Monday, January 24, 2011

Walk into your season, sometimes boldly,,other times gently

In due season, we all have a reason to walk into our season. And its ok to do it without fear. When we do, we learn how to grow, develop, and maturate. Yes, you will encounter spiritual warfare on the sojourn. Not to fear, but move steadfast to overcome, as you are challenged, while experiencing the "valley of life" encounters. I know we all look forward to that mountain top encounter. But it shall be the valley of life experience, that will refine, equip,and empower you to meet the many obstacles and conflict that await you on the journey.We know that God may not always be early, but nor is he never late. The comforter, though, is whenever he comes, he's always on time. All the blessings we yearn and thirst for; will come to us; when we learn to, "have faith" while we wait.

When you, I, we, are lost and discouraged
And there seem to be no hope in sight;
We must turn our cares and concerns to the God of our heart;
And his love will let the "spirit" take flight.

Steve Braxton
Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"

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