Sunday, February 5, 2012

Broken People-Who Mask True Inner Feelings (Broken-ness)

It is becoming clearer each day that we as a people often mask (hide) our feeelings. We are not honest and open about the "broken-ness" that lurks deep inside of us. It's not good to be in denial or bury stuff deep in the inner recesses  of our soul. It will manifest itself in ways that will be a surprise to you and surely shall be a shock or held in dis-belief by family, friends and/or the public in general. In the book, The Road That Is Difficult To Travel by Steve Braxton, it is expounded upon in describing 'precipitating events' which is later manifesation into one's life.and the term is also defined in the glossary and pronunication key.

A few recent situations come to mind when reflecting on masking and/or hiding feelings, Michael Scott, President of the Board for Chicago Public Schools and top aide and advisor to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Dave Duerson, NFL Super Bowl Champion, a player on the Chicago Bears football team and  a member of the board of directors, University of Notre Dame, and just a few days ago, Don Corneilous, founder & creator of the nationallly syndicated TV Show, "Soul Train." It was announced that all three death were considered apparent sucicides. Of course, upon hearing about these tragedic incidents the feelngs and emotions were very sorrowful and painful. And also caused everybody to be in a state of shock and dis-belief.

There are some benefits to being honest and open about one's broken-ness. Case and point scenario, the population that exit in the U.S. the Nation and the World are,  in fact, a gathering of People-in-Community. And as such; can provide a outpouring of encouragement, support, concern, prayer, and meditation that can go a long way toward making a positive difference in the live of another person who have a felt-need to be met.

In the book of Jereimah 18 chapter, it speaks of  the pot is marred as it was being shaped-but the potter took it, re-shaped it and formed it another way. God being the potter-and we being the pot.
Broken-ness can manifest itself  in a myriad of ways. The first  use of the expresssion of broke, immedately cause you to focus on finances-meanng having no money-just a little humor. However, other types of broken-ness can be physicial, romantically linked or a relationship betrayal, and also in the spirit.
 All can lead to broken hearted-ness.

Whatever way broken-ness appears in your live-there should be a conscious effort of being honest and open about it. This approach can bring the benefits of soothing the sorrow, pain, hurt and unexpected downturns, by creating the opportunity for the outcome of the situation to be turned into joy .

The good news is, upon acknowledging your plight it will serve as a luminuous light that when embraced; can enhance the process of healing through encouragement, inspiration, and edification, from the gathering of  the People-in-Commuinty.

Steve Braxton, Contriuting writer, Consultant, Life/executive coach/mentor, & Ordained minister

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