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On-Point Insights: DOES GOD GET ANGRY?

On-Point Insights: DOES GOD GET ANGRY?: This is a question I get most often from new followers of Christ. And the answer almost always seems to surprise them. And the answer is: Ye...


This is a question I get most often from new followers of Christ. And the answer almost always seems to surprise them. And the answer is: Yes He Does.
However, not in the sense that one may think. We cannot and should not equate God anger with our own human emotions. Ephesians 4:26-27, tells us, "Its possible to experience but not sin,as God cannot sin. As believers we know that God's anger is righteous, unlike the common experience of anger in humans. James 1:20, put is this way, "Human anger does not produce the righteousness that God's does.
The following are biblical passages to share some experiences and instances and in sights
>Exodus 20:4-6
>1 kings 17:18, 11:9-16

Friday, November 15, 2013

On-Point Insights: Tutor/Mentor Conference-"Stopping The Violence" Wo...

On-Point Insights: Tutor/Mentor Conference-"Stopping The Violence" Wo...: Had thrice the privilege, pleasure and opportunity to help plan and present @ November 4, 2013, Tutor/Mentor Institute's semi-annual con...

Tutor/Mentor Conference-"Stopping The Violence" Workshop-Post Evaluation Nov. 4, 2013

Had thrice the privilege, pleasure and opportunity to help plan and present @ November 4, 2013, Tutor/Mentor Institute's semi-annual conference-whose focus is on mentoring young people and the entire village it takes to raise a child. Anti-violence was the general objective. The sub-title fastened on: "The Embodiment of Core Values and Key Components-a must to be employed and embraced. The ultimate outcome and objective: Help-to-Assist-Alleviate-Diminish or Curtail Crime, Violence, Gang Activity.

 Goal:To create a cadre of like-minded people intended to evolve and become a loosely collaborative community partnership, to embody that small still voice, consistent with the 'Voice of Reason'. One that shall serve to allay fear and confusion while becoming the catalyst for making the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play-thus ushering-in a Safe Haven..

The workshop "Stopping The Violence" was extremely well attended with able bodied, eager, ready for prime time participants. They came especially ready to put forth a hunger and a thirst for inter-active sharing and discussion on the subject matter-seeking possible remedies and solutions to curtail violence.

It is a well known fact that the City of Chicago is saddled with the stigma of being the "Murder Capital of World". However, I hasten to add; gun violence has become a major epidemic across the Unites States. The research has shown that over 30 people ages 15 to 19 years old are fatal injured or killed by gun fire every day. Especially, in poor communities across America. Black teens are recorded at 5 times more likely to die from gun fire than their counterpart in more affluent communities. Of course, the goal of these conferences going forth by Tutor/Mentor Institute is to diminish and/or alleviate the violence. The ultimate outcome is; at all cost; to stop-the-violence. Since it is an out-of-control 'Epidemic'. The question is: how can such an out-of-control, ill fate 'epidemic be brought back under control.

Some facts to consider:
There are some discussions about limiting access to illegal guns-a thought that this may bring or have a huge impact. That being said, one of the more important things may be how to uncover or to discover or shed some light on the root cause of violence. This would bring into focus the fundamental foundational elements that perpetuates the behavior for the culture of violence. Currently, the entire modern day generation is experiencing situations out in the communities, where violence is no longer the exception, but rather the norm for behavioral attitudes.

A Glimpse of Some Possible Root Causes:
We are aware that some public schools treat young people similar to intimates, rather than like humans or students. When these situation occur, the retaliation by students is a gang culture mentality that offers an instant validation. Also there is the void of adequate health care-it is but a pipe dream. And where there are few opportunities, if any, to find a descent job. These are the types of situations that is somewhat pervasive conditions that do exist. On the other hand, access to, or the use of a gun can seemly provide a feeling of absolute control. Case and point-the recent shooting at The Los Angeles Airport of the TSA Officer.

