Friday, September 17, 2010

Seize the moment-Here and Now

We are experiencing difficult times at the moment-as we endure the recession, poverty, family and business crisis alike. What with the advent of crime, violence, catastrophe and tragedic situations. The annuals of history has taught us much about being survivors. In particularly, the "great depression of the 30's. We've just received the 2009 census report about the state of humanity in these United States. It's a strife indictment on 'poverty" for Americans in this modern era. we learn that poverty has climbed to the highest levels than we've ever experioenced in this country. The percentages of poverty has been recorded at over 14.0% since 1994. The hardest hit is America's greatest natural resources-our young people. They were affected the most with one in every five adversely compromised. The recession is upon us, unemployment has cause an inordinate amount of casualities, the most visible is foreclosures on single family homes. Most of this brought about as a direct results of underhandedness of unscrupless tactics of banking institutions with sub-prime loans.

However, observing a view from a historic biblical perspective. All is not loss, there is a chance of hope, as we glean the flicker of  light at the end of the long dark tunnel. The adage goes; that when we as a people spent more time in the valley in the midst of the "dessert of life', than we do on the "mountain top". The results lends itself to being better prepared, more equipped, and adequately empowereed to handle what is happening, and what is yet to come, in order to be in the best position to cope and survive. Just so you know we are in the valley of the "dessert of life"

The greatest lesson we can learn from this era of difficult times, challenges, and family and business crisis:
is to ascribe to the consciounesss of, not to turn on each other, but to turn to each other, it is the appropiate time to come along side another to be supportive, be encouraging, and to take a moment to recognize the efforts of platitudes of achievements and when to edify others.

In particularly, those who are portraying and exhibiting the ultimate sense of unity, harmony, and togetherness
reaching out to connect and work in tandem with all humanity, irrespective of race, creed, religion, ethnic origin or cultrual differences. Certainly, not the type of rant and rage being channeled to the self-induligent baby boomers that the confused, and contractdictory, TV Host Glen Beck is putting forth. At best that sort of tactics serves to be divisive to most of what is right, good, fair and of justice for all Americans.

I say that America and it's population of people is facing, enduring, and struggling with it's greatest test of all times in the throes of poverty and justice for all. It's  not an issue of what tragic or catastrophe situation we as a people of this country, has been dealt, but it is really how we react and handle the crisis, tragedy, or catastrophe situation we have been handed and are facing. Will we stand the test of time?  Are we of the right mind-set yet? Have we had a conscious paradigm shift? Will we act responsibly with respect and allow all to maintain their respective dignity?

Someone of greater and higher authority is watching and taking notes. The practice of knowing who is your neighbor, and doing the right thing to support and assist in resolving  the problem, rather than adding insult to injury to worsen the matter. The former rather than the latter is of tantamount importance.
Nuff Sed-Dun it Al
S. Brax