Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CAT's-Youth Mentoring Plus Jobs-LCLC holds first Annual Graduation

Sept 10, 2011 marked  somewhat of a significant milestone achievement for the youth of the Lawndale Christian Legal Center. The organization celebrated it's very first annual youth graduation since opening it's door approx two years ago. The staff were very pleased and prond of the families, relatives and many supporters who turned out to help celebrate the momentous ossccasion.. Atty Cliff Nellis is the Lead Attorney, Reverend Steve Braxton provides leadership as Jobs Progam Manager, and Walter Grant functions as the Youth Advocate. Reverend braxton has a cadre of Mentors/Coaches who provide service to the youth in many capacities, such as mentoring, and pesonal development activities and initiatives. Romona Park, Darold "Big D", and Floyd Stafford serves as on-going day to day contact for the various youth in the Mentor/Coach capacity. The highlight of the event was the two graduates, Shanika Brown and Rosalind Brooks who finished the entire programmatic wholostic approach with honors. Their lives has been significantly touch and enhances which will put them on a course/path to reach their full potential in life.
The Legal Center look forward to many more milsestone achievement such as this one, in the not to distant future.
Reverend Steve Braxton
Lead Cordinator/Jobs Program Manager
Lawndale Christian Legal Center