Post Outcome Of Workshop:
>Overview of Peacemaking Circles
>A way to bring people together under the guise of trust and respect
>To discuss disagreements, confront difficulties, and make better informed decisions
>Delve into both the emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual reach agreement & solve problems

Introduction of PeaceCircles as container strong enough to hold:
~Conflict-intense feelings-diverse and different view points
~Also Truth-Joy and Peace

In Summation:
Peace Making Circles are created for:
A. Those harmed by crime and violence
B. Those who committed the crime
C. The community in which the crime and violence happened
D. It forms a partnership w/justice to determined most effective ways to have the most effective response to a crime and violence situation
F. Healing and safety for all concerned

Peace Making Circles in  practice create the possibility for freedom to speak truth, freedom to take off the masks and false protections, freedom to be present as a whole human being, freedom to reveal your deepest longings, freedom to acknowledge mistakes and fears,

In the end: "The test of the process we make in the course of the journey of life, is not to add more abundance to those who have much; but rather it shall be wise and most prudent that we consider to focus on the provisions-of-enough for those who have little; or mere meager  means, by which to strive and survive"

Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Author, & Ordained Minister
Founder, Marketplace Ministries, Inc
Assistant Presiding Bishop
Light of Illinois Diocese of COGIC, International

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On-Point Insights: The Debt Burden-In The US-Little Known Facts Many ...

On-Point Insights: The Debt Burden-In The US-Little Known Facts Many ...: It is thrice amazing; very disturbing; and somewhat disconcerting; how certain members of either political party would want you to believe h...

The Debt Burden-In The US-Little Known Facts Many People Don't Really Know

It is thrice amazing; very disturbing; and somewhat disconcerting; how certain members of either political party would want you to believe half-trues, exaggerated spins and innuendos about the National Debt Service of the United States. As as you know we recently went through a created-crisis of diatribe with the bells, whistles, filibustering, and posturing regarding "The National Debt Service.  Here are just a few Facts concerning the National Debt that that many people don't really know or are conveniently in denial about it.

FACT #1, The U.S. Debt Service Burden is on the decline, that's right-It is actually going down, not up. Here's why. The real measure of the Debt Burden is not the dollar amount but rather the size relative to that of the economy. For example, a rich person or family can handle a huge mortgage that would absolutely wipe out a middle class person or family. Therefore, this example equates to the truth of the matter that a large economy can handle a much larger debt service compared to a much smaller economy.

Economists measure the National Debt Service and/or Burden relative to the Gross Domestic Product GDP. That being said, under  President George Bush Jr.Administration the debt service grew rapidly, because of two wars that he created, and he had to deal with a recession since he wiped out the surplus of the balance budget left by President Williams Jefferson Clinton. Due to those aforementioned circumstances this created a situation that propelled President Barack Obama to borrow money  to run the government and also to clean up the debacle-of-a-mess left by President George Bush Jr.

The rapid debt service growth ended more than a year ago. Yes, you got it right-under President Obama tenure. Remember, the wars are being diminished and the troops are coming home and/or being re-deployed else where. A credit to President Obama skillful leadership.

In addition, debt held by the public currently accounts for approx 75% of the GDP. According to the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). It is expected to continue to trickle down slowly to approx 71% of the GDP by 2018.

This is not Fact but a  myth: The truth is, China holds a relatively small fraction of the U.S. Debt.

The U.S. Government owes money to anyone who owns saving bonds, treasury bills or any other form of government security. Just about 40% of the total debt is held by individuals and institutions in the U.S. Approx 1/4 of the debt is held by various U.S. government trust funds who are required to invest their money in Treasury Securities. Only about 1/3 of the debt is owned by people and institutions in other countries, of which the largest of that group is China, currently it is approx 7.8% of the U.S. debt.

FACT#3, Debt Crisis and Debt Burden has marked American Politics from the early days of the Foundering Fathers.
One of the biggest  National Debt fight took place during President George Washington Era. Alex Hamilton successfully pushed a plan under which the new Federal Government would assume the debt that the States has incurred during the Revolution.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison fought the idea. In the end the two sides compromised: Congress approved the debt plan , and Hamilton backed the idea of establishing the  Nation's Capital on the ban ks of the Potomac River, rather than in Philadelphia.

FACT#4, The U.S. Government has incurred debt almost all of it's entire historic  existence
The Federal Government has been without debt for only one year. As a percentage of the GDP-The debt peaked at the end of World War II.and the U.S. were without any debt part of 1835 and 1836

Sources: Library of Congress archives, Congressional Budget Office, various political research polls, and personal experiential encounter of writer and editor, during tenure with three major corporate 500 companies as Div COO, Div CEO and Executive Management with responsibility for money management and investments initiatives.

compiled/edited/written by; Steve Braxton, former COO,&  CEO of Corporate 500 companies and President of various non-profit organizations for public policy, advocacy, Fund Development & Governance procedures

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On-Point Insights: The available 'Health study' that reveals Little k...

On-Point Insights: The available 'Health study' that reveals Little k...: In  this modern technological age there are lifestyle changes that can help those who so desire to live a more healthier and longer "Qu...

The available 'Health study' that reveals Little known facts for staying healthy & Vibrant.

