Monday, February 16, 2015

What it means to Emulate another-in the throes to pursue your dreams

It's a huge advantage, and a blessing-in-disguise to have the benefit of a mentor you can strive to emulate.
One that you can  give credit, kudoes, accolades and thoughts of great edification to-in the genre of both knowledge and wisdom.

To Emulate one whom by chance you consider as your 'Mentor' and you their prot'ege. For me it was my Grandma, who we as siblings; affectionately called "Big Momma". And of course, my mom and dad also was the disciplining duo of mentors. Which was especially arduous while growing up during "Jim Crow' time in the deep south.

Big Momma was the epitome of sufficient knowledge and wisdom-and I hasten to add she had only a third grade education-but was wise as a serpent... Common utterance of words from Big Momma. "Remember, your word is your bond, when it come to your reputation, it's sometimes better to have a good word, rather than money. It shall serve you well to have a good reputation, cause it helps to shape your creditability and bode well for your integrity"

Some attributes of positive outcomes-As you strive to "Emulate"
~Strive to achieve the utmost traits and  abilities
~Strive to articulate the clarity for the best of all understanding
~Seek to communicate and convey incisive messages both thoroughly and effectively
~Communicate what was, and what has been seen
~Communicate exactly what you have heard and what you are hearing 
~Communicate precisely what you are actually witnessing
~Communicate explicitly what you are feeling...

Embrace the school of thought to grasp and learn a way to attain the uncanny ability that allows you to
reach out and touch others-where they are; irrespective of their plight and/or condition in life.

A Word about the Pursuant of the "Dreams" {in the sojourn of life's journey}
No matter whom you may be, or where ever you are, or what you may be doing at the moment
Remember the wind don't always blown the same way-it shall certainly change directions.
Sometimes it may be sudden and other times may take a little while longer. I say to you, 'patience
is a virtue'. Just be faithful and steadfast on the journey.

In conclusion, "pursue your dreams"; don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do; If you think you can't-you won't, but if you think yo can-you will; always strive to pursue your dreams. Just know this: it will cost you both physically and mentally, there is certainly a price to pay, but don't let that deter you-the risk is well worth it. Remember, the greater the risk the more abundant is the reward. I implore you to "GO FORTH!" Focus on your purpose and Pursue your dreams....

Be Blessed
Bishop Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Writer/Blogger & Author
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