Wednesday, November 30, 2016

FEAR!!!-Trepidations' of the Unknown

Over the previous several months during 2016; I have had to come along side to help many people cope with certain situations of anxiety and stress-because they have found themselves struggling within the Throes and Trepidation of  'fear'. 

Due to such experiential encounters-this has ushered in Cause-and-Effect for me write, and share Intel about the ways and means that may bring some comfort. To those in the throes-of-the-moment and others who may be hurting; and in pain with anxiety and stress.

Firstly, know this: 'fear' is closely akin to being an allegory-it may be taken figuratively.Why? Because when you look at each letter that make up 'fear'. Here is how it translates:

Let's take a look at the theology of it. To be in fear or to operate with fear, means, 'one does not have God in, "Front-of-Mind-Consciousness'. The passage of Psalm 23:, v1 reveals "The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want... " This is no-doubt the best-loved passage in the O.T. Bible-it is clearly about somebody who have lost all the comforts of Worldly things and want to come in to a better place-out of the turmoils-to a Safe Haven of Security. The image of Christ as the shepherd is an intimate and personal one. 

He is not a distant king or Lord, nor is he an impersonal Rock or shield. He is "The Shepherd" who takes care of all the needs of his sheep. David who would be king; out of his own faithful care for his father's sheep may have led him to consider how fully he could trust in the Lord, his heavenly shepherd. David realizes that his situation is not just one of the absence of want-but one where his "cup overflows"

Indeed, v 4 reveals "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death; I will 'fear' no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me" This passage provides a picturesque and wonderful trusting and peaceful relationship-one may have with God-as a deep reservoir of comfort thereby eliminating any elements of fear.

The Bible tells of two types of 'fear'-one is beneficial and the other is a determent-one that we should strive to overcome. The beneficial one is, "Fear of the Lord". Which does not necessarily mean, 'To Be Afraid'. It is to be a reverential "Awe-of-God". To reverence for his mighty Power and Glory! I hasten to add, it's prudent, proper, and respectful way to also have knowledge and understanding of God's wrath and anger. Yes, he does bring consequences to the fore front when needed. Reflect on when he told Noah to build the Ark-his heart was grieved. When he instructed Joshua along with Caleb to let the children of Israel  wander in the wilderness for 40 years to have the disobedient, unruly and stubborn one die off.

The second type is,-The Determent "The Spirit of Fear". "For God has not given us a 'spirit of fear' -but of power and of love and of sound mind" {2 Tim 1:7}-a spirit of fearfulness and being timid is not of God. Being human sometimes the spirit of fear overwhelm and/or overcomes us. This is when our faith kicks-in, which leads us to trust in; believe in; and love God completely, with all your heart, mind, body and soul.
A Word About 'Panic Attacks': A sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions-the brain tells you real danger is apparent. This can be very frightening-many times one have no apparent reasons-one can detect. Basically, no obvious reason is evident. It may last from 5 minutes to upwards of 30 minutes or thereabouts. This is known as a physical "fight-to-flight' reaction. Which involves an accelerated heart rate, light, to mild sweating, tension, pounding of pulse. This can translate to anxiety and stress- Thus the advent in the throes of-trepidation of 'fear'.
Method and approach to help elevate the situation. Relax, start doing deep breathing exercises, focus on quietness, calmness, peacefulness and solidarity, and in the end pray and meditate..

Research/edit/Up front and close/practicable experiential encounters By Bishop Steve Braxton, pastoral care, behavioral modification practitioner,

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Focus is "JOY"

How does one ascertain or describe what 'Joy' really is all about?
Therefore, The question might be-what is 'Joy'?
When in the throes and striving to understand and/or comprehend the essence of such an inquiry..? The full, clear, upfront, and close answer might be in this wise.

Firstly, 'Joy' is an inside job; much like the indwelling of the 'fruits of the spirits'. After that being said, even though it is an inward situation; it has the proclivity of an outward manifestation of expression. Consider what happens when the 'Holy Spirit' indwells  a believer's mind, body, and spirit. The fruit become the evidence of the cultivation of the spirit that touches the character of the heart, as it is in the manifestation process. In the book of Galatians-it both reveals  and describes what that fruit look like. And as you already know the second characteristic mentioned in the biblical passage is one of 'Joy'.

