Sunday, April 10, 2011

Samuel did not immediately recognized the "Voice of The Lord"

The Lord called Samuel several times, while he was asleep,and each time he thought it was Eli So he went and said to Eli, "here, I am" And in each instance Eli said to him. It was not I, who called you. (Samuel 1:13-17). The bible teaches us to get  wisdom and knowledge and in all our getting-to get an understanding. The truth of the matter is; that we must also seek to have the gift and awareness of "recognition" and comprehension of what  means to be 'obedient' to God, and also ask God, through the medium of prayer for the 'spirit of Discernment". The advent of "Discernment" is very special relative to a complete understanding of God's will, ways, and desires; in the sense of divine understanding.
In essence it is an "astute understanding"-in the genre of  clearness, and the ultimate truth of the God, for the up-building of his kingdom.

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