In  this modern technological age there are lifestyle changes that can help those who so desire to live a more healthier and longer "Quality of Life'. I want to share some insights about Dr. Haengwoo Lee, a biochemist who for the pass 15 years has conducted a clinical study on two major food supplement products that has impacted lives in a myriad of positive ways.
1. Seanol, a rare seaweed extract from Ecklonia Cava that has proven to be 100 times more powerful than land-based antioxidants. It has proven to stay active in the human body for over 12 hours compared to land-based antioxidants than remain in the body for only 30 minutes. Due to the product Seanol being made up of a special Polyphenol antioxidant that give the body an effective 40.0% Lipid {fat} soluble, according to Dr. Lee research and clinical study.

Seanol is unlike any other land-based antioxidant, in that., it is a 'Water Soluble' and contains protective compounds that can get into the body in the following ways:
~Fatty tissues of the  brian
~Penetrate all three layers of the cells in the body
~To include both inside and outside
~It contains oil-based cell membranes
~And it interact with DNA

Seanol is the only FDA approved Ecklonia Cava Marine-algae extract available for lifestyle use

2. Calamarine, a deep sea omega discovery that delivers 85% more DHA Omega-3 to the heart, brain, joints, and eyes. It is known during the clinical study to combat fatigue,poor memory, vision problems, joint pain, mood swings and depression.

Dr Lee has created a bonus to work even more favorable in the body. He has put together Seanol, Calamarine, with high dose of vitamin D-3 to form a combination food supplement products called Marine D-3. Therefore, Marine D-3 is the newest supplement on the market to fight against the following ailments:
~Age-related illinesses and
~High Blood Pressure which aide in lessened the chance of a heart disease that may cause heart attack
~Others life threatening diseases and/or disorders
The product is available on you can order just the Seanol or you can get the combination product Marine D-3 at (877) 436-3824
 Note: just to share, not to promote or endorse encourage you to read all available the study and the product
and then to make your own informed decision. Be Blessed

Steve Braxton
Member of clergy, life coach and published author

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The Violation of "Civil Rights" is deeply rooted in the Transporting of Slaves from Africa to the United States

The discussion on the concept of Jubilee and the Abolition of 'Slavery to Freedom' wound not be complete without the inclusion of Africa, the place where the history of African Americans began

Africa was the seat of civilization, a continent with an array of vast empires. Among its inhabitants were a myriad of people with a plethora of gifts and talents. Such as prophets, teachers, business men and commerce icons. Many leaders in Africa had distinguished themselves with visionary acuity, knowledge, wisdom, prowess and highly skilled attributes.These established empires were known to have maintained their respective prominence by becoming aggressive traders in the wide world and by expanding their territories through deliberate maneuver of conquest in faraway lands of cities.

In their quest to seek and do successful commerce albeit sometimes in the midst of the throes of wars the African people began a migratory process that led them away from their original regions. Which resulted in an eventual spawn of powerful Kingdoms especially in West Africa, Ghana, Mali, Songhay, and the Mossi States who are among the most notable.

Ghana dates back to the seventh century. It was comprised of a major well-organized empire, which possessed effective  systems of democracy. Its vast riches came from an abundance of gold, a lively slave trade, mining, farming, and artistry. But due to later internal strife, invasions from neighboring rival states and severe climate changes caused Ghana to decline and fall in the 13th century.

Entering The Period of the "Diaspora"
It is significant to examine the African culture and trace the Diaspora from Africa to the Western Hemisphere because it provides a fuller clearer understanding with respects to the importance and proclivities of Jubilee. It also provide an historical link and cultural. identity to the people we now know as African Americans.

Most of the Africans who were enslaved in the United States came from the western part of Africa. Many from the area near seacoast, from Senegal River in the north to the area which is now known as Angola, Others came from Zaikre, Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sudan. Among the ethnic groups were the Wolof, Mandingo, Bambara, and Yoruba. There was a large population of Muslims, as well as the Akan, Kru, Ibo, and various Kongo people.

