Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Intel & Insights About The Vicissitudes "Hate and Anger"

As we take note of'; and look at the plight of dissident behaviors, turbulent-state-of-despair, confusion, miss-understanding, injustices being perpetrated on others of a different belief-this has caused unrest across these United States, and even the nation and the world, i.e., the activities of certain radical alt/right groups.
It is trending toward creating both violent and  toxic behavioral patterns that is lending itself  to expressions of 'hate and anger', whereas; it's targeting specific culture of the population who tend to be different culturally and hold other views concerning the status and equality of humanity.
As 'anger' is exhibited and displayed, it can become acid, because it has the propensity to do more harm than good. In particularly, the   vessel of the human where it is stored, rather than anything on which it is poured.
Thus 'anger' is a transitory emotion-it has no place to live or exist. All of it's efforts goes against the grain and is a drain to the totality of all available healthy human energy. In the biblical words of Solomon, "It is all vanity, Vanity of Vanities". In a word;  all for nothing, just wasted energy.
Those who labor under guise and promote the dis-order of 'hate and Anger', usually has come from the syndrome of "troubled childhood":
~Has experienced some sense of being afraid and shame
~Borders under the pointing of the finger of 'Blame & Shame'.
~Has low self-esteem
~Has sought a sense of belonging-but was none found
~Feelings of dis-connected from other human beings
~Tend to drift toward a direction that encompasses the attributes of  the 'Anti-syndrome Genre'
~I.E. tend to be against others who are different that they are; and tend to have low regards for all other humanity

They tend to be in search of an allusive type of "Pride and Honor" such as:
~Something or someone to look up to hold in high esteem
~They tend to become an easy target for violence, & crime, which involve gangs, and/or some type of other radical groups.
~Just know: even boredom has a higher emotional  rating than hate and anger, Because of the advent of "Feeling and Emotion" one may tend to experience along the way-the creation of something that just might have the proclivities to dispel the thought-of-consciousness of hate and anger.
Therein, lay the answer to the question: Can those be reached who are be-riffed w/hate and anger. Based on my prior experiential encounters, the answer is yes! In my latest book: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Included is a thread that runs through the below denoted details.
The focus has to encompass: 
~The search for hope
~Find/Discover an enormity of ways to cope
~Embrace, the comprehending and the understanding of "Forgiveness" for self and others
~The totality and essence of the key, is the awareness, and feeling and emotion-for the Joy-of-Healing, which is the new beginning for the connection and/or re-connection for 'compassion' for all of Humanity.

In a word, this is the essence for the new beginning, Renewal, Restoration, Deliverance, and Redemption, and to be in a right Relationship with All mighty God, In The Name who is The wonderful Counselor, Jesus the Christ. Amen...

Steve Braxton, Author, "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame StoryTeller, Enshrined by The Chicago History Museum copyright@2016, sbrax57@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Know This: never settle for less than what you know you are capable of becoming. Settling is never an option. When it comes to the pursuance of achieving your dreams, ambitions and aspirations-Go Forth-with all the gusto you can fathom  and/or muster.

Remember, you must never adhere to the peer pressure to downgrade your dreams to match the rhetoric of their reality,
But rather, it shall be your ambition to have the 'front-of-mind-consciousness to 'upgrade' your 'Faith'-which is more suitable to reach your destiny. This is closely akin to your purpose in life.

Always know, you have available to you the divine process to:

  • Trust God
  • Depend of All Mighty God, ways, desires, and his 'Will'
  • In finality to know his shoulder-is available for you to 'Lean--on'. He is proclaiming #LEANONME# 
Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame StoryTeller, 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Focus is Change...

When we consider the historic annuals of time; regards things such as insights, and Intel-being not as they were; and/or not being the way we are most accustomed to them being. This is both a distilling and  defining moment of  truth for 'Change' in transition to another manifestation for some new and different ways applicable to life.

Change is inevitable during the daily walk of "The Journey of Life". Albeit; the advent of change by definition often times encounters a measure of resistance. It takes on a contrasting lie; with a bit of distorted knowledge; touted with some difficulty for good people to discover and/or find their 'truth north' of 'what' and 'why' or who to believe, or whom they might trust, and how to live life righteously. Moreover, when everything they thought to be true or real-wasn't.

It is during this juncture when the 'what' and the 'why' of one's being takes center stage in consciousness. It becomes an ever present 'front -of-mind-consciousness'. -to discern the truth.

