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This is to share information regards paper money {fiat currency} when it has Gold Standard Backing. What does that mean? In order to understand the full spectrum take note of the following basic key points.

  • In 1933 paper money was backed by 'Gold'. That distinction served as a guarantor which provided the dollar with value. The Dollar was really worth a dollar during that era. Because  "Gold" is real money, however as a medium of exchange for goods and services it was easier and more convenient to transact purchases for personal and business dealings with the use of paper currency. 
  • Paper Currency {The US Dollar} has an inscription across the top of it that read, "Silver Certificate". This authenticated the value of the dollar.Thus The US Dollar became  the "World Reserve Currency" Making it a currency acceptable world wide.
Let's move forward to 1963. It was during that period when the "Silver Certificate" was removed from the US Dollar. It was replaced with the inscription, "Federal Reserve Note". Why the change? Well because of massive spiraling out of control Debt by the US Government. US spending was more than the money supply to guarantee payment for Debt incurred. The US Dollar was in decline rendering it 'fiat currency'

  • Federal Reserve became the voice that all listened to regards Debt GDP, Stocks, Bonds, etc
  • The International Monetary Fund {IMF}, World Bank, and others countries took notice of comments,economic conditions and predictions made by the Federal Reseve

  • Let's assume the US Debt was a massive$18 Trillion dollars
    However, the money supply was only $10 Trillion dollars
    Leaving a short fall of $8 Trillion dollars  and there was no money to make payment

    The President of the US established the Federal Reserve organization for the following reasons:
    • Serve as Guru of all Currency Activities
    • i.e., Generate set and regulate interest rates, provide economic predictions, etc
    comments, economic conditions and prediction made by the Federal Reserve.
Fast forward to 1971, President Richard M. Nixon signed an "Executive Order" which declared an ending to the Gold Standard Backing. This action gave freedom to the US Government to turn on the printing press to create and print paper money flooding the market with fiat dollars with less value. It was basically a promissory note { an I.O.U }

The Standard for paper money became one of:
  • Faith, trust, and confidence 
  • Simply a hand shake of sorts of a promise to pay
Quantitative Easing
This occurred in many instances under President Bush Jr. and carried over into President Obama administration such as:
  • Bail-outs for such companies and organizations as AIG, General Motors, AIG, Freddie Mae, Freddie Mack, and Major Banks
  • Stimulus Programs and packages for certain US Projects and certain individuals, especially senior citizens & Social Security recipients.
Note; Speculations- that it may happen as early as Mid-Oct 2015. The Intel is expected to include:
  • Economic status and conditions to occur
  • Global Currency Re-set
  • What currency will be the "New World Reserve Currency'
  • The question is; will it remain the US Dollar or another country's Currency
  • The answer is only known by the IMF
  • However, much speculations China being a strong contender {currency yuan}
Irrespective of what country currency take the lead:
The Major Remedy, Solution and/or protection for all to seek is:
  • Acquire Gold and Silver{ts universally accepted }
  • In addition, it is immune to inflation
  • Yes, there are Market fluctuations-However, Precious Metals never lose its value
The Best Way to be Protected for the Future {now w/the awareness of Global Currency Re-set and New World Reserve Currency}
  • Begin to Acquire precious metals, in particularly Gold & Silver
  • Owned Real Estate 
  • Educate self on Annuities-make better informed decisions 
  • Collectibles is a good bet, i.e., rare coins, art pieces, medallions {US Mint} certain memorabilia 
  • Seek Business Investments {or create your own business concept}

  • Identify reputable & credible company
  • For Purity and weight make sure it is Certified for Purity and Weight
  • It will good to have the Highest Quality which is 999.9 Gold currency bullion
  • Also have the Authentication of the LBMA {London Bullion Market Association}
  • Build solid foundation for financial portfolio and your future
  • Has lasting value, unlike paper both Gold & Silver has great value in times of calamity such as the upcoming announcement from the IMF 
  • Provide Gold Storage of large quantities-AT NO COST
For additional information contact: #Move2TheMillion we can help and assist you in an enormity of ways. email;, see topic: The Gold Standard, 
Edit/compiled by Bishop Steve Braxton, Sr, Partner, The Gold Bullion Network, referral link:
https:www.; watch video youtube

Biblical reference-Gold The text mention Gold as a gift from the Magi -three wise men from the east, who payed homage to the new born Jesus Matthew 2:1 see also Genesis 2:10-12, Exodus 12:35-36

