Thursday, November 24, 2016

Touch of Heaven..

We, as a people of faith while on the earthly sojourn encounters an enormity of experiences that falls within the realms of an enigma {thoughts of a mystery}. The bible text reveals to us, "The peace;which transcends all understanding..." {Phil 4:7}. The comfort that can be gleaned from that biblical utterance; can be thought of as; 'Evidence of Heaven...' In a word: more about, modern day miracles of miraculous occurrences that seemly can't be understood, comprehended  and/or explained.

Consider this: our earthly realm visitation or experiences might be thought of as preparatory operational rooms. A sort of dress rehearsal where we operate in a lab or an area of "preparedness". During the preparation process-it might be good to take a look at Isaiah 61: "The spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has anointed me to preach the gospel-which is the good news; to the meek and the brokenhearted..." and then move on to Galatians 5:22, "But the fruits of the spirit is; love, joy peace..." During these learning or internship stage the front-of-mind-consciousness of preparedness;  should be focus on the real healing what's still yet come in the promises of eternal life.

Know This: When Jesus was here, walking, talking, teaching, preaching, mentoring, and performing miracles, signs, and wonders with the twelve disciples. He often provided glimpses of where they and us; could find and have faith of his foretold promises. The promises that he {Jesus} had readied for us, in the eternal life realm. This to be enjoyed by those of us who:
~Called on God, In The Name of Jesus
~Those who profess faith and belief in father and his goodness
~So when the veil-of-life is pulled back-long enough...
~To see what awaits us in the Heavenly Realm-Touch of Heaven

Such an opportunity to witness the revelation of the eyes beyond the natural. This to allow one to see with the gleam of the spiritual eyes. Resulting in the manifestation of trans-formative choices; to make life new. An occurrence in ones walk-of-life in faith. Where it may have helped one who believe to reject the lies of evil. To refute misconceptions about Heaven, God and all of his creation.
We who witness the physical realm; intersecting with the spiritual realm. Done in dramatic ways-beyond the walls.

All of these happenings-due to devout faith and to the belief-in the promises of eternal life. Brought forth from such a belief can be en-forced and/or re-enforced for the one's who choose to believe.

As we learn to  embrace and trust God-the surer we become of the realities of God, beyond our earthly sojourn. This give all of us the reassurance to:
~Join in the battle to assist all of humanity {practicing-his-presence}
~Seek to help relieve the suffering of others-who are less fortunate
~Reaching out to help/bless the hurting and brokenhearted {Isaiah 61:}
~Provide instrumental support-bring hope of life for eternity
~Edify, and speak and share light over darkness
~Help another to glean a better understanding of the afterlife in eternity

The blissfulness of the Touch of Heaven: {Near death experience}
~In the midst of perfect peace- so peaceful Did not want to leave and come back to the earthly realm
~Was a bit anguished to be brought back to the serenity and sublime critical environment-when life was hanging in the balance
~My druthers would have been to stay where I just was experiencing  "Perfect Peace" Touching Heaven.. {words of Vietnam veteran-who briefly died on the operating table during surgery}

In conclusion, "Father in Heaven; your Kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"... {Mt 6:9-10} This biblical passage is Jesus giving we who believe; a sweet sentiment to soothes ourselves; for all who call him 'Lord and Savior'- The essence of preparedness for earthly warfare, with this 'truth' of our up's and down's, trial and tribulations. We can have the Hope of God, that Jesus is Alive! and Heaven is...Where God is...
The comforter: Calmness of Heaven-while amid the chaos and the complexities of life.

Steve Braxton, StoryTeller,Mentor, Critical Writer, and Author-"The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"
Board of Governor's, The National Association of Non-Profits and Executives {NANOE}


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