Sunday, September 8, 2013

The available 'Health study' that reveals Little known facts for staying healthy & Vibrant.

In  this modern technological age there are lifestyle changes that can help those who so desire to live a more healthier and longer "Quality of Life'. I want to share some insights about Dr. Haengwoo Lee, a biochemist who for the pass 15 years has conducted a clinical study on two major food supplement products that has impacted lives in a myriad of positive ways.
1. Seanol, a rare seaweed extract from Ecklonia Cava that has proven to be 100 times more powerful than land-based antioxidants. It has proven to stay active in the human body for over 12 hours compared to land-based antioxidants than remain in the body for only 30 minutes. Due to the product Seanol being made up of a special Polyphenol antioxidant that give the body an effective 40.0% Lipid {fat} soluble, according to Dr. Lee research and clinical study.

Seanol is unlike any other land-based antioxidant, in that., it is a 'Water Soluble' and contains protective compounds that can get into the body in the following ways:
~Fatty tissues of the  brian
~Penetrate all three layers of the cells in the body
~To include both inside and outside
~It contains oil-based cell membranes
~And it interact with DNA

Seanol is the only FDA approved Ecklonia Cava Marine-algae extract available for lifestyle use

2. Calamarine, a deep sea omega discovery that delivers 85% more DHA Omega-3 to the heart, brain, joints, and eyes. It is known during the clinical study to combat fatigue,poor memory, vision problems, joint pain, mood swings and depression.

Dr Lee has created a bonus to work even more favorable in the body. He has put together Seanol, Calamarine, with high dose of vitamin D-3 to form a combination food supplement products called Marine D-3. Therefore, Marine D-3 is the newest supplement on the market to fight against the following ailments:
~Age-related illinesses and
~High Blood Pressure which aide in lessened the chance of a heart disease that may cause heart attack
~Others life threatening diseases and/or disorders
The product is available on you can order just the Seanol or you can get the combination product Marine D-3 at (877) 436-3824
 Note: just to share, not to promote or endorse encourage you to read all available the study and the product
and then to make your own informed decision. Be Blessed

Steve Braxton
Member of clergy, life coach and published author

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