Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Ancient Origin and Etymology of Biblical Scriptures

The Biblical Scriptures of the Bible had its beginnings in ancient times. The actual historic recordings of the the inspired word known as the Bible was not done at the exact time it was happening but capture in later years. The B.I.B.L.E. stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. It is a "Must Read". Since it's origin and inception the Bible has enjoyed the distinction of being on the best seller list for over 2000 years. And has been translated into every imaginable language in the Earthly Realm.

All scriptures are written in Inspiration to God and by God's Divine Providence. It is captured in the genre of both human author and divine author. There are many  Biblical Scholars noted in the book from Genesis to Revelation. Such noted and inspired men of God as, Moses, King Solomon, Asaph, The Sons of Korah, who penned some of the Psalms, Apostle Paul (book of Acts & others and Apostle John who wrote the book of Revelation. All of these Holy Men were under the Divine Authorship and Inspiration of God unto the "Trinity" God (Father) God (Son) and God (The Holy Spirit).

In praise of and about the unity and harmony of "Divine Providence". It can be thought of as being closely akin to the experience of the "Day of Pentecost" in the Upper Room. Where Jesus promised to send back the Holy Spirit to intervene; after he rose from the grave; and his ascension to Heaven to sit at the right hand of  the Father. The bible tells to us that on that day in the Upper Room; all of the Apostles were on one accord. So much so; that what one would thinketh; another had spiritual gifts of discernment and in-sight for the utterance and revelation of the thought (s) of another in the Upper Room. Oh, what a spirit-filled worship celebration that must have been. This move of God ushered in the the Paraclete, known as the number one helper of wisdom, knowledge, insight and discernment-all to the Glory of God in the Genre of the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, the chosen prophets who had the responsibility to write and share divine spiritual in-sight enjoyed favor of special dispensation for blessings from the Creator. Which allowed them to be on the same page; at the same time; in the same elements, at the exact moment. While possessing the singleness and consciousness of identical thought processes. All scriptures are given inspiration of God; and is; profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for corrections, for instructions, in righteousness. (II Tim 3:16).
If we were to exegete (seminary approach) it would reveal to us: "All scriptures are God breathed (inspired) and is used to re-buke, (reproof) for correcting, and training in righteousness. Making everything in scripture to be "God's Inspired Word". Rendering all of its usefulness for:
>Helping people to understand what thus said the Lord
>And for correcting them; showing them; how to live an upright life before God that is pleasing to him
"For the prophesy came not in old time by the will of man; but Holy Men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (II Peter 1:21)
Put another way, the prophets didn't just come up or make up these words on their own. They were guided along by "The Spirit of God". For the prophesy never had its origin in the will of man, but man spoke from God who spoke through them , as they had the full benefit of the "Holy Spirit". This happened all during their thought processes and deliberations within the order of Divine Inspiration of God in the entirety of their biblical writings.

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