Since the beginning, African slaves worked without pay, grueling and inhumane conditions, no freedom of movement, family disruption and separation. In many instances ties to tribes, language, education, religion, and culture all yielded to the necessities of American Slavery and post slavery "Jim Crow' laws. No state in the union had been immune from the practice of involuntary servitude. It took a "Civil War" from 1861 through 1865 (4 years) to free slaves from permanent bondage in the United States of America.
For more details see: "The Alleged Curse on Ham by Gene Rice

History records: Approximately 9.56 million Africans survived the "Middle Passage"and were enslaved in the Western Hemisphere-trip from Africa to West Indies and South America

Estimated Slave imports into the Americas (1451-1870)
~British North America 339.000
~Spanish America 1,552,100
~British Caribbean 1,665,000
~French Caribbean 1,600,000
~Dutch Caribbean 500,000
~Brazil 28,000
~Old World 175,000

Totals: 9,566,100

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On-Point Insights: Ministry & Mission:Touching Over 100 Nations

On-Point Insights: Ministry & Mission:Touching Over 100 Nations: This weekend I was honored to meet, greet, the founder, board members and key leaders and tour "Latter Rain Ministries" {LRM} in L...

Ministry & Mission:Touching Over 100 Nations

This weekend I was honored to meet, greet, the founder, board members and key leaders and tour "Latter Rain Ministries" {LRM} in Litchfield, IL.Which afforded both the privilege and the opportunity to inner-act with, share, and exchange ideas-and to provide keen insight for futuristic, cutting edge, innovative initiatives. The LRM facility is situated on 10 acres of land rooted in a sub rural area of down state Illinois in the City of Litchfield.The atmosphere is a boast and the epitome that exude the most majestic splendor and beauty nature has to offer. What with the preservation of great, tall sturdy trees, the presence of scattered shrubs, a vastly prominence of landscape of nature's greenery. Immediately adjacent to the 10 acre site is farmland of "Fields of Corn"-almost ready to harvest, that emits into the environment a fresh scent of oxygen to breathe.

LRM primary  objective is Ministry, Christian Faith Training, and training Mission Practitioner to be deployed for mission & ministry in the USA and Overseas.Such places abroad as, India, Kenya, Sudan, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, Sri Lanka,Burma, Zimbabwe,Thailand, Burundi, Spain, and others part of the world.

The focus of LRM missions:
>International Children's Ministry Institute
>Christian Training Conference
>Global Teachers Summit
>All Nations Worship Center
>Disaster Response Training
>love-in-action-Unity, Harmony and Togetherness

The Litchfield Campus consist of the following:
~Admin Offices
~Book store
~Food prep and dining area
~Meeting rooms and break-out sessions space
~Peer group assembly areas
~Prayer room for meditation and to commune with God in serene atmosphere
~Auditorium, Worship Area and Chapel

The LRM campus was established in 2010, but the organization has been in existence since 1984, where the initial focus was training offered for Christian faith initiatives and mission work for the USA and Overseas.  Most important were to bring people to a faith realization and lead them to accepting faith, repenting and embracing Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel.

The visitation experience was most informative, and the utmost fact finding.for me. The same was expressed
 by LRM Founder, Board Members and Key Leaders.

There is a genuine interest to connect for possible future consultancy and advisory initiatives for:
>Advance Series of  Leadership Training Traits and Attributes
>Development of projects in the genre of Economic & Social Entrepreneurial Programs, to include Marketing Exposure, Capital Campaign Initiatives, Establishing a Speakers Bureau and Writing the Memoirs of the Founder, Pastor Gwen Moffat Davis.

Compiled: Bishop Steve  Braxton, Marketplace Consulting-Unit of Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc

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On-Point Insights: National Clergy Fellowship Outreach {NCFO}-Unit of...

On-Point Insights: National Clergy Fellowship Outreach {NCFO}-Unit of...: The National Clergy Fellowship {NCFO}  is a spiritual outreach initiative that provides a platform and a pre-requisite for apostles, pastors...

National Clergy Fellowship Outreach {NCFO}-Unit of Marketplace Ministries, Inc

The National Clergy Fellowship {NCFO} is a spiritual outreach initiative that provides a platform and a pre-requisite for apostles, pastors, preachers, ministers, evangelists, deacons, trustees, first ladies, church mothers, faith-based educators, in particularly, early childhood educational initiatives, i.e, head-start, daycare, after school programs, etc. The NCFO aim and focus is to go beyond the boundaries of denominational and adjudication walls-reaching out to all of God's children

The primary objectives are for mutually beneficial linking resources, social entrepreneurial concepts, and spiritual leadership traits, attributes, and professional initiatives.

This to include but not limited to, updates, on-point spiritual insights, core value components for the most effective spiritual leadership, relational nutrients for the "fruits of the spirits", spiritual gifts for the words of 'wisdom, fore-knowledge & faith, more gifts given in the name of Jesus {Rom 12:6-8), {Eph. 4:11-12} and "College of Pastors" w/Syllabus for Biblical Studies. complete with Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas.