A consideration is; the notion of the 'what'-(just a reminder;) The Heavenly Father-sent his only begotten son. Then, let's focus on the 'why'-he was sent by the Heavenly Father-to pay the ransom for all sins, to wipe out the debt, and create the chance for change, so all humans could have the right and/or privilege to be in a 'right relationship' with the Heavenly father.

Now let's go back and re-focus on the lies. Those lies, does not have any chance to never supersede the 'Power' or the 'will' of the Heavenly. Just know this: Jesus shall once again descend to the Earthly Realm. When he does, he will possess 'All Power'! Love must and shall again reign and rule supreme over Fear.

Be cognizant, of what change really is....?
~It has the propensity to move people out of their comfort zone
~It changes what was once thought to be, real or true may not be relevant-based on the foundation of core values-as some untrue, hta was merely a twisted truth.
~Change may cause a shift in thought of consciousness-what once was-may not be anymore.
~The balance of truth, power, and reality that once was; might just upset the balance of 'what' and 'why' regards the Intel-we once knew..

Ultimate and Effective Change has been ushered in to be the order of the day; for a new and different way. - Say hello to; and embrace, 'Change'...

Steve Braxton, Hall of Fame Storyteller- Enshrined by The Chicago History Museum, Life Coach, Mentor, Member, cloth of the Ecclesiastical order of the clergy. sbrax57@gmail.com

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Easter Season-A Celebration!!! It's all about The Resurrection,,,

I ask the question: What is the significance and/or the importance-of the Eastern Season...? In some circles of the secular and the faith world-there still exist some clouded views and a bit of confusion. Let me begin with this statement: In the faith-based community since ancient times their particular views has it's origin in 'Biblical Scriptural Genre'. It has a great deal to do with the "Cross Experience' that was model by Jesus Christ himself during his earthly sojourn. 
~He came into the world a with purpose ordained by the Father
~For over thirty years his activities were ever present; as evidenced by a platitude of; and an enormity of signs, wonders and miracles.
~Such as, the selection and mentoring of the twelve disciples-who were eye witnesses to many incidents; and had first hand encounters and could provide critical corroborated testimony to tried and prove "truth-of-the-facts" performed by Jesus.
~To name a few: his teachings, sharing and demonstrations of blessings and woes, the importance of love your enemy, calming the storm, healing the afflicted, raising of the dead, confessions and forgiveness, parable of mustard seed faith, fore-telling of betrayal, denial and doubting.
~Ultimate the occasions of prayer without ceasing, the last supper, the seven last words, his death, burial and resurrection-He's Alive!

Yes Jesus died for our sins-but we still yet experience...i.e. transgression-we still yet sins. Meaning: {transgress} we slip, we fall, we fail, we trespass. Meaning: {sins} we misunderstand, we miss the message, we miss the mark, we fall short} Is there a way out? Yes! Just remember the cross experience...

Therefore, Happy Resurrection Day, is the order and the way-today.
We should be appreciative-spiritual duty bound and happy to give all praises, honor and Glory! To The Trinity {Father,Son & Holy Spirit}
To practice the presence of the Lord is the ultimate 'front-of-mind-consciousness' thought process. 

Foremost, during  the process of the Easter Season-The Celebration of the Resurrection-we must be steadfast in our efforts-of-faith to the community, church, family, relative and friends. 
Know This: The celebration of the Easter Season is more than about Shopping, Easter Egg Hunts, or the Parade of Spring Fashions on display for all to see. 
But should be more about, How we walk in love, agree in heart, fast in faith, and unite in fervent, affective and persistent prayer. We do so to effect change to change,diminish, or end suffering and injustice in the country, nation and the world.
In conclusion, we reflect on the many martyrs. Jesus being chief and most divine among them all

Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame-StoryTeller, Evidenced & Archived by: The Chicago History Museum Copyright@2016ChicagoIllinolis 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Healthy Benefits of "Plants" {essence of spirits too}

What we all may, or may not, be aware of; or even realized-is that our home and or place of work is filled with polluted toxins. And it's very imperative that we are prepared to counter-act such anti-oxidant and/or polluted toxins. Yes we can take vitamins and supplements but sometimes it may not be enough or even sufficient.

