Friday, December 14, 2012

Much More Attention 'Must' be payed to Mental Illiness

I consider today's tragedy in Conn the last straw when it comes to protecting helpless young children, especially those between the ages of 3-10 years old and even older. Time and time again, we hear of
a mentally ill person being responsible  for violence, pain, suffering, and killings put upon others by those
who have a mental illness disease. It seems that there is always a rush to judgement to blame it on an issue that has political implications, such as "Gun Control". Although, especially in the Conn situation it is readily
ostensible that the root cause is due to an unstable person having the disease of a mental illness dis-order.

Yes, the use of a weapon such as Guns is partly to blame-but it is not the total reason for the tragedy.  During times such as we find ourselves-we are witnessing more rage and rancor than ever before in our life span. As we experience a myriad of shock and a disposition of mayhem. This lend itself to a violent-state-of-culture.

However, I hasten to add that does not render all people as murderers; just as smoking cigarettes or second hand smoke don't cause everyone to contract lung cancer. Albeit, that does not mean it is non-lethal.

 If there ever was a time and place for people of this country, the nation and the world to touch and agree for the sake of togetherness to live in unity, harmony and embrace a concern for all of humanity. The here and now can be that opportunity for a nurturing relational building and development approach among humankind.

The key situations and circumstances  to focus on are, coming to grips with civility, re-discovering the advent of togetherness, that shall embrace unity, harmony and genuine love for one another.

Remembering, the book, "Purpose Driven Life" always revealed in it's content. Which was, "It's not about us" . This is also the age where we should listen to the instructions of the only begotten son. Those instructions are we should  exist for others and to be a blessing to others. In doing so, our blessings will manifest in abundance.

Steve Braxton, contributing writer, featured blogger, published author & Ordained Minister
Bishop & Assistant Presiding Prelate, Light of Illinois Diocese-An affiliate of COGIC, International
December 13, 2012

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