Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uplifting & Inspirational Utterances_Just Wanna Thank You....

We should not wait to call on God when we get in trouble, or just on special occasions. We must wanna thank him right now...! This is an anytime approach to be thankful and to commune with him in all that we do:
"Oh great, wise and just God, I wanna thank you right now! God, I just wanna thank you right now; for all that I am, and all that I am, yet to become;

I'm not gonna wait; until I understand every experience in my life; that cause me pain and long suffering; heart ache and  grief; I just wanna thank you, right now. When I'm in the dessert of the "valley of life"; in the midst of dilemma, doubt, and despair, but in spite of it all, I believe there is "good news" to which I say, "Hallelujah!", I just wanna take the time to thank you right now! I see your "Legion of Angels being dispatched, right come as avenging covenant protectors, and I wanna thank you, right now! In your shroud of  sovereignty; I revere you as the provider of every need we may have to be met, for that I wanna thank you, right now!. The Holy of Holiest; I thank you, in the name of Jesus The Christ, I thank you!!!
Excerpts from the book: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel copyright@2006 by Reverend Steve Braxton
Submitted by: Steve Braxton, freelance writer, life coach, author

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