Sunday, September 6, 2015

CAUSE OF OLD AGE-The connection to "Tree of life"

This is an insightful, spiritual and divine look into the composite of the human body created by almighty God. Lend me your ear for a moment as we focus on "The Cause of Old Age". Consider the preservation of maintaining your youthfulness, strength, stamina, endurance and healthiness. This depends entirely upon the automatic action that flows through the body accumulated from the deposits of food intake and other materials you provide to the body itself.
When God created the body it was formed from the essence and substance of air, thus we recognized as 'The breath of God', When he breathe into we humans, his DNA and we became a 'Living Soul'. The foodstuff and other materials humans consume evolve to residue {ashes} of foods-the mineral salts, and they are deposited in the upper chamber of the cerebrum {brain cells} which dictated to the body the instructions to follow. In the midst of it all-in close proximity there exists "The Tree of Life" reflect on{Adam & Eve in the Garden East of Eden}

The Tree of Life is comprised of "The Branches of Vagus" or the pneumogastric nerve which extends  to the lungs, and stomach, also known as the  small and large intestines Thus "The Tree of Life", is the basin or container that is the initial holding place for foodstuff and other materials we consume and/or deposit into the body to be distributed over time. Consider these deposits as the manger-or the mouth of the fish-that forms the seed or fruit of the tree. This seed being formed which is of the essence of God-who is also called "The Son of God, and The Son of Man. Whom possesses and holds all "Power-in Earth" to forgive all sins. The seed says, "I am the way, the truth and the life"-hence "The Tree of Life."

The secretions from the food intake and other materials deposited into the body that descends from fats and oils-in the place of the secretions, builds and sustains the entire bodily structure. However, if a certain amount, approx 'one-tenth' {1/10}, is not returned, the reservoir becomes depleted on a daily basis, which causes a deficiency {or falling apart}. Thus creating a weakness, a decrepitude, which we in our limited intel {unawareness] call it "old Age"

The Bible tells us {B-asic, I-nstructions, B-efore, L-eaving, E-arth} the cause and the remedy, Thus, The wages of sin is death" But "His delight is in the law of the Lord". "He shall be like a tree planted by the river of waters that bringeth forth its fruit in due season, but his leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper". There is one cause of Old Age: i.e.,"Wasting The Life Force"

The gray matter of the brain, the "Seed of The Word of God" which, if saved, results in "THE WORD MADE FLESH. When others say to you, "Old Age, is because of this, and because of that, do not be hasty in believing them Why? cause you know the truth. Old Age is control within you
And you can begin with periodic Cleanse, Detox, and weight Management.  The must start is the 15 Day Green Smoothie and Daniel lifestyle Change
Scripture basis: John 1:4,8-9,12-13,14, & 16 Daniel 1:1-22
Bishop Steve Braxton,  Let's Go forth and Strive to Be Youthful Always. Be Blessed.

Monday, February 16, 2015

On-Point Insights: What it means to Emulate another-in the throes to ...

On-Point Insights: What it means to Emulate another-in the throes to ...: It's a huge advantage, and a blessing-in-disguise to have the benefit of a mentor you can strive to emulate. One that you can  give cre...

What it means to Emulate another-in the throes to pursue your dreams

It's a huge advantage, and a blessing-in-disguise to have the benefit of a mentor you can strive to emulate.
One that you can  give credit, kudoes, accolades and thoughts of great edification to-in the genre of both knowledge and wisdom.

To Emulate one whom by chance you consider as your 'Mentor' and you their prot'ege. For me it was my Grandma, who we as siblings; affectionately called "Big Momma". And of course, my mom and dad also was the disciplining duo of mentors. Which was especially arduous while growing up during "Jim Crow' time in the deep south.

Big Momma was the epitome of sufficient knowledge and wisdom-and I hasten to add she had only a third grade education-but was wise as a serpent... Common utterance of words from Big Momma. "Remember, your word is your bond, when it come to your reputation, it's sometimes better to have a good word, rather than money. It shall serve you well to have a good reputation, cause it helps to shape your creditability and bode well for your integrity"

Some attributes of positive outcomes-As you strive to "Emulate"
~Strive to achieve the utmost traits and  abilities
~Strive to articulate the clarity for the best of all understanding
~Seek to communicate and convey incisive messages both thoroughly and effectively
~Communicate what was, and what has been seen
~Communicate exactly what you have heard and what you are hearing 
~Communicate precisely what you are actually witnessing
~Communicate explicitly what you are feeling...