However, there are other ways to be prepared. Those ways are healthy fresh plants placed in the environment of your home or place of work. Such plant as:
1. Peppermint Plant {or spirits/oils}, which attracts and enhance a healthy lifestyle of finance and wealth-in essence it boost the platitudes of success unto peace and calmness
2.Orchid, this plant has the ability to combat positive ions-that chase depression & anxiety of negative ions in the home or office
3. Rosemary, it is believes to enhance excellent air purification qualities. Promotes good brain functions, improve mood and memory, and serves to boost nurture, care and love vibes.
4. Lavender, this plant {or spirit/oil} has the propensity to counter-act 'Depression and Anxiety'. Help and aid in boosting the quality of sleep, safe and restful sleep-as it creates results for sleeplessness and insomnia.
5. Aloe Vera plant, This also help to purify the quality of air; pulls out harmful toxins from the air, gives off oxygen at night to improve the quality of sleep
6. Jasmine, Just like peppermint-promotes the essence of success and platitude of peace and contentment
7. Lucky Bamboo, a plant that has it's origin in Asia-has been used for centuries successfully. It's a sort of 'Herb' that brings good platitudes of success. However, you must keep away from direct sunlight, place it in a bowl with about an inch of fresh water at all times.
Following these suggestion can be very helpful in staying abreast of ways to be as healthy as you possibly can..
Steve Braxton, Hall of Fame Story Teller, life Coach, Creator of the annual 40 day-Daniel Fast lifestyle Change Program. Which detox, cleanse, purify and heals. sbrax57@gmail.com

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How To Enjoy Time Spent Alone-In Solidarity

When you really think about it-The time spent alone is sort of like your own mini-revival time; a time to reflect, a time for spiritual growth and renewal, a time to be intro; and retro-spective; to go inward and outward. It may even serve to help validate your 'front-of-mind-consciousness. This can be regarded as who you are, whose you belong to, and the concentration of the shaping and the focus of your 'purpose' and the fore-knowledge of the attributes, ambitions and aspirations of life. which shall be  very important; to becoming all you were created for; and really intended and/or meant for you to be.

How To Enjoy Solidarity: {peace and contentment-The Peace of The Lord}

Here are a few suggestive, tried and proven and/or successful tips>
`Inner peace is an objective, goal and/or desired outcome:
A, First, focus on relaxation: get rest for stimulation to N-Joy!-a good start might be to meditate and read-something that may motivate, inspire and  enrich your life
B, Concentrate on the people in your life that you care about; such as their needs, struggles,  concerns, their present and their future, and how you may be able to come along side to serve them better {i.e. mentor, coach, advise, etc}
C, Self-Improvement; become active with the journal of your thoughts, maybe even try doing some blogs, or compiled a personal-to-do-list
D, Convince yourself how good this shall be for you-since it has both the possibilities and potentials to enhance your thought processes-that allows you to make right choices and better informed decisions-which has the promise of big dividends in the end.
E, Utilizing the time of solitude effectively, to garner results to your advantage. Explore your immediate surrounding more up-front and up-close, discover and visit the nearest museum, check out local parks, library, visit the local cafe, have some coffee, or tea, walk around, and take public transport-take time to observe the general population activities, demeanor and how they behave.
F, Take the realization of this time seriously-as to Validate the Trust in Self, this in retrospect of your 'front-of-mind-consciousness. Give the smart phone a wee break for a while. tell self you need to become un-occupied from the E-devices, i.e. phone, lap top, desk top, texting and engaging in all activity-in that regards for an hour  or so.. and next step is to....
G, Get connected with the hobbies you've been promising yourself you wanna take part in...?
H, I hasten add, this is not an easy task, so i suggest that you ease into it gradually. It would be good to attach the 'front-of-mind-consciousness process, think about it, plan it, set time guidelines and parameters, and then take special care to follow directions, accordingly
In conclusion, be grateful and gracious to the Lord for sharing with you-those family members and friends you care about. Never neglect, or fail to remember to pray for them, to be an intercessor, stand in the gap, for them, seek God's desires, ways and will for them, and ask God to give you wisdom to relate in loyalty and love toward them. This to bring forth revival and spiritual awareness and awakening to your and their land. Let God be Glorified thru you and them. He deserves all the Praise, Honor and Glory! Amen...
Steve Braxton, Blogger, Author, Life Coach,  and Hall of Fame Storyteller, enshrined by "The Chicago History Museum"

Friday, March 3, 2017

Reflections: Ancient times VS Modern Times {Here & Now}

I shall begin this blog with some quotes from the book of Ecclesiastes that was penned by Solomon, who was the son of a shepherd boy that took care of the sheep-but rose to become King of his era in ancient times, his name was David. Also as the saying goes, apples don't fall too far from the tree. Solomon, like his father David also rose to become a King-as well.

