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On-Point Insights: Anti-Violence Transformed When the streets in th...

On-Point Insights: Anti-Violence Transformed 

When the streets in th...
: Anti-Violence Transformed  When the streets in the neighborhoods-of-communities are filled with abnormal behavior and is no longer a safe ...
Anti-Violence Transformed 

When the streets in the neighborhoods-of-communities are filled with abnormal behavior and is no longer a safe place for men and women to live to an ripe old age, and when boys and girls can't feel secure playing  in the streets. When there is no justice to be found in midst of all the in-justices.

We must seek to discover better ways to "Rebuild, Raise-Up, Repair Broken-ness, and Restore" what once was the  'Pervasive Promise' back into the neighborhoods-of-communities.

What is the Response? In a word how do we first begin?
The following are some  suggestive approaches: First I offer these paragraphs of consideration to begin the walk, not just any old walk in the park, but a walk that holds substance, promise, and hopefulness with some levels of measure for results and positive outcome: "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old; waste places; they shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and they shall be called, 'The Repairer of the breach. {streets} The restorer of the path {community}  to dwell {live} in. Isaiah 58:12. "This is what the Lord Almighty says: "Once again men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets of Jerusalem {any neighborhoods-of-communities} each cane in hand because of their age. The city {neighborhoods-of-communities}will be filled with boys and girls playing there" Zechariah 8:4-5

You see, in order for Transformation to begin. A process and plan of action must be implemented. Such plan of  action will serve to obtain transformational results. First hand experience testimony: As the founder of Marketplace Outreach Ministries, and one of the Leaders of Light of Illinois Diocese, whose motto proclamation is, "Social Transformation". There is a collaborative partnership that exist to put forth various plans of action for specific desired outcome. Over the previous few months the collaborative partnership embarked on a response to make a difference in certain respective.

This to impact the process to be "The Repairer of the Breach", and also begin to transformed anti-violence in the neighborhoods-of-communities. The plan of action was to:
  • Fast
  • Pray
  • Meditate
Wherever you might be at 12 noon on certain days. All were to stop whatever you are doing to Fast for lunch and then to engaged in prayer and meditation.

This bring back a reflection for me during my teen and adult years growing up in the Deep South. As we would be working in the Cotton Fields, Hay Fields or Soy Bean Fields,  not certain days-but every day at 12 Noon we would stop, gather under a shade tree, or go to the nearest house to Sing, Pray, read Scriptures and Praise the Lord.

In a certain neighborhoods-of-communities prior to the beginning the transformation process for The Repairer of the Breach, 100 plus fatalities including death and destruction was an on-going situation.

Since the transformation process of fast. pray and meditate begun and for approximately 60 days there has been Zero Fatal and/or murder incidents. All praise to God Almighty.
The collaborative Partnership consists of Tutor/Mentor Conferences and attendees, Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Light of Illinois Diocese, City Harvest Outreach Ministries, Lawndale Christian Community Church, Hope House Ministries and Others

The initiative to take back the community through the implementation process to Fast, Pray and Meditate continues
 WE ARE THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH...Rebuild the community, Raise up foundations, Repair the broken-ness and Restore the streets. So that they may become "Kingdom Streets"

Bishop Steve Braxton, freelance writer, author, mentor, coach and adviser