The expression and manifestation of the Word 'Joy' has it's origin in the Greek. It comes from the word chara which is closely related to charis-which means 'gift or grace'. We have 'Joy' because of God Grace. As you know, God grace is not promised, it is not a reward , or an honor, nor can it be earned. God just gives it whenever and to whomever he pleases, and however he wants to dispense it.

When we are blessed with such a gift of God's grace; the next order of  natural progression is to allow our 'Joy' to become an action through our outward expression of it. Sometime 'Joy' can be so great and/overwhelming that it may be inexpressible. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to proclaim it from the highest mountain top. "May the God of hope fill you with all 'Joy' and peace-as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit "{Rom 15;13}
"We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you may have fellowship with us, and our fellowship is with the Father and with his son, Jesus Christ. We write this to make our 'Joy' complete" [1John 1:3-4}

Steve Braxton, StoryTeller, Critical Writer, Blogger, Author, "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"
Board of Governor's-The National Association of Non-Profits and Executives {NANOE}

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Touch of Heaven..

We, as a people of faith while on the earthly sojourn encounters an enormity of experiences that falls within the realms of an enigma {thoughts of a mystery}. The bible text reveals to us, "The peace;which transcends all understanding..." {Phil 4:7}. The comfort that can be gleaned from that biblical utterance; can be thought of as; 'Evidence of Heaven...' In a word: more about, modern day miracles of miraculous occurrences that seemly can't be understood, comprehended  and/or explained.

Consider this: our earthly realm visitation or experiences might be thought of as preparatory operational rooms. A sort of dress rehearsal where we operate in a lab or an area of "preparedness". During the preparation process-it might be good to take a look at Isaiah 61: "The spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has anointed me to preach the gospel-which is the good news; to the meek and the brokenhearted..." and then move on to Galatians 5:22, "But the fruits of the spirit is; love, joy peace..." During these learning or internship stage the front-of-mind-consciousness of preparedness;  should be focus on the real healing what's still yet come in the promises of eternal life.

Know This: When Jesus was here, walking, talking, teaching, preaching, mentoring, and performing miracles, signs, and wonders with the twelve disciples. He often provided glimpses of where they and us; could find and have faith of his foretold promises. The promises that he {Jesus} had readied for us, in the eternal life realm. This to be enjoyed by those of us who:
~Called on God, In The Name of Jesus
~Those who profess faith and belief in father and his goodness
~So when the veil-of-life is pulled back-long enough...
~To see what awaits us in the Heavenly Realm-Touch of Heaven

Such an opportunity to witness the revelation of the eyes beyond the natural. This to allow one to see with the gleam of the spiritual eyes. Resulting in the manifestation of trans-formative choices; to make life new. An occurrence in ones walk-of-life in faith. Where it may have helped one who believe to reject the lies of evil. To refute misconceptions about Heaven, God and all of his creation.
We who witness the physical realm; intersecting with the spiritual realm. Done in dramatic ways-beyond the walls.

All of these happenings-due to devout faith and to the belief-in the promises of eternal life. Brought forth from such a belief can be en-forced and/or re-enforced for the one's who choose to believe.

As we learn to  embrace and trust God-the surer we become of the realities of God, beyond our earthly sojourn. This give all of us the reassurance to:
~Join in the battle to assist all of humanity {practicing-his-presence}
~Seek to help relieve the suffering of others-who are less fortunate
~Reaching out to help/bless the hurting and brokenhearted {Isaiah 61:}
~Provide instrumental support-bring hope of life for eternity
~Edify, and speak and share light over darkness
~Help another to glean a better understanding of the afterlife in eternity

The blissfulness of the Touch of Heaven: {Near death experience}
~In the midst of perfect peace- so peaceful Did not want to leave and come back to the earthly realm
~Was a bit anguished to be brought back to the serenity and sublime critical environment-when life was hanging in the balance
~My druthers would have been to stay where I just was experiencing  "Perfect Peace" Touching Heaven.. {words of Vietnam veteran-who briefly died on the operating table during surgery}

In conclusion, "Father in Heaven; your Kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"... {Mt 6:9-10} This biblical passage is Jesus giving we who believe; a sweet sentiment to soothes ourselves; for all who call him 'Lord and Savior'- The essence of preparedness for earthly warfare, with this 'truth' of our up's and down's, trial and tribulations. We can have the Hope of God, that Jesus is Alive! and Heaven is...Where God is...
The comforter: Calmness of Heaven-while amid the chaos and the complexities of life.

