Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life: Enduring it-to get beyond the Adversitities

Life may not be about expecting or waiting for the "storm" to pass..
But more about-"how to dance in the rain"

Its not that we don't have ups and downs in the daily walk of life
we may even face tough challenges of trials & tribulation
that may propel us to feel in-adequate or possibly sorry for self

Life is about growth, development and reaching full potential
So, let give credence to take responsibility with action steps
that will indeed, get us beyond the adversity of life

It may prove to be just what we need for dealing with "warfare' like encounters
This could-if you allow it; be the defining moment or the refining time of life
Resulting in being equipped, being empowered, and readied for the "purpose"
that God has pre-ordained for your life
Reverend Steve Braxton
Authhor: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel

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