Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Celebrate The Legacy of Life (Life measured breaths)

On the journey of life for growth, development, and maturity, you've arrive at 21, you turn 30, and now you are pushing 40, you look up and you've landed on 50, before you realize it you are 60, never thought you would make it that far...
Since you are there surround yourself with what you like best; it may be:
>keep sakes
>books to read, take up computer, travel: take a trip to Sedonia Az- a wonderful place for seniors
>or take up hobbies, or whatever it might be, remember, your home is your castle and your refuge

No matter, what else you may do-CHERISH YOUR HEALTH....
If its good; preserve it, if its unstable; improve it
If its beyond what you cannot improve; seek help (doctor, personal trainer, etc)
Always remember, 'life' is not "measured by the number of breaths" you take
but by the moments that take your breath away

Strive to always be an angel to someone else, in an attempt to show 'acts of kindness'
and sincere gesture of agape love (that is God's inclusive love)
It is unconditional-with no strings attached...
Seek it; try it; you just be pleasantly surprised...

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