Steve Braxton, StoryTeller,Mentor, Critical Writer, and Author-"The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"
Board of Governor's, The National Association of Non-Profits and Executives {NANOE}

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ways of Spiritual Growth-Series Contin>>

The initial two posts expounded on 'Spiritual Growth', as first being intentional, and  then we shared that it was incremental. The focus of this post shall be: 'Spiritual Growth' is also 'personal'. Yes, It Is Personal.....

Discipline is not usually mass-produced, most think it cannot be done. Why, would you think that is so? I am glad you ask-simply because everybody is different. This is no one size fits all for spiritual growth. If you want to be an effective learner-then it's important to strive to find that seam to lead one to be discipline, in and of; it self. That statement just might be the literal sense and the epitome of the word, 'discipline'.

Since it has been established that we are all different; then it stand to reason that we all learn differently as well. As a matter of fact, some learn best by intently listening; still others by reading, a few learn by discussing, and finally others by doing a practicum and/or a project.

One of the major tools to help people 'Grow Personally' is to create a yearly-growth-campaign. Such growth campaign shall allow the focus to be on both the individual and the whole organization-to have exponentially growth attributes and proclivities. The areas of interest could be on the days of purpose, number of days in the word, amount of days spent on discussing inclusiveness, love, collaborative partnership, togetherness, unity, and harmony.

It shall be good for the Intel and insight approach-to utilize varied types and different styles of learning. This shall allow for the opportunity for each and everyone to grow-meeting them where they are for comfort ability. Another best method of learning is to read about it, discuss it in a small group format, memorize certain aspects, and to have a practical project for sharing 'show and tell'-Thus:The success Story
Steve Braxton, Founder, Marketplace Ministries, and National Clergy Fellowship Outreach.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ways Of Spiritual Growth-{The series contin}

There are several components-that shall allow one to achieve true and effective "Spiritual Growth". The initial introduction and previous post I did a week ago expounded on the first component. Which was; "It Is Intentional". Just a quick reminder to refresh your memory. It is intentional because it is not accidental. Meaning: one must be deliberate to intend to grow spiritual attributes. One must make a conscious choice; to connect to; and embrace the components for genuine Spiritual Growth. As one begins the journey to attain such traits the aim is to reach the 'commissioned' plateau. Which is attributable to making it all the way, not just to 'ministry' but 'mission'

This week we shall proceed to share and learn about the next component, which shall be, "It Is Incremental..." We are aware and know that is true with physical growth---so why not in the spiritual realm?. It is a tried and proven fact that children grow through developmental stages: Firstly,  they learn how to breathe; then to eat; then to walk; then to run and to talk. Children when growing up don't usually take those stages, out  of order. Why? each one of the steps and/or stages is a very important component that must be taken in proper order.

The same is true for the developmental stages of "Spiritual Growth"  The whole intent and purpose should be about helping another to grow closer; and closer to Jesus; to be in a right relationship with God. In essence; we must at all cost strive/endeavor to "Practice The Presence of The Lord". Getting to know who Jesus is; then become aware of how important is; to know him and then loving him, growing in him; serving him; praising and worshiping him; and to always share his goodness and mercy with others. Learn to exist for others, bare witness to them, stand in the gap for them, be an intercessor for them; these are im-pactive genuine steps and stages to reach and grasp "Spiritual Growth" Amen...

Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder-Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc., And National Clergy Fellowship Outreach, Chicago, IL copyright@2016,

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Key reason 'Why' People are leaving respective Churches

When things are not going as expected-people tend to be unhappy. And when one is unhappy sometimes drastic action comes into play. Leaving one's church; falls into that category. Here are just a few reasons why people are leaving churches-this is based on a recent faith-based study and/or survey.

