Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We as a people-need to curtail the rhetoric that may lead to violence

You know, in the genre of biblical Hermeneutics it is revealed that each of us, if we have any semblance of faith and are genuinely conscious, and concerned, about humanity. We should practice the art of exiting for others. And for that, an abundance of blessings shall be bestowed upon the faithful ones. That being said, its so very important for those-who are highly visible and is considered to be respected, revered, perceived leaders; to make the attempt and the appearance to be responsible citizens. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon the highly visible perceived leaders, to be cosign ant of what is said and/or done in public view for the sake of all humanity. It becomes imperative for leaders, whether local, regional, national, or international-at all cost, to strive and portray a civil, and 'fair justice type of mantra' of behavioral actions. It shall be my hope, and prayer, that most of the highly visible leaders do not, come of as single-minded, self-serving, insensitive, selfish, and arrogant person, needless to say, this will not earn any points in the public eye. As a matter-of-fact, this will have the propensity for leading to danger-as we just witness in Arizona with the senseless injuries and fatalities during a political event in a public domain. However, I hasten to add, there are still good descent people afoot who are seeking unity, harmony, and have the well being of humanity as their focus. Let's continue to pray that increasing numbers of people embodied with that sort of consciousness shall prevail and continue to emerge, evolve, and thrive, in the society across the country, the nation and the world. In regards to the tongue being used as a vicious tool, again biblical passage, fore warns; that the tongue can be a cruel weapon, such  unkind rhetoric through the use of the tongue,can be as dangerous as a two edge sword-cutting both ways. This will surely lend itself to stirring-up a mess-alleviating the opportunity for one to be blessed. So, let's focus on resisting the temptations and actions and set our sights on things that will diminish, eradicate, and/or alleviate random acts of violence. This shall be a noble cause to rally around and and will preserve the longevity of the legacy of life, for  the mature person, youth and young adults; to maturate, discover their pre-ordained purpose and reach their full potential that God intended for them to become.
God Bless You All
Reverend Steve Braxton
Minister, Counselor, & life Coach
Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"

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