Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Know This: never settle for less than what you know you are capable of becoming. Settling is never an option. When it comes to the pursuance of achieving your dreams, ambitions and aspirations-Go Forth-with all the gusto you can fathom  and/or muster.

Remember, you must never adhere to the peer pressure to downgrade your dreams to match the rhetoric of their reality,
But rather, it shall be your ambition to have the 'front-of-mind-consciousness to 'upgrade' your 'Faith'-which is more suitable to reach your destiny. This is closely akin to your purpose in life.

Always know, you have available to you the divine process to:

  • Trust God
  • Depend of All Mighty God, ways, desires, and his 'Will'
  • In finality to know his shoulder-is available for you to 'Lean--on'. He is proclaiming #LEANONME# 
Steve Braxton, Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame StoryTeller,

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