Politic plays a significant role.The study indicates that politics is usually an overwhelming reason. Why?, certain individuals or certain families seems to get most of the attention. Due to the following:
~They may tend to be more Charistmatic
~Become known as the largest contributors to the church
~Thought of as long-standing pillars-while other members feel shut-out
~The pastor has a dictatorial attitude; is in-insensitive; a bit self-centered; and has a flair for being on the arrogant side

Other Reasons are:
~Regular members sense no oppty to get involved in programs and/or on-going activities-feel a bit left out; not even an after thought. But yet, they support the church in its finances
~Pastor and Key Leaders are too Judge-Mental, in that; there is visibility that the church life is messy; negative images of the church is abound out in the larger community, especially the pastor-as viewed by other "Faith Leaders" as not an effective shepherd
~Some member can't Identify with the leaders of the church and some long-standing members who some feel are given special attention.

The focus and direction doesn't seem to resonate with the general body and members of the congregation of the church. There is no good feelings about the different things that are being done in  the church. Seemly going in the wrong direction.

Finally, The Holy Grail is the "Money":
~How it is allocated and spent
~The accountability and the responsibility leaves a lot to be desired-regards regular reports on a monthly basis of the disposition of financial matters

It's a fore-gone conclusion that these are hard times-the church finds itself in. Many congregations are finding themselves facing difficult situations regards monetary matters. Therefore; it is of tantamount importance that pastors and key leaders to be utmost responsible in all finance matters.

Sure, people do leave the church; due to being unhappy. HOWEVER, Let's  be clear people give donations, contributions, and tithes dutifully weekly or monthly . Therefore, they feel invested in how the church spent its' money. That being said; such a thing creates for them a real sense of belonging.

So when it comes to church finances:Pastors and key Leaders must:
~Be transparent in all financial matters to the members of the church via a weekly and/or monthly reporting reporting procedures.
~Portray Unity and a sense of togetherness-extremely important
~Leadership; Must be open, positive, receptive and available to listen, answer questions, when there is any hint of mis-use or mis-management of monetary funds
~always appear to be at the ready with sense of being organized and ready to lead properly. 

Remarks: The straw that usually brakes the "Camel's Back" is sowing the seeds of discord and dis-harmony

follow up comments: Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder, Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc, Oak Brook, IL 60522
Presiding Prelate, National Clergy Outreach Fellowship initiatives

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Word Regards 'The Hero's' Who've Pass This Way

On this temporary path in the earthly realm, when one just happen to discover their "Purpose" in life; while enduring the journey; working with a joyous and desired passion to embrace their purpose-as they recognize and become sensitive to the plight of injustices and take the time to 'pause for the cause'. This shall allow for the unfolding of profound things to make manifest toward accomplishments, as they rise to become recognized by others; for what they do; as achievements for milestones of greatness.

This recognizable prominence garners such respect as applauding, and heaping on accolades by others; with utterances and proclamations as; " champion, mentor, friend and on some occasions the admonition of 'one of the greatest heroes of all times'.

As we focus on others being a champion or a hero; you can be sure they've travailed much; and has sacrificed greatly. Putting it in context and proper perspective. One might consider, that in the throes of the sacrifices, it can be counted as tremendous benefits to the nation and the world.

I hasten to add, Its not only about being a 'champion' in a particular profession or a certain discipline. But its more about what is being done for the sake of humanity outside of their capacity in a particular chosen profession. As an example, in sports when a champion wins; they are usually taken off the field on the shoulders of others.

Just know this: because of what a champion or those considered a hero do beyond their chosen profession. It should register in our 'front-of-mind-consciousness', that we are afforded the opportunity to be, "Riding on their shoulders" why?-they have been; and still is; the pioneers before us.
They have been the ones who blazed the trail and left a luminous path for us to follow. Its something to be proud of; to be reflective of;  and must recognize and celebrate, I'm remembering" to name a few, Martin, Medger, Malcolm, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, MetCalfe, Kennedy, Arthur Ashe, Jim Brown, Wooten, NFL Hall of Fame, and Oh yes! Muhammad Ali, The Champ. May he R.I.P.