Solomon was a peculiar lad, he prayed to God, not for power, fame, fortune, riches or to become wealthy. Instead, thru his prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication; he petitioned God to be blessed with wisdom and knowledge. His request was granted and he was given great wisdom. And with such blessings came the attributes of power, fame, fortune and wealth. However, in his quest to comprehend and  get a full understanding for the meaning of life, he struggled a great deal-in spite of his fore-knowledge and wisdom. 

"who is like the wise man?
who knows the explanation of things;
Wisdom brightens a man's face;
and changes its hard appearance"

"Words from a wise man's mouth are gracious,
but a fool is consumed by their own lips;
At the beginning their words are folly,
at the end they're wicked madness {reminder of anyone?} 
and the fool multiplies words of no substance" { know anybody w/such traits & proclivities?}

"There is evil and some good in everything that happens under the sun;
The same destiny awaits and/or overtakes all;
The hearts of men, moreover, are full of evil and there is madness;
In their hearts while they live; afterward they join the dead..."

"For the living know that they will die;
but the dead know nothing;
Even the memory of them is forgotten;
Their love, hate, and their jealously have long vanished'
In anything that happens under the sun"

"Now all has been heard;
Here is the conclusion of the matter;
Fear God, never take your eyes off Him;
Strive to keep his commandments;
For this is the whole duty of men;
Surely GOD shall bring every deed into judgment;
including every hidden thing-whether it is good or evil"
It is apparent that Solomon practice a bit of pessimism, he questioned beliefs, and the central Judaism and Christianity beliefs and practices, which led many to reject or ignore him.

Solomon revealed these words:"Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and all the labor that I had labored to do; and behold, all was 'vanity' [meaningless}and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun. And I turned my thoughts to behold wisdom, and madness; and folly: what more can the King's successor do than what has already done"? {Eccles 2:11-12}

Solomon's feelings and emotions at this point exhibits. 'vanity, and vexation of spirit', because in all of his quest of supposedly life's pleasures he found no satisfaction. Here he is revealing that the fulfillment of fleshy desires has been; and shall be; unprofitable.

In conclusion, he finally surmised that his focus would have been better served-if he had kept the pleasures and life enjoyment in perspective with his responsibility to God. Solomon acknowledged that God's hand should have been on his life. He should have exhibited a pure heart in all his actions, and that the 'key' was for him to do it, All To The Glory of God.

Steve Braxton, Bishop of Marketplace Outreach Ministries,
Also Mentor, Life Coach, Blogger, Critical Writer. Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel. sbrax57@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ARE U A SEENAGER..? What is it..?

Well, you probably already guest what it is by now..If not, it's merely a Teen Age Senior. LOL
You just had to wait well beyond your initial teen years to enjoy the benefits.
Here are a few fun reflective things concerning a "seenager"
~You have your own pad
~You don't have a curfew
~Don't have to ask anybody for the cars keys
The following should jog your thought processes:
-Seenagers often go to another room, to get something, upon arriving there; you sometimes wonder why you came to the room in the first place
_-Seenages do not have a memory problem-it's nature's way of making sure you exercise more to stay mentally well-being and in good health.
-Scientists believes that seenagers are not hard of hearing-it's just the added pressure on the inner ear...[think about one for a minute...}

Sunday, January 22, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast 2017, 3rd Week/21 Days/Lifestyle Change

Hello FB Fam & Friends, here we are!-we've arrived at the third week, 21 days. If you're still with us; kudos to you; for your steadfast spiritual stamina and staying power on this awesome, wonderful, life changing journey.

I wanna to keep you in 'front-of-mind-consciousness' regards insights and Intel for the connects between 'Prayer & Fasting".
In the O.T. biblical passages, it tells us that-it appears the process of prayer and fasting is done with a sense of need and dependence,and/or of abject helplessness, in the face of; anticipated calamity. Also in certain instances; as grief, bereavement, mourning, repentance, and/or deep spiritual needs.

