Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Easter Season-A Celebration!!! It's all about The Resurrection,,,

I ask the question: What is the significance and/or the importance-of the Eastern Season...? In some circles of the secular and the faith world-there still exist some clouded views and a bit of confusion. Let me begin with this statement: In the faith-based community since ancient times their particular views has it's origin in 'Biblical Scriptural Genre'. It has a great deal to do with the "Cross Experience' that was model by Jesus Christ himself during his earthly sojourn. 
~He came into the world a with purpose ordained by the Father
~For over thirty years his activities were ever present; as evidenced by a platitude of; and an enormity of signs, wonders and miracles.
~Such as, the selection and mentoring of the twelve disciples-who were eye witnesses to many incidents; and had first hand encounters and could provide critical corroborated testimony to tried and prove "truth-of-the-facts" performed by Jesus.
~To name a few: his teachings, sharing and demonstrations of blessings and woes, the importance of love your enemy, calming the storm, healing the afflicted, raising of the dead, confessions and forgiveness, parable of mustard seed faith, fore-telling of betrayal, denial and doubting.
~Ultimate the occasions of prayer without ceasing, the last supper, the seven last words, his death, burial and resurrection-He's Alive!

Yes Jesus died for our sins-but we still yet experience...i.e. transgression-we still yet sins. Meaning: {transgress} we slip, we fall, we fail, we trespass. Meaning: {sins} we misunderstand, we miss the message, we miss the mark, we fall short} Is there a way out? Yes! Just remember the cross experience...

Therefore, Happy Resurrection Day, is the order and the way-today.
We should be appreciative-spiritual duty bound and happy to give all praises, honor and Glory! To The Trinity {Father,Son & Holy Spirit}
To practice the presence of the Lord is the ultimate 'front-of-mind-consciousness' thought process. 

Foremost, during  the process of the Easter Season-The Celebration of the Resurrection-we must be steadfast in our efforts-of-faith to the community, church, family, relative and friends. 
Know This: The celebration of the Easter Season is more than about Shopping, Easter Egg Hunts, or the Parade of Spring Fashions on display for all to see. 
But should be more about, How we walk in love, agree in heart, fast in faith, and unite in fervent, affective and persistent prayer. We do so to effect change to change,diminish, or end suffering and injustice in the country, nation and the world.
In conclusion, we reflect on the many martyrs. Jesus being chief and most divine among them all

Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame-StoryTeller, Evidenced & Archived by: The Chicago History Museum Copyright@2016ChicagoIllinolis 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Healthy Benefits of "Plants" {essence of spirits too}

What we all may, or may not, be aware of; or even realized-is that our home and or place of work is filled with polluted toxins. And it's very imperative that we are prepared to counter-act such anti-oxidant and/or polluted toxins. Yes we can take vitamins and supplements but sometimes it may not be enough or even sufficient.

However, there are other ways to be prepared. Those ways are healthy fresh plants placed in the environment of your home or place of work. Such plant as:
1. Peppermint Plant {or spirits/oils}, which attracts and enhance a healthy lifestyle of finance and wealth-in essence it boost the platitudes of success unto peace and calmness
2.Orchid, this plant has the ability to combat positive ions-that chase depression & anxiety of negative ions in the home or office
3. Rosemary, it is believes to enhance excellent air purification qualities. Promotes good brain functions, improve mood and memory, and serves to boost nurture, care and love vibes.
4. Lavender, this plant {or spirit/oil} has the propensity to counter-act 'Depression and Anxiety'. Help and aid in boosting the quality of sleep, safe and restful sleep-as it creates results for sleeplessness and insomnia.
5. Aloe Vera plant, This also help to purify the quality of air; pulls out harmful toxins from the air, gives off oxygen at night to improve the quality of sleep
6. Jasmine, Just like peppermint-promotes the essence of success and platitude of peace and contentment
7. Lucky Bamboo, a plant that has it's origin in Asia-has been used for centuries successfully. It's a sort of 'Herb' that brings good platitudes of success. However, you must keep away from direct sunlight, place it in a bowl with about an inch of fresh water at all times.
Following these suggestion can be very helpful in staying abreast of ways to be as healthy as you possibly can..
Steve Braxton, Hall of Fame Story Teller, life Coach, Creator of the annual 40 day-Daniel Fast lifestyle Change Program. Which detox, cleanse, purify and heals.