Monday, April 11, 2016

More Insights Regards Real Currency, Real money: "Gold"

Most of us know about, or have heard about, The Experts who are champions and spoken persons that that provides education insights and Intel on precious metals, Gold, That is...
Well in this post I want to take the opportunity to lift-up and edify one in particularly.
He is the the person of Robert Kiyosaki. Mr Kiyosaki has just released a new book.
The title: "Second Chance for Your Money, Your Life, and Our World. It a "Must Read"

I was both impressed and struct by his discourse concerning the powerful concept of the three-sided
coin. We usually tend to think of a coin as having only two sides, front and back. Or as the US Mint
refer to it as Observe and Reverse. But there is actually is a third side. What might that third side be called? Ok, Since you give up, I'll take you out of your suspense.

The third side is, known as "The Edge". Let's consider the 'edge' for the sake of clarity, to serve as a metaphor for how we as humans can approach a problem. As we engage in the problem-solving process. We tend to aspire for ascertaining and/or acquiring, seeking more knowledge. In the process
of obtaining that knowledge it provides the proclivities for gaining insights and intel for just about any situation.

Therefore, when you view something that has and edge, from the edge. You are actually able to see
both sides, the Observe and the Reverse. In the process this allows the mind to open up and grasp the
other person's  point of view. When you do such process helps to broaden the prospective your mind.
Mr. kiyoaki goes on to impart other key points that serves to both clarify and strengthen your belief in the benefits of having physical precious metals, i.e. Gold

Here are just a few of the ideal points, assets and attributes:

  • Go "Big Picture" as much as possible
  • Study the past to see the future
  • Be first a pessimist {to get prepared}; then an optimist {to seize the gains}
  • The rich focus on assets; the poor focus on income
  • The less you focus on money, the more you'll have
  • After viewing things from 'the edge'...think, prepare, and then act
Remember, that everyone thinks about living at the expense of the state. But It's important to be aware of; is that the state wants to live at your expense it's called taxes on earned wages. The goal
is to make it a none issue. How do you accomplish that? You can begin by exchanging the fiat paper
dollar into a Gold Savings Program. It's a tried and proven systems and strategies that earn Big Dividends.

Steve Braxton, Independent Affiliate, Karatbars International, life Coach, Blogger and best Author selling books.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's the 28th Day: Awesome Journey of The 40 Day Daniel Fast Lifestyle Change

Firstly, it is my hope and prayer that thus far; this Daniel Fast has been a powerful experience for all of you who are with us on This Awesome Spiritual Journey. As you "Practice The Presence of The Lord" and as you are open to; and embrace the Holy Spirit-Know it is available to you. It is precious, a comforter, the paraclete-number one helper, and serves as companion, guide and a friend.

Take some time to pray, worship and praise God for all that has happened to you during this time of prolonged lifestyle change, of fasting, prayer, meditation and biblical text.

Here are a few things to be reflective of:

  • Lessons Learned: {draw nearer to God, learn more about self, become aware of valuable intel regards the importance of fasting and it myriad of benefits, detox/cleanse/healing}
  • Develop Good Habits: {how important it is to spend with God, feed both your spirit and soul with good food to help you prosper and grow, and is long lasting, most of all can become part and parcel of "Who You Are",  and is Yet To Become
  • Your Body, Eating Style & Habits: {Your body is own its way to being sparkling clean, Its happy time, you've been very disciplined during the Daniel Fast period, in the aftermath, be careful and wise about your eating style and habits, don't rush back to meats, dairy, sugary foods and anything to that might cause your body react in negative mode.
The Daniel Fast is closely patterned after the Lifestyle of those who are considered 'Vegans' here's a few word about vegans: [contary to; and/or defies  popular myths}
~Have healthier bones and higher blood protein levels than omnivores {animal based foods}
~Vegans are strictly plant-based food intake and consumption
~Vegans get more than enough protein within a matter of weeks
~When the body is nourished and replenished with an abundance of plant-based foods the body get sufficient protein that is needed {How Blessed Are You w/40 days of replenishing?}

