Friday, June 10, 2011

The Road Gets better....

The significance can begin with  "The Book of Numbers" in the O.T. Bible. It is so named because it records several occasions where people were counted or numbered. In the Hebrew title, the first word in the Hebrew text, means"In the wilderness". This book relates the earliest experiences of  the people of Israel who were under theocracy rule. When the people were obedient to God they enjoyed his blessings and protection. But their disobedience drew his ire and brought his judgment. A large portion of time that the people spent wandering in the wilderness is recorded in the historic annuals of the book of numbers.

However, keys and tools must be in place. The process of redemption is made possible through the connection of the sphere of five (5). So let's begin to denote the life application process:
1. Father
2. Son
3. Holy Spirit
4. Creation
5. Redemption
After one obtains, hold the understanding of; and grasp; an appreciation for the process of  the fore mentioned. Then it will be an opportune time to have a teachable moment for the meaning the biblical numbers of one-to-five
#1 .symbol of unity
#2. man's fall; oppression, opposition, a fundamental idea of division of differences
#3. the trinity (Father, Son & The Holy Ghost)
#4. man's vanity, his weakness; his helplessness, his arrogance, his stupidity...
#5. is the number of Grace=David chose 5 smooth stones to slay the giant Goliath
It is important and worthy to note: The 5 smooth stones that David chose-he only used one. Signifying the "power-of-one" that thought and gesture was sufficient to conquer the biggest and mightiest foe-Goliath. In the aftermath of the process, David in his "perfect weakness' was enhanced, empowered, and made to be catapulted into a "divine strength". It is now known, that David had fore-knowledge of "the presence of the Lord" which made him stronger in his weakness than all the armor Saul could provide.


When creation came under the curse (Adam disobedience in the Garden of Eden) there he was "made subject to vanity". However, as God would have it in his plan, for man, who was of his creation. It would be that God decreed it, that man would be redeemed, re-connected, and restored to have a right relationship with him. That right relationship is part and parcel of the sphere of five (5) Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Creation and Redemption. Amen....
Reverend Steve Braxton
Master of Divinity Studies
Northern Seminary Univ
Lombard, IL
Author: The Road Gets Better (manuscript in progress)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life: Enduring it-to get beyond the Adversitities

Life may not be about expecting or waiting for the "storm" to pass..
But more about-"how to dance in the rain"

Its not that we don't have ups and downs in the daily walk of life
we may even face tough challenges of trials & tribulation
that may propel us to feel in-adequate or possibly sorry for self

Life is about growth, development and reaching full potential
So, let give credence to take responsibility with action steps
that will indeed, get us beyond the adversity of life

It may prove to be just what we need for dealing with "warfare' like encounters
This could-if you allow it; be the defining moment or the refining time of life
Resulting in being equipped, being empowered, and readied for the "purpose"
that God has pre-ordained for your life
Reverend Steve Braxton
Authhor: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In his birth, life, early church history, and in his death and resurrection-how is Jesus the "Logos Word"?
In the Hebrew thought the "Logos"-it  is personal. Jesus indeed; had the power of unity, coherence, and purpose. However,  the distinctive point is that the biblical "Logos" is a He, not an it.

In the translation of the "Logos"  great philosopher's has made many attempts to translate the "Logos" as logic, an act, or a deed or other sorts of things-all of which are inadequate in definition.

The apostle John declared and/or proclaimed; in one of his  inspired Utterances: "The word became flesh... "
No other English word has been able to capture the fullness of Apostle John's "Logos" .When the Apostle declared: "The word became flesh" the Gospels... The word indeed; became flesh and dwelt among us. The Logos word does include action. The Logos is the eternal word-in-action. It is the epitome of the divine; acting in creation, redemptive and coherent ways.

It has the propensity to be eternal with the temporal, the infinite, with the finite, and the unconditioned, with the conditioned.

As the word became flesh, in the genre of the "Logos" . It becomes the cosmic Christ entering all of humanity.
It is the Supreme moment of visitation of the presence of the trinity. The essence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Such as the Apostles experienced in the Upper Room on the Day-of-Pentecost, immediately after Jesus went back up to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father.