Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ways of Spiritual Growth-Series Contin>>

The initial two posts expounded on 'Spiritual Growth', as first being intentional, and  then we shared that it was incremental. The focus of this post shall be: 'Spiritual Growth' is also 'personal'. Yes, It Is Personal.....

Discipline is not usually mass-produced, most think it cannot be done. Why, would you think that is so? I am glad you ask-simply because everybody is different. This is no one size fits all for spiritual growth. If you want to be an effective learner-then it's important to strive to find that seam to lead one to be discipline, in and of; it self. That statement just might be the literal sense and the epitome of the word, 'discipline'.

Since it has been established that we are all different; then it stand to reason that we all learn differently as well. As a matter of fact, some learn best by intently listening; still others by reading, a few learn by discussing, and finally others by doing a practicum and/or a project.

One of the major tools to help people 'Grow Personally' is to create a yearly-growth-campaign. Such growth campaign shall allow the focus to be on both the individual and the whole organization-to have exponentially growth attributes and proclivities. The areas of interest could be on the days of purpose, number of days in the word, amount of days spent on discussing inclusiveness, love, collaborative partnership, togetherness, unity, and harmony.

It shall be good for the Intel and insight approach-to utilize varied types and different styles of learning. This shall allow for the opportunity for each and everyone to grow-meeting them where they are for comfort ability. Another best method of learning is to read about it, discuss it in a small group format, memorize certain aspects, and to have a practical project for sharing 'show and tell'-Thus:The success Story
Steve Braxton, Founder, Marketplace Ministries, and National Clergy Fellowship Outreach.