Sunday, January 8, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast 2017/first 7 days-Lifestyle Change

Hello to all of You who are with us on this life changing journey within the process of the 40 Days of Fasting, Scriptures, Meditation and Prayer.

This pass Sat marked the first 7 days, and  If you are still steadfast and faithful on the journey congrats!. I wanna take a moment to  reiterate the importance for the reason and goal of meditation and prayer.

  • To be in close proximity w/God
  • To live in 'right relationship' with him
  • To be, 'one with him'
  • To "Practice His Presence" at all times
  • To Make God your 'front-of-mind-consciousness'
In doing so, He shall cause prayer to help you experience his presence. Without a doubt; his purpose, his plans, his provisions and his hedge-of-protection. Focus for a minute on Psalms 23, The Lord Is My Shepherd... if you embrace it-there shall be no lack....

In the midst of the focus, the concentration, and 'practicing his presence'
he will help you to understand how to conform your lives to be the proper fit to his 'Will and Ways'.

This shall serve to help one to comprehend how to: advance his kingdom; his sovereignty, his power, and all else he intends and meant for you to become. All to his glory!

A word about Spiritual Nutrition: It's inherent in the 40 day lifestyle Change of fasting, meditating, reading scriptures and daily devotion for one's prayer life. It simply feeds the body; and provide nourishing for the spirit.
For millions of people in the country, nation, and the world. Food has become a source of idle nourishment. It has become an area of conflict and confusion. We witness endless weight loss dramas, eating dis-orders, cravings addictions, body image obsessions, and never ending search for the best nutrition. Well,you need look no further. Why? Cause when you read Daniel chapter 1: all the evidence is available and the manifestations are both tried and proven. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys are living proof. As the scriptures unfold even the King had reason to change his mind and recant his original approach for a healthy eating process.
LET'S GO FORTH to the next goal which will be '14 days' See you then
Bishop Steve  Braxton, Overseer for the Daniel Fast 2017-Lifestyle Change for Prayer and 

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