Friday, January 11, 2013

LifeStyle Change 2013-Fast, Pray & Meditate

Those inquiries about the 40 days of fasting, praying and meditation, Life Style Change 2013
Which is based on the book of Daniel. Here are more definitive information on Daniel who lived
in Bablon in the first (605 B.C.). He lived there from his teen years into his 80's
>He was a nobleman of Israel, who was touted as a would be Prince
>The O.T. book of Daniel  is probably the most highly recognized book in scripture
>This is attributes to the fact that near the end of his life he rewrote and organized it into one central message
>The meaning of Daniel's name is: "My God is my Judge"
>This is certainly in harmony with the overall theme of the book, the sovereignty of God, as it describes current and future world conflicts, but he never loses sight of the fact that God's control over all events is clearly demonstrated throughtout
>The things that appeared in Daniel's  visions, i.e. the angelic messenger, and the description of God's glory, the beast, the great statue, are very similar to those portrayed in the book of Revelation
>Therefore, the book of Revelation cannot be properly interpreted without a general knowledge of scriptures that appears in Daniel
>Daniel gained the respect of king Nebuchadsnezzar and other great leaders and noblemen of his day
>Daniel was most impressive and revered by all due to his courage, his convictions, choices and convincing abilities.

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