The NCFO through it's collaboration with the Bishopric initiative of Light of Illinois Diocese has the ability with all rights and privilege to link & connect both introductory and advance opportunities within the Light of  Illinois Diocese order of Leadership Positions.

Source & Authority:
Bishop Steve Braxton &
Founder, National Clergy Fellowship Outreach
-unit of Marketplace Ministries, Inc.,
Assistant Presiding State Bishop-Light of Illinois Diocese

In Collaboration w/ Bishop Lawrence Brown
Pastor, Rivers of Living Waters Ministry
Presiding State Bishop-Light of Illinois Diocese
-An Affiliate of COGIC, International

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On-Point Insights: Results of Justificatiuon: "Peace & Joy"

On-Point Insights: Results of Justificatiuon: "Peace & Joy": If you seek justification with a sense of being justified yourself. Then you must start with faith, the bible reveals to us in Romans 5:1, t...

Results of Justification: "Peace & Joy"

If you seek justification with a sense of being justified yourself. Then you must start with faith, the bible reveals to us in Romans 5:1, that we have peace with God through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just being aware of such truth then you know you can gain access by faith into his grace. Where within you can stand on his promises and rejoice! in the hope and the Glory of God.

Not only that; but we as believers can experience 'Glory'; even;  in the midst of tribulation (suffering), because of fore-knowledge that provides discernment. We (you, me) are able to rejoice in suffering, knowing that sufferings produces perseverance, and perseverance build character, and thru character you can embrace 'hope'

The Reason is revealed in: Matthew 5:11-12, "Blessed (fully satisfied)*are we when men shall revile you; and persecute you; and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake#. Rejoice! and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven; for so persecuted by the prophets which were before you.

*Satisfaction is the 'Joy' that comes from salvation

#A believer that has experienced the "Peace of God" and can bring that peace to his fellow human being-who is being persecuted for righteousness sake. This can cause a person to reach the highest level of the satisfaction of blessedness (the experience of being fully satisfied)

Once you grasp and hold on to "hope" it will not disappoint. You will begin to recognize that inside"Hope"
>You will experience patience
>You will have the benefits of all the others "fruits of the spirit" found in  Galatians 5:22
~Long-suffering (patience)
~Gentleness (kindness)
~Faith (unto faithfulness)
And the added Bonus of:
>Meekness (ones who see themselves as they really are..evidenced in their summons to God & his word)
>Temperance (self-control)
Let us not become conceited, provoking, and practice envy toward each other-it's how to keep in step with the Holy Spirit..

Praise the name of the Lord-and  as you Edify God in the name of Jesus with all of the salutations he is known as: The mighty one, Jehovah, The prince of peace, King of the Jews, He's awesome, Messiah, The one who came to save, Praise him..and Bless his name...

You can both proclaim and exalt the "Glory" because you have seen the benefits that God has:
>Poured out in his Love for You
>Deposited directly into your heart
>By  the Paraclete-the number helper-The mighty Holy Spirit

By: Bishop Steve Braxton, Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese

Friday, January 11, 2013

On-Point Insights: LifeStyle Change 2013-Fast, Pray & Meditate

On-Point Insights: LifeStyle Change 2013-Fast, Pray & Meditate: Those inquiries about the 40 days of fasting, praying and meditation, Life Style Change 2013 Which is based on the book of Daniel. Here are...

LifeStyle Change 2013-Fast, Pray & Meditate

Those inquiries about the 40 days of fasting, praying and meditation, Life Style Change 2013
Which is based on the book of Daniel. Here are more definitive information on Daniel who lived
in Bablon in the first (605 B.C.). He lived there from his teen years into his 80's
>He was a nobleman of Israel, who was touted as a would be Prince
>The O.T. book of Daniel  is probably the most highly recognized book in scripture
>This is attributes to the fact that near the end of his life he rewrote and organized it into one central message
>The meaning of Daniel's name is: "My God is my Judge"
>This is certainly in harmony with the overall theme of the book, the sovereignty of God, as it describes current and future world conflicts, but he never loses sight of the fact that God's control over all events is clearly demonstrated throughtout
>The things that appeared in Daniel's  visions, i.e. the angelic messenger, and the description of God's glory, the beast, the great statue, are very similar to those portrayed in the book of Revelation
>Therefore, the book of Revelation cannot be properly interpreted without a general knowledge of scriptures that appears in Daniel
>Daniel gained the respect of king Nebuchadsnezzar and other great leaders and noblemen of his day
>Daniel was most impressive and revered by all due to his courage, his convictions, choices and convincing abilities.