Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creole Trilogy of Utterances

When you cheat on your "FEARS"
This will allowed you to be broken from your "DOUBTS:
Then you can have the freedom to become engaged to; and embrace "FAITH"
This shall open the door to confirm and/or cement the date for "MARRYING"
Results/Outcome: creating the opportunity for "Dreams" to become "REALITY"
Put in another context>
Summation: Fears>Doubts=thus Creates,"FAITH", which lends itself to making 'Dreams' a "REALITY"

Be Careful of the "WORDS" we use^
The tongue can be a dangerous weapon such as one that cuts like a two edge sword.
It can be a tool that is very useful-productive or it can be somewhat destructive
Let's eer on the side of "edification" and encouragment
Use words that will:
>help dreams become a reality
>give hope
>cause renewal of dreams...
>develop-bolster -enhance & augment aspirations
>create a place of 'trust' where the utterance of 'safe" is a must

Feel His Presence:
When you do the appropriate thing
Then you will know and feel his 'presence'
It's a must to 'pactice his presence' at all times
Which will have a manifestation of affirming that no matter what happens...
You and God together can handle whatever it is that gets in the way...Amen...

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