Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The "10th " Power-Positive-Thought Consciousness...

As one who reaches out to embrace the elements & the essence of positive thought to Promote Physical, & Mental Well-Being to "Be Healthy! It shall be prudent to "Keep the mind and Body Strong:"
~Keep mind & body re connected
~Be insistent on taking care of yourself, First
~As you work the body-You build your mind
~Know This:Stress Affect Your Health

As you ponder the thought consciousness Genre-strive to be in reflective mode with the expectancy for and of ultimate 'Manifestation'

I now share with you the 10 key components of the "10th" power positive thought consciousness: {think on these as you internalize}

1. I feel that stress, worry, and fear shall melt away
2. I do not believe I should feel  stressed-out for any reason
3. I absolutely shall strive to not feel stressed...
4. I shall decree that all the negative experiences happened to me today-and prior to today-and all pass today's, no longer bothers me
5. I do not, and shall not, feel worry, anxiety, and/or nervous-ness
6. I feel natural to, and in regards to; all bad and indifference situational things that may have happened to me-all to fore...
7. I shall endeavor to feel, as if; the bad incidents that happened to me, was stumbling blocks turns into building block, as I've learned to cope, As well to strive and survive
8. I feel most positive, and optimistic about the future, cause I'm focus on my God given pre-ordained purpose in life
9. I am feeling empowered, equipped, and readied for the journey; on my daily spiritual walk of life
10. I am feeling cool, calm, and steadfast wrapped in the cloak of contentment;and I reach out and up to embrace, touch & agree-I'm at Peace....How Do You Feel....???

Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach,  Adviser, Hall-of-Fame Storyteller, Enshrined by, The Chicago History Museum


Monday, August 13, 2018


Be resolve to aspire B 4 U retire;
Strive to do your best to inspire others...
Instead of the focus on a lighter journey...?
Reach-Out, embrace the quest to have broader shoulders

Nor to be so strident and bent for an easy journey...
Instead have a desire for more stamina and stronger feet for the quest of the journey

While on the journey-do not up-hold or look for a weaker enemy...
Better Yet- be steadfast for a more fit, equipped and stronger self...

Therein lay the essence of servant-hood with the embodiment of Rare Leadership traits and attributes.

steve braxton, mentor, life coach, Hall-of-Fame storyteller, Enshrined: The Chicago History Museum...copyright@2016

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Prayer for Request and Supplication-W/Expectancy

1 Chronicles 4:9-10, Jabez Request and supplications to God
Compiled/Edited By: Steve Braxton, National Clergy Fellowship Outreach...

THE PRAYER OF JABEZ, his name means: distress, pain, etc
Jabez was different than the rest of his family. His mother named him due to the difficulty she experienced during his birth. Knowing his name brought distress to his mother; he wondered “Is there more to life than this”?
Therefore, he prayed to God this prayer

“Oh that U would bless me, and bless me indeed {means: bless me a lot-many, many times}
And enlarge my territory; that your hand would be with me; and that you would keep me from all evil”
~Wonderfully bless me
~Help me with my work
~Please be with me in all that I do
~Keep me from all evil and disaster {God granted him his request

Oh that u would bless me, indeed
“Prepare me, Equip me; and Empower me
Nothing but God’s fullest blessings for bestowal upon U
But we must ask for them or they will be put on the “un-claimed shelf”-waiting for U to ask
Be in Expectancy Mode: Look FWD with the Belief, have the confidence and expectation that God will bring it to pass
Reflection: Solomon name meant “Peace” He was the first King of Israel to reign without going to war. As he prayed to God 4 Wisdom, Knowledge and all other oppty became available to him {He had the wisdom and most of The Understanding & recognition of God’s Blessings and he was obedient..
OH That U would enlarge My Territory: His desire was not about material things but rather:
~Influence-More Responsibility, More Opportunity to make a mark for God
~Practice his presence; Keep God ‘front-of-mind-consciousness’
~To do the work, by coming along side others to mentor, advice, counsel and coach-and those efforts would serve to glorify God

Prayer sounds something like this:
Oh Great, Good, and Wise God!, I come asking that you would expand my opportunities; in that, it may Impact others  in enormous ways; in the work-as I touch & agree, and that it would make a difference in much more lives-all  to your Glory! Oh Lord help me, and let me do more for you, and the kingdom, this is my prayer, IN JESUS NAME, Amen

