounters being observed at the 10th day.
Let's start with Sandrel Scott, here is what she said, "I'm feeling calm and very relaxed, and surprisingly I thought it would be much more difficult, also surprisingly, I'm not even hungry as surmise I'd be. I try to follow the daily Daniel Fast routine,  as best as can, with the food intake, and I have worked out a comfortable exercise approach which is ok for me too. I find myself listening to hear from God; as I move along the journey daily. It's a delight hearing from God before I make important decisions affecting other people's lives. Being on the Daniel Fast gives me a feeling of confidence to work on assignments for God. I have been afforded the task of being in leadership support role at "The House" {hip-hop church in Lawndale} working closely with Pastor Phil Jackson, which I'll share more about later. I'm also noticing some weight management/loss attributes, I can now move the ring from my ring finger to the middle finger. to say the least, "I'm Excited!" Peace! over and out."

Here are more comments from Bettye Deramus, She says, "I'm so thankful to you {Bishop Braxton} that God put me on your mind to invite me to be on the Daniel Fast, to Detox, Cleanse, and experience some healing on this awesome journey and to embrace; Seeking Inner Peace-while 'Practicing The Presence of the Lord.' I'm reminded of a biblical passage, "To present our bodies a living sacrifice unto the Lord which is our reasonable service". The Daniel Fast is cleansing me spiritually and Physically. We have so much work to do this year. This worthwhile fasting, prayer, meditation and scripture reading is preparing, equipping, and empowering us for the impending works of the Lord in the form of special presentations to help others through seminars, workshops, book club discussions and retreats. To God Be The Glory! All Praise to God, In Jesus Name! Amen...

I look forward to hearing comments and/or testimonies from many more of you as we move toward the second week-the 14th Day of the Daniel Fast
Blessings upon all of you that's on this Awesome journey with us

Bishop Steve Braxton
Founder: Marketplace Ministries, Inc & National Clergy Fellowship Outreach Initiative

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Daniel Fast Focus: A Life of Faithfulness sprinkle with 'Touch-of-Spirituality'

A Time For EveryThing: "To everything there is a season; and a time to every purpose under the Heaven;...{Eccles 3:1}. Solomon who is the writer on the aforementioned words suggests that much
in the world is changing; and Solomon is trusting in those things because he knows that it is God who keeps the world in order. He {God} is the one who causes all things to happen in their "seasons" and gives everything a "purpose" in life.

And so it is for those of us who are focus and fastened on Daniel's Fast during this New Year of 2016. It's a time of new beginnings; a time for second chances; a time to set new goals; and even
a time to look at possibilities for our own life, and the life of family members; and to begin the journey to walk toward those goals and possibilities.

As we sojourn on this Daniel Fast, Prayer, Meditation, and dig deep within the scriptures of chapter 1 of the book of Daniel. Know that as you draw nearer to God; the Holy Spirit becomes the Paraclete, the number one helper, the comforter, the guide, coach and mentor. This becomes the perfect time to set the heart in the direction to know the Lord more intimately.

You know; as we grow each year with the Daniel Fast our group gets better, more committed and even stronger. We have an awesome team of people that are participating again  this year. I want to take  some time to acknowledge, laud and applaud, some on the team members I consider contributing at an appreciatable and commendable level. Kudos goes to Bettye Deramus, she has shared her personal testimony on how wonderful this experience is; She shares that it is so enriching, so fulfilling, very calming, peaceful, spiritual and effective. She has through her testimony of sharing gotten some real die hard food lovers, to deny their hearty habits of others foods that don't exactly fall in the category of the Daniel Fast to join our team. Namely, her baby sister Marilyn Jackson and some of her key friends. Marylyn, welcome aboard we are so happy your have joined us.

Sandriel Scott, who made an attempt last year to be with us, However, had some challenges that did not allow her to continue. But this year; she is back!, and is providing diligent leadership. Sandriel I appreciate the 'post' you put on your Facebook Page that has; and is; attracting some of your FB family and friends. I've observed many of them responding very favorably. Thanks Appreciate you.

A Big shout out! to Reverend Mitchel L. Johnson J.D. and the entire JCrew Team. I even received an invitation to be part of his Webinar Ministry on the very week we kicked off the Daniel Fast. Great incisive and spiritual Intel. I thoroughly enjoyed be a part, blessings upon you Reverend.

It is my intentions to recognize, acknowledge and give kudos to, at least, 3 people at each 7 day intervals during this 40 day Daniel Fast, Prayer, Meditation and scriptural passage. Therefore, send me intel, and share good insights with me on an on-going basis. Blessings upon all

To God Be The Glory
Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc, and National Clergy Fellowship Outreach, {312} 330-0305