The N.T. Biblical exegesis revelation-focuses on the theology of fasting, and is of one's personal priorities. In which, believer's are given the oppty to express themselves in undivided and 'intense devotion to the Lord'. Moreover; to the concerns of one's spiritual proclivities-life to cause and to aspire and to inspire self and others.

This lends itself {which is key} to get closer to God. In doing so; such devotion can be expressed  by abstaining and/or to deny self for short or extended periods of time from certain foods and drinks.

During this short and/or extended time frame-it's very important to know-it shall be a time to enjoy uninterrupted communion and special devotion to God. Which bode well to build stronger faith {confidence} in self and belief in God Unlimited Powers.
Striving; in the act of prayer and fasting must not be considered a burden or a duty. Instead; the focus should be more on a "Celebration" of God's goodness, mercy-and remember, His Grace, Is Sufficient.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast, 2017/2nd Week, 14 Days-Lifestyle Change

Yes! we have just passed the second week{14 days} on this awesome life changing spiritual journey. If you're still with us, Congratulations! During the first 7 days I spoke about ''spiritual nutrition'. I have a question for you to consider: What is 'spiritual nutrition, actually? Well while you're in the 'thought searching' process. Let me share this with you.
 A good place to start is-to consider the foods you eat, daily. There is wrong food, and then, of course, there is the 'right foodstuff' {w/good nutrients} we should eat-with the consciousness to stay healthy. The food we consume affect the mind, the body, and the soul {spirit}.

The relationship between the nutrients one eats that assimilates into the body, causes a spiritual awakening and unfolding. According to  Health and Wellness Institutes, there are four aspects and categories of the food people consume: biological, psychological, spiritual and social nutrition.

Biological Nourishment: has elements and ability for optimal food nutrition w/the power to heal and balance physical health.
Psychological Nourishment: These food elements influence mood; emotions; and feelings
Social Nourishment: to dine with others in s pleasant and enjoyment environmental atmosphere has great mental & emotional well-being traits and attributes.
Spiritual Nourishment: When one knows better, they tend to do better and knowledge is power. When one eats with an awareness of the 'mystery of life' or how nutritious foods connects with: mindfulness; appreciation; it provide a kinder, gentler; and loving consciousness that may serve to enhance youthfulness and healthiness. The next Alert shall delve into 'Key concepts regards, motions, moods, of human millennia...END

Sunday, January 8, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast 2017/first 7 days-Lifestyle Change

Hello to all of You who are with us on this life changing journey within the process of the 40 Days of Fasting, Scriptures, Meditation and Prayer.

This pass Sat marked the first 7 days, and  If you are still steadfast and faithful on the journey congrats!. I wanna take a moment to  reiterate the importance for the reason and goal of meditation and prayer.

  • To be in close proximity w/God
  • To live in 'right relationship' with him
  • To be, 'one with him'
  • To "Practice His Presence" at all times
  • To Make God your 'front-of-mind-consciousness'
In doing so, He shall cause prayer to help you experience his presence. Without a doubt; his purpose, his plans, his provisions and his hedge-of-protection. Focus for a minute on Psalms 23, The Lord Is My Shepherd... if you embrace it-there shall be no lack....

In the midst of the focus, the concentration, and 'practicing his presence'
he will help you to understand how to conform your lives to be the proper fit to his 'Will and Ways'.

This shall serve to help one to comprehend how to: advance his kingdom; his sovereignty, his power, and all else he intends and meant for you to become. All to his glory!

A word about Spiritual Nutrition: It's inherent in the 40 day lifestyle Change of fasting, meditating, reading scriptures and daily devotion for one's prayer life. It simply feeds the body; and provide nourishing for the spirit.
For millions of people in the country, nation, and the world. Food has become a source of idle nourishment. It has become an area of conflict and confusion. We witness endless weight loss dramas, eating dis-orders, cravings addictions, body image obsessions, and never ending search for the best nutrition. Well,you need look no further. Why? Cause when you read Daniel chapter 1: all the evidence is available and the manifestations are both tried and proven. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys are living proof. As the scriptures unfold even the King had reason to change his mind and recant his original approach for a healthy eating process.
LET'S GO FORTH to the next goal which will be '14 days' See you then
Bishop Steve  Braxton, Overseer for the Daniel Fast 2017-Lifestyle Change for Prayer and Meditation...sbrax57@gmail.com