The Biblical text of Daniel 1:8-16 is the epitome of a plant-based protein intake for replenishing the body at optimum levels. Of Course, this is the center-piece of  the Lifestyle Change we are currently pursuing. There are only two vitamins not available in plant-based lifestyle, which is "D" and "B12"

We are going forth being steadfast on The Awesome 40 day Journey. Only 12 days to go. See you at the finish line..
Blessings Upon all of you

Research: edited/compiled By Bishop Steve Braxton,
Bibliography source for some intel;

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Intel & insights: to cope with Looming Financial Crisis {2016}

Those of us who want to "Survive and Thrive" during the looming financial crisis on the horizon. I am compelled to implore you to have a "Front-of-Mind-Consciousness that shall serve to help you with  a sense of safety, protection and also an approach for "Peace-of-Mind"

If you've been 'paying attention' like I have, you should recognize and see Shades of the 2008 Financial Crisis Looming, not from afar, but is getting very close to being reality. In recent days the Stock Market fell sharply, Crude Oil dropped below $30/barrell. If you noticed, seemingly all efforts being put forth by Central Banks to get over the hump. It has been all for naught. Instead, the efforts are trending toward fueling an asset price bubble in the Stock market. Take note of the following:
~The S&P, reached its lowest level since 2014 {slid 64 pts}
~Dow Jones Industrial slumped 511 pts
~The Nasdaq Composite tumbled 190 pts
~European Stocks lost 2.8%
~The US Dollar fell to a one-year low vs the Japanese Yen

Again, if we've all been 'paying attention, we are aware that the economy and the market has not been ok since the 2008 financial crisis [recession]. What with the dollar index now resisting below its March highs. The Yen and the Euro are poised  to rise further. The question to ponder is, what does that mean for those of us in #Move2TheMillion, who are exchanging and holding Gold as a hedge and protection against inflation.

Let's focus on the recent activity of Gold. Just this week Gold rose $22.40  or 2.1% to $1,096.20 an ounce. Let me hasten to add, Gold does not lose its value, unlike the paper fiat currency, it only fluctuates. Therefore, when it's fluctuating that's a good time to exchange, because its just on sale for a moment.
The recent bounce we saw in the Gold Rise, is poised to rise even further. Remember the adage of investments, it is wise to buy low and sell high. Precious Metals, in particularly, Gold are going to be very interesting to 'pay attention to' Why?, because; you will see it will help to turn the current bear market around. The activity of precious metals shall inherently fuel the prospect to prove Gold in 2016 shall bring forth a pivotal year for all to benefit from. However, you must be involved to take advantage of such benefits. For more definitive details please feel at ease to make contact
Research: compiled/edited by Steve Braxton,

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daniel Fast Alert!-This is The 10th Day

During the whole ordeal and wherewithal of the Fast for Daniel, and friends The Hebrew Boys, Hananiah {Shadrach], Mishael [Meshach], and Azariah {Abed-Nego}was the situation of Daniel asking the Chief official of King Nebuchadnezzar for different foods from what the King had ordered. Which was royal kosher foods and wine. After some deliberation Daniel's wishes were granted but with certain special conditions.
The special conditions were to come before the King in ten days to be inspected for physical condition {countenance and appearance} tested for intel and knowledge. Of course Daniel and the Hebrew Boys were found to be exceptional in all matters of Wisdom and Understanding. The others were not. As a matter of fact  Daniel and the Hebrew Boys were found to be ten times better than all of the others.

At this juncture on this journey of the Daniel Fast-it's time for some comments, and/or testimony of experiential encounters being observed at the 10th day.
Let's start with Sandrel Scott, here is what she said, "I'm feeling calm and very relaxed, and surprisingly I thought it would be much more difficult, also surprisingly, I'm not even hungry as surmise I'd be. I try to follow the daily Daniel Fast routine,  as best as can, with the food intake, and I have worked out a comfortable exercise approach which is ok for me too. I find myself listening to hear from God; as I move along the journey daily. It's a delight hearing from God before I make important decisions affecting other people's lives. Being on the Daniel Fast gives me a feeling of confidence to work on assignments for God. I have been afforded the task of being in leadership support role at "The House" {hip-hop church in Lawndale} working closely with Pastor Phil Jackson, which I'll share more about later. I'm also noticing some weight management/loss attributes, I can now move the ring from my ring finger to the middle finger. to say the least, "I'm Excited!" Peace! over and out."

