Sunday, January 15, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast, 2017/2nd Week, 14 Days-Lifestyle Change

Yes! we have just passed the second week{14 days} on this awesome life changing spiritual journey. If you're still with us, Congratulations! During the first 7 days I spoke about ''spiritual nutrition'. I have a question for you to consider: What is 'spiritual nutrition, actually? Well while you're in the 'thought searching' process. Let me share this with you.
 A good place to start is-to consider the foods you eat, daily. There is wrong food, and then, of course, there is the 'right foodstuff' {w/good nutrients} we should eat-with the consciousness to stay healthy. The food we consume affect the mind, the body, and the soul {spirit}.

The relationship between the nutrients one eats that assimilates into the body, causes a spiritual awakening and unfolding. According to  Health and Wellness Institutes, there are four aspects and categories of the food people consume: biological, psychological, spiritual and social nutrition.

Biological Nourishment: has elements and ability for optimal food nutrition w/the power to heal and balance physical health.
Psychological Nourishment: These food elements influence mood; emotions; and feelings
Social Nourishment: to dine with others in s pleasant and enjoyment environmental atmosphere has great mental & emotional well-being traits and attributes.
Spiritual Nourishment: When one knows better, they tend to do better and knowledge is power. When one eats with an awareness of the 'mystery of life' or how nutritious foods connects with: mindfulness; appreciation; it provide a kinder, gentler; and loving consciousness that may serve to enhance youthfulness and healthiness. The next Alert shall delve into 'Key concepts regards, motions, moods, of human millennia...END

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