Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ministry & Mission:Touching Over 100 Nations

This weekend I was honored to meet, greet, the founder, board members and key leaders and tour "Latter Rain Ministries" {LRM} in Litchfield, IL.Which afforded both the privilege and the opportunity to inner-act with, share, and exchange ideas-and to provide keen insight for futuristic, cutting edge, innovative initiatives. The LRM facility is situated on 10 acres of land rooted in a sub rural area of down state Illinois in the City of Litchfield.The atmosphere is a boast and the epitome that exude the most majestic splendor and beauty nature has to offer. What with the preservation of great, tall sturdy trees, the presence of scattered shrubs, a vastly prominence of landscape of nature's greenery. Immediately adjacent to the 10 acre site is farmland of "Fields of Corn"-almost ready to harvest, that emits into the environment a fresh scent of oxygen to breathe.

LRM primary  objective is Ministry, Christian Faith Training, and training Mission Practitioner to be deployed for mission & ministry in the USA and Overseas.Such places abroad as, India, Kenya, Sudan, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, Sri Lanka,Burma, Zimbabwe,Thailand, Burundi, Spain, and others part of the world.

The focus of LRM missions:
>International Children's Ministry Institute
>Christian Training Conference
>Global Teachers Summit
>All Nations Worship Center
>Disaster Response Training
>love-in-action-Unity, Harmony and Togetherness

The Litchfield Campus consist of the following:
~Admin Offices
~Book store
~Food prep and dining area
~Meeting rooms and break-out sessions space
~Peer group assembly areas
~Prayer room for meditation and to commune with God in serene atmosphere
~Auditorium, Worship Area and Chapel

The LRM campus was established in 2010, but the organization has been in existence since 1984, where the initial focus was training offered for Christian faith initiatives and mission work for the USA and Overseas.  Most important were to bring people to a faith realization and lead them to accepting faith, repenting and embracing Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel.

The visitation experience was most informative, and the utmost fact finding.for me. The same was expressed
 by LRM Founder, Board Members and Key Leaders.

There is a genuine interest to connect for possible future consultancy and advisory initiatives for:
>Advance Series of  Leadership Training Traits and Attributes
>Development of projects in the genre of Economic & Social Entrepreneurial Programs, to include Marketing Exposure, Capital Campaign Initiatives, Establishing a Speakers Bureau and Writing the Memoirs of the Founder, Pastor Gwen Moffat Davis.

Compiled: Bishop Steve  Braxton, Marketplace Consulting-Unit of Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc

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