Sunday, March 26, 2017

How To Enjoy Time Spent Alone-In Solidarity

When you really think about it-The time spent alone is sort of like your own mini-revival time; a time to reflect, a time for spiritual growth and renewal, a time to be intro; and retro-spective; to go inward and outward. It may even serve to help validate your 'front-of-mind-consciousness. This can be regarded as who you are, whose you belong to, and the concentration of the shaping and the focus of your 'purpose' and the fore-knowledge of the attributes, ambitions and aspirations of life. which shall be  very important; to becoming all you were created for; and really intended and/or meant for you to be.

How To Enjoy Solidarity: {peace and contentment-The Peace of The Lord}

Here are a few suggestive, tried and proven and/or successful tips>
`Inner peace is an objective, goal and/or desired outcome:
A, First, focus on relaxation: get rest for stimulation to N-Joy!-a good start might be to meditate and read-something that may motivate, inspire and  enrich your life
B, Concentrate on the people in your life that you care about; such as their needs, struggles,  concerns, their present and their future, and how you may be able to come along side to serve them better {i.e. mentor, coach, advise, etc}
C, Self-Improvement; become active with the journal of your thoughts, maybe even try doing some blogs, or compiled a personal-to-do-list
D, Convince yourself how good this shall be for you-since it has both the possibilities and potentials to enhance your thought processes-that allows you to make right choices and better informed decisions-which has the promise of big dividends in the end.
E, Utilizing the time of solitude effectively, to garner results to your advantage. Explore your immediate surrounding more up-front and up-close, discover and visit the nearest museum, check out local parks, library, visit the local cafe, have some coffee, or tea, walk around, and take public transport-take time to observe the general population activities, demeanor and how they behave.
F, Take the realization of this time seriously-as to Validate the Trust in Self, this in retrospect of your 'front-of-mind-consciousness. Give the smart phone a wee break for a while. tell self you need to become un-occupied from the E-devices, i.e. phone, lap top, desk top, texting and engaging in all activity-in that regards for an hour  or so.. and next step is to....
G, Get connected with the hobbies you've been promising yourself you wanna take part in...?
H, I hasten add, this is not an easy task, so i suggest that you ease into it gradually. It would be good to attach the 'front-of-mind-consciousness process, think about it, plan it, set time guidelines and parameters, and then take special care to follow directions, accordingly
In conclusion, be grateful and gracious to the Lord for sharing with you-those family members and friends you care about. Never neglect, or fail to remember to pray for them, to be an intercessor, stand in the gap, for them, seek God's desires, ways and will for them, and ask God to give you wisdom to relate in loyalty and love toward them. This to bring forth revival and spiritual awareness and awakening to your and their land. Let God be Glorified thru you and them. He deserves all the Praise, Honor and Glory! Amen...
Steve Braxton, Blogger, Author, Life Coach,  and Hall of Fame Storyteller, enshrined by "The Chicago History Museum"

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