Monday, June 24, 2013

National Clergy Fellowship Outreach {NCFO}-Unit of Marketplace Ministries, Inc

The National Clergy Fellowship {NCFO} is a spiritual outreach initiative that provides a platform and a pre-requisite for apostles, pastors, preachers, ministers, evangelists, deacons, trustees, first ladies, church mothers, faith-based educators, in particularly, early childhood educational initiatives, i.e, head-start, daycare, after school programs, etc. The NCFO aim and focus is to go beyond the boundaries of denominational and adjudication walls-reaching out to all of God's children

The primary objectives are for mutually beneficial linking resources, social entrepreneurial concepts, and spiritual leadership traits, attributes, and professional initiatives.

This to include but not limited to, updates, on-point spiritual insights, core value components for the most effective spiritual leadership, relational nutrients for the "fruits of the spirits", spiritual gifts for the words of 'wisdom, fore-knowledge & faith, more gifts given in the name of Jesus {Rom 12:6-8), {Eph. 4:11-12} and "College of Pastors" w/Syllabus for Biblical Studies. complete with Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas.

The NCFO through it's collaboration with the Bishopric initiative of Light of Illinois Diocese has the ability with all rights and privilege to link & connect both introductory and advance opportunities within the Light of  Illinois Diocese order of Leadership Positions.

Source & Authority:
Bishop Steve Braxton &
Founder, National Clergy Fellowship Outreach
-unit of Marketplace Ministries, Inc.,
Assistant Presiding State Bishop-Light of Illinois Diocese

In Collaboration w/ Bishop Lawrence Brown
Pastor, Rivers of Living Waters Ministry
Presiding State Bishop-Light of Illinois Diocese
-An Affiliate of COGIC, International

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