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On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy

On-Point Insights: Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy: We acknowledge and give honor to Rosa Parks as the ' Mother of Civil Rights' during the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr . in the...

Recognition-Milestone Civil Rights Legacy

We acknowledge and give honor to Rosa Parks as the 'Mother of Civil Rights' during the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the by-gone era of the 60's. We also point to the fact that she should be known as the 'Mother of the Nation'. Just like George Washington, former President of the United States was known as the 'Father of the Nation'. This argument is sorely based on the fact that people of color were not included in the legitimate honor of humanitarian recognition during the George Washington era. Instead they were seemly relegated as being summarily dismissed and/or ostensibly invisible.

Therefore, it can be said that they were the ones who did not matter, and were non-existence for proper recognition. At least not until Rosa Parks drew attention to the matter during the 50's.  The sudden and momentous decision made by Ms. Parks of 'refusing to give up her seat' and move to the back of the bus created quite a stir-as it caused the ugly face of the In-justice of Jim Crow to be splashed into the Lime Light on the World Stage. 

This historic set of circumstances, in my humble opinion and the opinion of others, is worthy of bestowing the honor of 'Mother of the Nation' upon Rosa Parks. Many evolutionary and trans formative situations occurred during that time in history. Such occurrences gave blacks legitimacy to be recognized, honored and respected. Moreover, not a single shot was ever fired in defense of violence. Yes, such things as pride, self-worth and dignity in behalf of indigenous people were proven to matter.

A few notable young people in the Hip-Hop Genre did not fully understand the historical significance of the Rosa Parks Legacy. They chose not to give honor or respect, but instead insults, disparaging and disrespectful remarks. Upon being confronted for making such unflattering comments, the poor choice of words uttered were, "Well, when we look in the mirror we call it as we see it" An elderly more outspoken person, we know and love as "Big Momma" said, "I look in the mirrors often too, and it is my sense that mirrors are not only a reflection of  what you see,but can be used to correct what it is that you see. In this instance what you see should be viewed as fore-knowledge". Big Momma, went on to say, "The fore-knowledge you should know is that Rosa Parks touched many of us in positive ways. In the process of reaching out to touch, Rosa made an indelible mark, as well as, tremendous differences in civil rights, voter's education for me, you, and generations yet to come".

The annals of history has recorded the evidence. Which consists of Rosa's travails  that was both diligent and faithful during the Civil Rights Movement. Numerous instances are noted where Rosa Parks contemporaries met their fatal demise in the midst of the systematic racism of Jim Crow. All while enduring the struggle to further the cause for fair, descent, and humane treatment for under privileged humankind.  It is imperative for all of us to continue in the quest; not to be silent, blinded, or unconcerned about double the standards; when it comes to inhumane treatment of others. It is a must for all of us to Stand Up! Speak Out! and be resolved  not to rest until a level playing field is finished for all of human creation.

Now is the time; to pay attention; to be relentless, maybe even get angry. However, I hasten to add, not angry to fight physically. But angry to to write and right. It is a must to work to right the wrongs, and write on the ballots at the voting polls. This is a sure way to have a good measure of success for beginning to make and sustain that difference. Go Forth! and just do it!

Steve Braxton, Life Coach, Consultant, Contributing Writer, Featured Blogger, founder of Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc., and Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Impending books" Creole Soup and An Anthology of Poetry

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Firstly, there's good credence in the practice of healthiness and a lot to be said for an on-going healthy lifestyle. It is vital and the key to a long lasting weight control and management program. However, you can loose a few pounds quickly, easily, and safely, here's how: One of the essential things is to slash the sodium consumption from your eating habits. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control, (CDC) your intake should be no more than 500 mg of added sodium per day. Don't go on an all out eating spree, especially during the weekends. Instead, the  best way to loose weight on the weekend is to consume more oats and whole grain, supplemented with yogurt and fresh vegetables.

Also, consume more potassium, which will give your body a chance rid itself of sodium. Eat such foods as sweet potatoes, apricots, figs, oranges, beets-all is high in the big "P" (potassium). In will also be good to add soluble fiber. Just know that soluble fiber is found in plants. The presence of soluble fiber in the system will allow for: 1) food to pass through undigested, 2) delay the empty feeling in the stomach, 3) giving a feeling of  fullness, and help control the munchies. Soluble fiber can be gained from eating the following:
>Oats, legumes,
>Barley, apples,
>Pears and flaxseed

It will be imperative to include whole wheat, and whole grain, such as brown rice, broccoli,carrots, dark leafy vegetables (collards. kale, spinach, etc) and red grapes. Drink hot water with lemon in the morning to get going and as a nightcap before going to bed. This will lower the PH in your belly and help natural probiotics, according to Beth Reardon, Director, Duke University, Intergrative Medicine. Reardon goes on to say,  "as a health bonus, all the excretion will help rid your body of toxins, excess estrogen for women and will lower your Cholestrol  levels as well"
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