Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Benefits of "MEDITATION"

The question is often asked, "does meditation have any benefits, if so, can they be measurable in some way?. The answer is in the affirmative. The effectual practice of meditation can have powerful effects and positive impact on the human body, mind, and soul (spirit). There are stories and testimonies about tried and proven ways of how to 'let go, and let God' take control and have his way with us. Meaning, we must be completely resolved to "surrender all to him", his will, his ways, and the totality of all desires to him-our Creator.

In the process of undertaking such bold surrendering steps; realizing that you are giving into, the powerful mind-body healing dynamic. A trans formative dynamic, contrary to some belief, does not take a lot of  energy.

Because, of the DNA that is already inherit within the human body. There is a biblical passage in the Old Testament book of Genesis which reveals, paraphrasing; we are made in his image and after his likeness. One may consider this to be a 'genetic heritage' of sorts. For certain, it is part and parcel of one's Spiritual Dimension. The cause and effect is; when God created humankind; he made sure that we were equipped with the appropriate attributes and proper embodied ingredients. And we were configured to be a teachable creature, panoplies with the proclivity for empowerment suitable for work in the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, meditation can be viewed and/or considered to be an approach for a type of self-help initiative. Albeit, somewhat hold the propensity to produce and make manifest-changes that can be measured in the lives of human beings. In other words, when a person perhaps; by happenstance, take the opportunity to have a few sessions of meditation training. And immediate thereafter; pursue a visit to a research laboratory to practice meditation. And summarily during the research practice-have the results measured by the meditation instrument and/or apparatus. The could culminate into the following benefits:

>positive changes in breathing approach
>improvement in blood chemistry
>brain waves sensitivity and activity improvements
>positive response to stress: diminished /and or a better managed approach
>feelings and emotions of a sense of spiritual centering, and balance
>a dimensional groundedness of sorts
>peace of mind, inner peace, and a sense of contentment

All of the aforementioned, would be readily available to view and/or observed from the countenance of a person and from an instrumentation apparatus that meters or measured-as a monitoring tool. These are a few ways for a tried and proven analysis to be evaluated and recorded. which lends itself to significant recorded beneficial results that's measured in the practice of  the meditation process. In addition, some of the majors reasons of discovery, in the process of meditation are that; the methods of accomplishment is both "instinctive" and "natural"

All due in part, to when a person meditates-their "consciousness of thoughts" begins to access the body's own built-in ability to heal itself. This is largely done as the body tune itself to the action and process, instinctly righting; what is wrong with totality of the body metabolism.

These actions within the metabolism allows the body to enter a stage or a phase known as, "relaxation-response-based-intervention. An approach that has measured such results as:
A. diminished pain-causing reduced HMO or personal physician visits
B. higher percentages (up to 80.0%) of lowered blood pressure in hypertensive patients
C. underserved youths and young adults, experienced improved grades, increased work habits, a higher level of cooperation, and decreased school absences
D. open heart surgery patients had fewer post-operative complications
E. students, high school & college levels, experienced significant increased self-esteem

Written, edited, & submitted: Steve Braxton, Masters of Divinity (M-Div) (est Comp 2012)
-A Minister, Life Coach, & Consultant
Author: "The Road That Is Difficult Travel"

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