Sunday, December 18, 2011

75th Birthday Gala-Johnnie's-Trip to Paradise

Friends, family, and fellow board members of LCDC gathered at "Chateau Bu-sche' to celebrate the birthday of Ms Johnnie Sun 12/18/11-who reached the ripe age of 75 years young. It was indeed, a "Gala Affair". Johnnie's theme was appropriately titled: "A Trip To Paradise", and it was nothing less. Those of us in attendance sip, feast,taste, and some had the pleasure to boast and proclaim of knowing Johnnie on a more deeper level. The friends who took to the podium to edify Johnnie were many, and had the dubious distinction to select from an array of complimentary words to laud, appluad, and heap accolades upon her. Such words as 'faithful', 'honesty', 'courageous', to name a few, were interpolated and some even ventured in the genre of the process of 'exegesis' as demonstrated by a close friend in the person of Rev Charlene Porter. Other noteabe presence and sightings of VIP's were Kim Jackson, Pastor Phil, Pat Herrod, Former Cook County Commissioner Bobbie Steele, Mr & Mrs Little, Pastor Saffore and his wife and, of course, yours truly-was in the crowd too. when Johnnie stood and  strolled to the podiom she began with the pronouncement and utterance of what she was 'Thankful' for. The words that fell from her lips and rang out clearly and distinctly were; "I am..Because; you are, that make me forever thankful. In the middle of her speech, she used these words: "I dream big dreams, and-through the many accompolishments-I am still amazed at the awesome God we serve". In her concluding comments, I was also struct by these profound words: "You are, Because I was, and God still is...What a great evening to spend with such an honorable person as Johnnie., we are all blessed and better people because our path has crossed the path of the Journey where Johnnie has trod...amen...
Reverend Steve Braxton
Board Member, Lawndale Christian Development Center (LCDC)
Also Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Impending Books: "The Road Gets Better" and "Creole Soup"

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