Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day-Its Significance-Origin and Traditions

On February 14, every year Americans and people of the Nation and the World celebrate Valentine's Day. The occassion is to celebrate a long time tradition embodied with the proclivities to explore "love" in all of its beauty, splendor, style, grace, majesty and ideals . Many of us give little thought of how it all began or of  its origin,traditions and customs. Well, according to the historic context there are some connections to "Venus-The Goddess of Love". And the origin had it roots in the Roman Empire in ancient times. An event known as the "Lupercain Festival" was usually put on to honor the "God of Fertility'. During the celebration or in the midst of the Lupercain Festival, young men would get to choose their mate with the intent to eventual matrimony. Claudius the Emperor did not take kindly to the idea of marriage, He would rather see young men trained for battle and war. So he abolished the festive occassion where they would choose a mate. The young couples complained to Bishop Valentine at the Roman Catholic Church. But there was little he could do about the emperor's decree to abolish the celebation to choose a mate. But when the couples continued to find mates in other ways. The Bishop agreed to still marry them-but it was done in secrecy. 

When Claudius The Emperor found out about what Bshop Valentine was doing. He had him arrested and schedule him to be executed. While in jail waiting for his execution-the Bishop began to exchange letters and notes with the jailer's daughter. Because of the constant contact through communications-he fell in love with the jailer's daughter. On the day before Bishop Valentine's was beheaded he wrote a last note to the jailer's daughter and signed it "From Your Valentine". This situation precipitated a plethora of Valentine's Day symbols, of gifts, cards, and poems being exchanged. The news of Bishop Valentine's situation spread far and wide, and the name Valentine became synonymous with "Love" and Poetic Expression. In conclusion, I offer this poetic expression to all Yee Noble one. "A Salute to Women of Color"

"Only the action of the just; smell the sweet blossom in the dust; none knew her but to love her; none named her but to give accolades and edify her; O Woman! great is thy fathfulness; be it resolve unto thee; even as you maturate into full bloom and potential; with style, elegance and grace, pristine persona and peaceful are both adorned and adored. Within the statue of your beauty, your strength, and empowerment; you've nurtured us all; even the others quietly admire and enjoy the unsung attributes you bring. You are a diamond-in-the-rough, comes from the best of the clay for the day. You are the cream-of-the-crop that rises to the top! And as the song is sang, you are the growth of the plant-of-freedom; upward sprung"-Happy Valentine's Day, Oh Noble Women

Steve Braxton, Consultant, life coach, minster, congributing writer and featured blogger via Google Buzz and

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