Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Word Regards 'The Hero's' Who've Pass This Way

On this temporary path in the earthly realm, when one just happen to discover their "Purpose" in life; while enduring the journey; working with a joyous and desired passion to embrace their purpose-as they recognize and become sensitive to the plight of injustices and take the time to 'pause for the cause'. This shall allow for the unfolding of profound things to make manifest toward accomplishments, as they rise to become recognized by others; for what they do; as achievements for milestones of greatness.

This recognizable prominence garners such respect as applauding, and heaping on accolades by others; with utterances and proclamations as; " champion, mentor, friend and on some occasions the admonition of 'one of the greatest heroes of all times'.

As we focus on others being a champion or a hero; you can be sure they've travailed much; and has sacrificed greatly. Putting it in context and proper perspective. One might consider, that in the throes of the sacrifices, it can be counted as tremendous benefits to the nation and the world.

I hasten to add, Its not only about being a 'champion' in a particular profession or a certain discipline. But its more about what is being done for the sake of humanity outside of their capacity in a particular chosen profession. As an example, in sports when a champion wins; they are usually taken off the field on the shoulders of others.

Just know this: because of what a champion or those considered a hero do beyond their chosen profession. It should register in our 'front-of-mind-consciousness', that we are afforded the opportunity to be, "Riding on their shoulders" why?-they have been; and still is; the pioneers before us.
They have been the ones who blazed the trail and left a luminous path for us to follow. Its something to be proud of; to be reflective of;  and must recognize and celebrate, I'm remembering" to name a few, Martin, Medger, Malcolm, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, MetCalfe, Kennedy, Arthur Ashe, Jim Brown, Wooten, NFL Hall of Fame, and Oh yes! Muhammad Ali, The Champ. May he R.I.P.