Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's the 28th Day: Awesome Journey of The 40 Day Daniel Fast Lifestyle Change

Firstly, it is my hope and prayer that thus far; this Daniel Fast has been a powerful experience for all of you who are with us on This Awesome Spiritual Journey. As you "Practice The Presence of The Lord" and as you are open to; and embrace the Holy Spirit-Know it is available to you. It is precious, a comforter, the paraclete-number one helper, and serves as companion, guide and a friend.

Take some time to pray, worship and praise God for all that has happened to you during this time of prolonged lifestyle change, of fasting, prayer, meditation and biblical text.

Here are a few things to be reflective of:

  • Lessons Learned: {draw nearer to God, learn more about self, become aware of valuable intel regards the importance of fasting and it myriad of benefits, detox/cleanse/healing}
  • Develop Good Habits: {how important it is to spend with God, feed both your spirit and soul with good food to help you prosper and grow, and is long lasting, most of all can become part and parcel of "Who You Are",  and is Yet To Become
  • Your Body, Eating Style & Habits: {Your body is own its way to being sparkling clean, Its happy time, you've been very disciplined during the Daniel Fast period, in the aftermath, be careful and wise about your eating style and habits, don't rush back to meats, dairy, sugary foods and anything to that might cause your body react in negative mode.
The Daniel Fast is closely patterned after the Lifestyle of those who are considered 'Vegans' here's a few word about vegans: [contary to; and/or defies  popular myths}
~Have healthier bones and higher blood protein levels than omnivores {animal based foods}
~Vegans are strictly plant-based food intake and consumption
~Vegans get more than enough protein within a matter of weeks
~When the body is nourished and replenished with an abundance of plant-based foods the body get sufficient protein that is needed {How Blessed Are You w/40 days of replenishing?}

The Biblical text of Daniel 1:8-16 is the epitome of a plant-based protein intake for replenishing the body at optimum levels. Of Course, this is the center-piece of  the Lifestyle Change we are currently pursuing. There are only two vitamins not available in plant-based lifestyle, which is "D" and "B12"

We are going forth being steadfast on The Awesome 40 day Journey. Only 12 days to go. See you at the finish line..
Blessings Upon all of you

Research: edited/compiled By Bishop Steve Braxton,
Bibliography source for some intel;

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