Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE SECRET-What is it?

When we search the annuals of history we find that "great wisdom" in many instances come from our ancestors and fore-parents. They were the pioneers and trailblazers. They were destined to dare and dis-regard "the not to go" message; and went on anyway; to where no one had  ever gone before. A void existed, it was a  'wilderness world' there were no trails, there were no roads. It was their quest to carve out that original trail for themselves and others, and also to leave a luminous path for all of us to follow. In regards to the 'Real Secret'; there is good news, and the good news is..."The moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe; congratulations!! you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance and to realize that success comes from within, not from without." Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882. Key words to note is "Abundance and Success".

The opposite of abundance is, not enough, but inherit in Abundance is, "More Than Enough". If you have knowledge of anyone who have achieved a "measure of success"-then your innate wisdom tells you-many failures ensued before the plateau of success was experienced. We must not be anxious, there is such a thing as, "failing your way to the top". The struggles, the conflicts, the challenges; surely shall follow you in the quest to be accomplished, go on  to be legendary, or even to attain the level of greatness.

Martin Luther King came to experience and know; of such a wilderness trail in the throes of civil the rights movement during the 60's all across America,and indeed the Nation and the World. President Kennedy, was uniquely aware of this; in his quest to become the first Roman Catholic Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America as he had the arduous task of dealing with Castro of Cuba-in the "bay of Pigs" incident In reflection, I am reminded of his now famous comment,  "Its not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country". Winston Churchill the elder statesman from the United Kingdom of great Britain, he was bemused and articulate and very helpful during the War of the World Powers. His eloquent statesman efforts were noted when he was recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize leaders. I remember, my grandmother, better known as "Big Momma" in the Deep South during the Jim Crow era-an apressive

Friday, March 25, 2011

Of The Three Types of Arthritis-The Most Common is....

There are three types of "Arthritis" namely, Osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Ankylosing Spondylitis Arthritis (AS). OA affects over 27 million Americans, women are the most highly affected (women 18 %, men 9.6 %). RA affects approx 1.3 million Americans, women being the most affected. AS affects approx 350,000 Americans. I was personally diagnosed with OA over four years ago. Therefore, I will begin with my personal experiential encounter with the "OsteoArthritis" disease. My entire body, at first, seemed to be affected. It was very scary!!, in that, I had no idea what was happening to me. My body was racked with chronic pain. The most painful area of my body was my hands, fingers, wrists, shoulders, lower back, knees, legs, ankles and feet. During a period of time (several weeks) I was rendered immobile; I simply could-not-walk. I sought several opinions, but to no avail. It was not until I decided to go the Hines Veterans Hospital, where a battery of test was conducted over several months. After submitting to the myriad of laboratory test and examinations, I finally received an audience with a Dr. of Rhumatology. It was after that in-depth discussion and more battery of lab test-for the diagnosis determination

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kudoos & Accolades: Valued Customer Service Lady @PatentHealth

Its not often that you get to sing the praises of someone who has helped you solve, what may have been  considered a debacle, dilemma, mitigating and/or a grave challenge. Not to mention possible added cost and terms of shipment; of a product that would have been cost prohibited for me.When I called PatentHealth Early yesterday morning, I found myself facing such and ordeal. However, the person on the other end of the telephone was totally committed and determined to help me get through the process. And I may also add, she had to put me on hold several times (which I didn't mind, as she kept apologizing) while trying to work out favorable terms that, I the customer, would be happy and pleased with. I won't go into the specific details, But it did involve a credit card I once use that is now compromised. But after conferring with the young lady about several approaches, which seemly would not be favorable, she put me on hold, once more. However, when she return to resume the conversation, to my delight, she had a different solution, to the debacle, and dilemma than  we had previously discussed. To her credit, and I imagine; through very deliberate, intentional, and diligent advocacy initiatives-the solution she now had for me was good and acceptable. And I might add, I was a very happy camper. Just want to say to whomever, the supervisor is for "Geralyn" She is a credit to your organization. I am singing praises on her behalf.  I would anoint her as "Employee of the Year". She deserves a raise in salary. (LOL)
Best Regards
Reverend Steve Braxton
Marketplace Consulting Group
Oak Brook, IL 60522
Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LifeStyle: Stay Fit for over 50 Mature Adult

Whether you are active in sports, Join a fitness center to work-out, participate in an aerobic class, enjoy walk, or run, activities in your neighborhood, or maybe a nearby park. The most important thing is that you are active in some sort of physical exercise and/or activity.

