Sunday, August 14, 2016

Key reason 'Why' People are leaving respective Churches

When things are not going as expected-people tend to be unhappy. And when one is unhappy sometimes drastic action comes into play. Leaving one's church; falls into that category. Here are just a few reasons why people are leaving churches-this is based on a recent faith-based study and/or survey.

Politic plays a significant role.The study indicates that politics is usually an overwhelming reason. Why?, certain individuals or certain families seems to get most of the attention. Due to the following:
~They may tend to be more Charistmatic
~Become known as the largest contributors to the church
~Thought of as long-standing pillars-while other members feel shut-out
~The pastor has a dictatorial attitude; is in-insensitive; a bit self-centered; and has a flair for being on the arrogant side

Other Reasons are:
~Regular members sense no oppty to get involved in programs and/or on-going activities-feel a bit left out; not even an after thought. But yet, they support the church in its finances
~Pastor and Key Leaders are too Judge-Mental, in that; there is visibility that the church life is messy; negative images of the church is abound out in the larger community, especially the pastor-as viewed by other "Faith Leaders" as not an effective shepherd
~Some member can't Identify with the leaders of the church and some long-standing members who some feel are given special attention.

The focus and direction doesn't seem to resonate with the general body and members of the congregation of the church. There is no good feelings about the different things that are being done in  the church. Seemly going in the wrong direction.

Finally, The Holy Grail is the "Money":
~How it is allocated and spent
~The accountability and the responsibility leaves a lot to be desired-regards regular reports on a monthly basis of the disposition of financial matters

It's a fore-gone conclusion that these are hard times-the church finds itself in. Many congregations are finding themselves facing difficult situations regards monetary matters. Therefore; it is of tantamount importance that pastors and key leaders to be utmost responsible in all finance matters.

Sure, people do leave the church; due to being unhappy. HOWEVER, Let's  be clear people give donations, contributions, and tithes dutifully weekly or monthly . Therefore, they feel invested in how the church spent its' money. That being said; such a thing creates for them a real sense of belonging.

So when it comes to church finances:Pastors and key Leaders must:
~Be transparent in all financial matters to the members of the church via a weekly and/or monthly reporting reporting procedures.
~Portray Unity and a sense of togetherness-extremely important
~Leadership; Must be open, positive, receptive and available to listen, answer questions, when there is any hint of mis-use or mis-management of monetary funds
~always appear to be at the ready with sense of being organized and ready to lead properly. 

Remarks: The straw that usually brakes the "Camel's Back" is sowing the seeds of discord and dis-harmony

follow up comments: Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder, Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc, Oak Brook, IL 60522
Presiding Prelate, National Clergy Outreach Fellowship initiatives