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Feelings & Emotions-To Cry Out!- Is The Essence of:;

National Clergy Fellowship Outreach-unit of Marketplace Mini...
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The Essence of the emotion: To Cry Out.... Big Momma, {southern nick-name for GranMA} used to say to us as kids. "The voice that 'cry out' is one in the midst of the wilderness". Such emotional utterance is to recognize the comfort that can be derived from such a release of 'utterances'. As one dig deeper {biblical exegetical interpolation} to discern such proclamation-of the expression & utterance: To Cry Out! in the wilderness..The Essence of the wisdom-To Cry Out; diminishes self; and defer to the 'Power of a Higher Authority'. It's a recognition of....The comforter; and to become aware of the help that is available to be dispensed and/or made as a bestowal upon one self-from a source greater than thy self. It is; and shall be; a manifestation that has the divine and spiritual propensity: ~To make straight the road inherent in a "Dessert-of-the-wilderness" A Wilderness! that can become a pathway to exalt valleys A Wilderness! where hills and mountains becomes a little lower A Wilderness! where a crooked road can be made to be straight And others available action of power to make rough spots into much smoother surface areas. Thus The Essence of: "To Cry Out-In The Wilderness... Source: Impending non-fiction book,"Creole Soup" Author, Steve Braxton. blog;
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jesus Earthly Journey with the Twelve Disciples

Jesus Sojourn in the Earthly Realm
-Chronological Order>
JESUS Foretells his Death
-John 12:23-32

Jesus Crucified on the Cross
-Matthew 27:33-35
Jesus Down from the Cross & Burial
-Matthew 27:59-60

Jesus’ Resurrection
-Matthew 28:5-7
Evidence of Risen Jesus
-Luke 24:37-53

Jesus Death & Resurrection paved the way for”
~Another Chance-New Lease on life
~ Redemption/ Salvation/Repentance
~Name in the Lamb Book of Life
~To be restored in a “Right Relationship with the Father
Note: Embrace the biblical scriptures Gal 5:22-24 “But the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering…..”
Focus: Isaiah 61:1-4, “The Spirit of the Lord is up on me; Because he has sent me to preach the good tidings unto the meek; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives; and the opening of the prison to them are b bound, he has sent me to proclaim the acceptable Year of The Lord!, and the Day of Vengeance of Our God! {Softly…} To comfort all that/who mourn…

To appoint 2unto them that mourn in Zion, To Give unto them Beauty for ashes; the Oil of Joy! For Mourning The Garment of Praise For the Spirit of Heaviness….
That they may be called Trees of Righteous! The Planting of The Lord!

That He Might Be Glorified!

And they shall build the Old wastes, They shall Raise-Up Former Desolations of many Generations. Thus Becoming “The Repairer’s of The Breach”

Edit/compiled To Teach and Preach by: Steve Braxton
Mentor, Life Coach. Hall of Fame “Griot” In the Genre of The African Proverb
March 30, 2018 sbrax57@gb

Saturday, April 7, 2018

OH, The Joy of the current and coming Summer Months

In late April Flowers Burst into Full Bloom....
We Behold the Tapestry & Beauty nature has to offer
Which is hidden in the soil beneath all-to-fore...
 We enter May-suddenly more lipids comes forth in Full Bloom

Yesterday's opinion-is today's Truth...
It's in our tomorrow we anticipate Expectation
The wisdom of the Future is "The Connection"
Cause the Honey Bees nest-is stirred-up
PERFECT! Why?-The Month of May is Magical...
As we look to it for the "Manifestation" of 'The Summer'

Notwithstanding-April is nice...However, it's in May-We See; We Taste; and We Smell the Sweet Fragrance of the blossoming Flowers.
Then here cometh the Month of June...Bursting out all over!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A word and Praise for Servitude-There is Blessedness to serve others

Steve Braxton commented on John Maxwell Team | A Minute With Maxwell | Free Video Opt In.
As we put God First, therein is the Quest of the journey to have the understanding-that we should learn to embrace the thought: "we must exit for others" When we do a bountiful and abundance of blessings shall be in store to flow upon us, when we have such a mind-set. Amen...
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