Here are more comments from Bettye Deramus, She says, "I'm so thankful to you {Bishop Braxton} that God put me on your mind to invite me to be on the Daniel Fast, to Detox, Cleanse, and experience some healing on this awesome journey and to embrace; Seeking Inner Peace-while 'Practicing The Presence of the Lord.' I'm reminded of a biblical passage, "To present our bodies a living sacrifice unto the Lord which is our reasonable service". The Daniel Fast is cleansing me spiritually and Physically. We have so much work to do this year. This worthwhile fasting, prayer, meditation and scripture reading is preparing, equipping, and empowering us for the impending works of the Lord in the form of special presentations to help others through seminars, workshops, book club discussions and retreats. To God Be The Glory! All Praise to God, In Jesus Name! Amen...

I look forward to hearing comments and/or testimonies from many more of you as we move toward the second week-the 14th Day of the Daniel Fast
Blessings upon all of you that's on this Awesome journey with us

Bishop Steve Braxton
Founder: Marketplace Ministries, Inc & National Clergy Fellowship Outreach Initiative

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Daniel Fast Focus: A Life of Faithfulness sprinkle with 'Touch-of-Spirituality'

A Time For EveryThing: "To everything there is a season; and a time to every purpose under the Heaven;...{Eccles 3:1}. Solomon who is the writer on the aforementioned words suggests that much
in the world is changing; and Solomon is trusting in those things because he knows that it is God who keeps the world in order. He {God} is the one who causes all things to happen in their "seasons" and gives everything a "purpose" in life.

And so it is for those of us who are focus and fastened on Daniel's Fast during this New Year of 2016. It's a time of new beginnings; a time for second chances; a time to set new goals; and even
a time to look at possibilities for our own life, and the life of family members; and to begin the journey to walk toward those goals and possibilities.

As we sojourn on this Daniel Fast, Prayer, Meditation, and dig deep within the scriptures of chapter 1 of the book of Daniel. Know that as you draw nearer to God; the Holy Spirit becomes the Paraclete, the number one helper, the comforter, the guide, coach and mentor. This becomes the perfect time to set the heart in the direction to know the Lord more intimately.

You know; as we grow each year with the Daniel Fast our group gets better, more committed and even stronger. We have an awesome team of people that are participating again  this year. I want to take  some time to acknowledge, laud and applaud, some on the team members I consider contributing at an appreciatable and commendable level. Kudos goes to Bettye Deramus, she has shared her personal testimony on how wonderful this experience is; She shares that it is so enriching, so fulfilling, very calming, peaceful, spiritual and effective. She has through her testimony of sharing gotten some real die hard food lovers, to deny their hearty habits of others foods that don't exactly fall in the category of the Daniel Fast to join our team. Namely, her baby sister Marilyn Jackson and some of her key friends. Marylyn, welcome aboard we are so happy your have joined us.

Sandriel Scott, who made an attempt last year to be with us, However, had some challenges that did not allow her to continue. But this year; she is back!, and is providing diligent leadership. Sandriel I appreciate the 'post' you put on your Facebook Page that has; and is; attracting some of your FB family and friends. I've observed many of them responding very favorably. Thanks Appreciate you.

A Big shout out! to Reverend Mitchel L. Johnson J.D. and the entire JCrew Team. I even received an invitation to be part of his Webinar Ministry on the very week we kicked off the Daniel Fast. Great incisive and spiritual Intel. I thoroughly enjoyed be a part, blessings upon you Reverend.

It is my intentions to recognize, acknowledge and give kudos to, at least, 3 people at each 7 day intervals during this 40 day Daniel Fast, Prayer, Meditation and scriptural passage. Therefore, send me intel, and share good insights with me on an on-going basis. Blessings upon all

To God Be The Glory
Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc, and National Clergy Fellowship Outreach, {312} 330-0305