Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kudoos & Accolades: Valued Customer Service Lady @PatentHealth

Its not often that you get to sing the praises of someone who has helped you solve, what may have been  considered a debacle, dilemma, mitigating and/or a grave challenge. Not to mention possible added cost and terms of shipment; of a product that would have been cost prohibited for me.When I called PatentHealth Early yesterday morning, I found myself facing such and ordeal. However, the person on the other end of the telephone was totally committed and determined to help me get through the process. And I may also add, she had to put me on hold several times (which I didn't mind, as she kept apologizing) while trying to work out favorable terms that, I the customer, would be happy and pleased with. I won't go into the specific details, But it did involve a credit card I once use that is now compromised. But after conferring with the young lady about several approaches, which seemly would not be favorable, she put me on hold, once more. However, when she return to resume the conversation, to my delight, she had a different solution, to the debacle, and dilemma than  we had previously discussed. To her credit, and I imagine; through very deliberate, intentional, and diligent advocacy initiatives-the solution she now had for me was good and acceptable. And I might add, I was a very happy camper. Just want to say to whomever, the supervisor is for "Geralyn" She is a credit to your organization. I am singing praises on her behalf.  I would anoint her as "Employee of the Year". She deserves a raise in salary. (LOL)
Best Regards
Reverend Steve Braxton
Marketplace Consulting Group
Oak Brook, IL 60522
Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"

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