Saturday, February 5, 2011

8 Foods That will Diminish "Colds" and Minimize the 'Flu'

In order to stay healthy and fit we must practice a consistently healthier lifestyle. What with the winter season upon us-we need to take extra precautions. And for as long as the "cold weather" persists, Americans, and people of the nation, and the world, must adhere to; and pay close attention toward eating good habits for the body to be healthy. The consumption of vitamin "C" is of particularly importance in that regard. We all know that when we take and maintain enough vitamin C in the immune system-it minimizes the chances of getting and/or being sick with a cold or contracting the flu. That being said, it is vitally important to take vitamin C in spades during the winter season. The benefits derived: vitamin C, not only, fortify the immune system, but it also help to repair the body tissues, and it create the opportunity to help one to heal better and much faster.

The question becomes, well just how much vitamin C should I take daily?. Good, I am glad you asked, according to the National Institute of Health, women between 19 years and older should consume 75 mg per day, men dosage or consumption should be, at least, 90 mg per day. Hold on, I know what you are thinking, most supplement are from 250, 500, or 1000 mg per capsule or tablet. Which is essentially too much. And you take too much, there might be a slight chance of making oneself sick, right?. The answer is yes.

There is a solution, and it is eating the right nutritional foods that contains natural vitamin C. We have done the research for you. Per the standards set by the US Dept of Agriculture Nutrient Database, the 8 great foods that are full of vitamin C nutrients are as follows:

1. Orange Juice,a gold std. drink 6-8 oz per day, contain 392 mg
2. Frozen Peaches,has up to 235 mg, you can eat pieces through-out the day
3. Strawberries, frozen or fresh, cup sliced, put in smoothie, cut up in salads, contains 106 mg
4. Pine Apples Juice, 6-8 oz per day, contains 115 mg
5. Grape Fruit Juice, 6-8 oz 330 mg
6. Super V8-low sodium, 6-8 oz per day, 300 mg
7. Broccoli, a cup chopped, steamed, or sauteed w/carrots & red potatoes, contains 101 mg-good for the heart, eyes, and it fortifies the metabolism against colds and the flu
8. Brussels Sprouts, a cup, 97 mg, they are considered king, can fill you up and satisfy the appertite more than any other veggies

Note: If you like fresh red peppers-add to soups, salads for great flavoring & taste an enhancement 4 U.
You are set to move forward-in very healthy ways. Therefore, you go forth, prepare, eat, and do so, without any lack of vitamin "C"
The above approach to preparing and eating healthy foods consists of a good healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, and delicious juices. This provides the opportunity for one to create their own selection and mix of fresh , natural vitamins and nutrients.Your body will love you for it-and you will learn to love it too-in-the-end.

Steve Braxton
Authorpreneur, Life Coach, & Minister
Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel

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