Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mentorship 'Motto'

When we as concerned citizens and neighbors come along side to mentor, coach, advise
and touch our young people in positive ways. A worthwhile approach that shall lend itself to allow
those young people to reach their fullest potential in life-working in their respective "purpose'
for life on the path of the journey.

I would be good to ascribe to and take a motto to effect change:

"Mentor's Motto"
'I am both please and proud to serve;
I will do my best to try and inspire;
I know and realize that I exist to help others;
I wanna be free help live and let live..!
This is my aspirations...Yes! Indeed, it is...
To God Be The Glory!

Steve Braxton, Contributing writer, featured blogger and published author
Bishop & Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese-An affiliate of COGIC, International
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