Embrace the school of thought to grasp and learn a way to attain the uncanny ability that allows you to
reach out and touch others-where they are; irrespective of their plight and/or condition in life.

A Word about the Pursuant of the "Dreams" {in the sojourn of life's journey}
No matter whom you may be, or where ever you are, or what you may be doing at the moment
Remember the wind don't always blown the same way-it shall certainly change directions.
Sometimes it may be sudden and other times may take a little while longer. I say to you, 'patience
is a virtue'. Just be faithful and steadfast on the journey.

In conclusion, "pursue your dreams"; don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do; If you think you can't-you won't, but if you think yo can-you will; always strive to pursue your dreams. Just know this: it will cost you both physically and mentally, there is certainly a price to pay, but don't let that deter you-the risk is well worth it. Remember, the greater the risk the more abundant is the reward. I implore you to "GO FORTH!" Focus on your purpose and Pursue your dreams....

Be Blessed
Bishop Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Writer/Blogger & Author
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

On-Point Insights: 'Faith Muscles'-4 Spiritual Growth

On-Point Insights: 'Faith Muscles'-4 Spiritual Growth: A fellow blogger { Susan Gregory } who is a Life Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker just recently sent me one of her prior blogs. It was an e...

'Faith Muscles'-4 Spiritual Growth

A fellow blogger {Susan Gregory} who is a Life Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker just recently sent me one of her prior blogs. It was an embellishment about one of Jesus' lamented utterances, "Oh Yea of Little Faith". Upon reading it I was both struck and  touched by the piece; and of her testimony about Really Getting It-on how we should learn to really "Trust God", couple with her careful researched exegesis regarding a real understanding and insights concerning "Faith Muscles".

I am compelled to share an excerpt with a bit of editing to integrate my own personal shaping and structuring.
Beginning with one of my favorite saying of encouragement that  I always share with others during mentoring and in ministry situations. Which is, "Practice The Presence of the Lord" When you do, {as I connect to an expression by Susan} you consecrate yourself unto The Lord through extended Prayer and Fasting and I also might add, "exercise the closeness of God through meditation".

If you want to make sure-You Do Not Miss God's Blessings; then you must "Practice His Presence", Listen for his instructions; to get a really good understanding, so you can, "Really Get It! Got It!

I think we can all agree that; a problem we as people have; is we don't always 'Get It'. Even though we profess to be believers in a source of  higher authority. After that being said, We're the same as those who Jesus lamented and/or proclaimed utterances about. When he said these words, "Oh, Yea of Little Faith"

However, I hasten to add, 'Little Faith" in Susan's words, "Doesn't mean small in amount, as we know it". Just Know-the Bible tells us we are given the same measure of faith. But one must do something with it, it is required that we take or exercise some action. This to cause an opportunity for growth.

Put another way, our measure of faith can be compared to muscles of the human body. If you look at two people, as they stand side-by-side both basically have the same capacity of muscles in their bodies. The difference may be that one of them may work and/or exercise to develop muscle mass. In order to get larger and stronger couple with endurance and stamina. While the other may make an effort to start but quickly stops. Thereby, no work, nor any exercising to develop muscle mass; which will cause them to have "Muscle Atrophy"-meaning, flab body appearance, no  muscle expansion or growth; remaining in a smaller weakened state-of being.

Plan Your Work-Work Your Plan
The same example can be attributed to our faith which is very similar to the muscles of the human body. The more we focus on;  and exercise our faith, then the stronger it will get. Lending itself to having more assurance and dependance on God's Truth,  His Character, His Nature, and His goodness-all to his Glory!

Only Put YourTrust In God...{Susan's Testimony-after hitting rock bottom personal and business}
A profound turning point in life is when you realize you have:
~Only One God To Turn To
~Only One God to Rely on
~Only One God to Help You
~Begin to Praise The One God -Who sees you through...Lifts you out of darkness and into the light


In Conclusion, Just know This: God Is He.. Whose "I AM", He Could be; He Would be; All That You Ever Need in Any Crisis!-in Life
So You No Longer need  to Consider, "Oh, Yea Of Little Faith" any more...
But Instead; You are becoming a stronger, growing "Faith with Muscles" person-the assurances for a Joy-Filled Life of great expectancy from God..Amen
Edited/structured by: Bishop Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Author