Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be Resolve to utter the words-"I Shall, I Will, I Must"

In Life; it is important to note: that if you intend to be positioned, to come along side others to help them, then you Shall, you Will, and you Must, embrace the art and practice of  "preparedness". Moreover, as you walk, think, and operate in that consciousness be aware of these indelible utterances:

I Must, I Will, I Shall be Resolve:
>to be strong in the face of weakness
>to be brave in the face of fear
>its a must to persist in the face of failure...
>I am resolve to stand again no matter how many times I fall
>there is no other option!!
>I shall follow my path no matter how often I lose my way
>I must live my dream no matter what obstacles stand before me
>I am resolve to "trust in God"
>I am resolve to be mighty, equipped and empowered
>I am resolve to be bold-in him
>I am resolve to be steadfast...
I am grateful to him for all that I am...
And for for all-that I am yet to become
I thank him for who; and whom; I am, and whose I belong to...

For it is; of the goodness of the great, "I am"...
Albeit, I am made in his likeness-I am; yet evolving..
To reach my fullest potential-while working in my purpose;
As I am-yet becoming...all I am intended to be...
As I go forth!, Yes it is he; who is sending me forth..
While, I'm still yet, committed and focused on kingdom things
The goal is within my grasp-as I am going forth-buttress with "inspired persistence"

Steve Braxton
-Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel

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