As I'm sure you are aware; just having the consciousness to focus on healthy habits in any way whatsoever; will certainly help your body to be fit, your mind to be at peace, and to keep the neurons and brain cell at their best at all times.
Omega-3 fatty fish oil can lower your risk of:
>heart disease
>Varying types of cancer
>reduce inflammation of arthritis pain
>improve brain health
A new study reveals that Omega-3 through directly consumption of fish, in particularly Salmon, 2-3 times per week will prevent age related hearing loss. And will aide in the overall healthy heart (Cardiovascular System)

Steve Braxton
Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel
Life Coach, Wellness counselor & advisor
-Member: LifeStyle Study, University of Chicago Hospital Systems, tenure 15 years

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Words of the People of God-Earthquake Calamity-Japan & San Fran

The people of God presently, and in ancient times; were, responsible for the emergence, formulation, exegesis and transmission of biblical scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit, their words, although divinely inspired, are human and infallible. Almost always; the questions arise in their minds. Asking God, the questions of "why?, where"?, how can we cope?, what can we do?, Such questions arose during the Earthquake in Japan & San Francisco.

In the "words of God, for the people of God. The nature and character of God is an enigma.
Isaiah 55:6,8, "Seek the Lord while he is near..For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways, said the LORD" Exegesis: God is not planning to move away from us, but we often move far away from God. We often put a barrier between ourselves and him. In the genre of the nature and character of God. Our minds are "finite" (limited with boundaries) but God's mind is "Infinite" (limitless, no boundaries, he can do anything but fail)
You see our minds can never begin to fathom the awesomeness of God. His plans are not what we the people, of God would work out. Neither do we the people; have the capacity to comprehend God's thoughts, will, ways or desires. But we can do as Proverbs 3:5 says to us, "Trust in the Lord with all out heart an lean not to our own understanding .."
The bible which the inspired writers produced, is therefore indispensable for worship, discipleship, theologizing and praising the Lord. Under the guidance of the divine order of God , and the Holy Spirit. We the people of God can exegete, take responsibility for interpreting and applying it to our daily lives during this spiritual walk . And that is the "word of God-for the people of God.

Reverend Steve Braxton
Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel
-Former Sr. Pastor, United Church of Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
-Former President, The Ecumencial Childcare Network, an affiliate of the National Council of Churches, USA

Wisdom is Priceless-It can be found in "The Word of God"

Just What is this, "Word of God"?
Well, in the Bible, the Psalmists and writers with inspired wisdom tells us; that it flows from the exile and beyond to reach a climax with God's perfect revelation of the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, whose life, death and resurrection are foretold in the 4 Gospels of the New Testament Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). The New Testament unequivocally affirm that God was uniquely involved in the stream of biblical history to manifest his presence, (make known) his power, and his purpose in the world. And to achieve human salvation. For this reason, and due to this evidence; from the inspired psalmists and writers of wisdom. Ostensibly, bare witness of the writings and the evidence of signs, wonders, healing and miracles performs by Jesus during the first coming, as God's affirmation and self-revelation. This can be genuinely called the "word of God".
Proverbs 3:5, informs us: {paraphrasing} Trust in God with all our heart, mind and soul, and lean not to your own understanding...meaning, never tire of loyalty and kindness; hold these virtues tightly; write them deep within your heart. If you desire favor with God and man, and a reputation for good judgment and common sense, then you must trust the Lord completely. In all that you do; put God first. He shall order your steps and direct your path and crown your efforts with success. God Bless you

Reverend Steve Braxton
-Former Sr. Pastor, United Church of Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
-Former Associate Minister, Progressive Community Center, The peoples Church, Chicago, IL
-Former, Clergy Commissioner, The International Council of Christian Centers & Churches