Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resurrection Celebration is Here!!! "He Has Risen, and is He "Alive!!!"

Have you had the pleasure to experience Jesus in the daily faith walk of your Life? Are you enjoying a relationship with The Father, in the name of Jesus?
That inquiring statement is a subtle but intentional exclamation and/or proclamation of the Resurrection-and what most of us refer to as: Easter, which is a Pagan expression for the Resurrection. Meaning: he has "Risen" and is 'Alive!'

At this juncture in ancient time, it had been almost two months since the crucifixion of Jesus, two months since Mary's Little Baby Boy, God's only begotten Son; had been executed by the Roman Soldiers. Many did not believe in Jesus as a Messiah and the Savior. To them he was nothing more than a momentary blimp on the screen of time; another religious fanatic; who had come and gone. Pilate washed his hands of taking any responsibility for the death of Jesus. The Pharisees were glad to get rid of him. The masses of people no longer cared because he was not the political leader they had hoped for; this view was even pervasive among some of the his disciples who walked with him on a daily basis. In  spite of the fact that they witness first hand, the healing, signs, wonders, and manifestation of miracles.

Yet when Peter and John came to town; in hind sight; it did not take them long, to have a realization they had been with Jesus, the only Begotten Son of God. Who indeed, was the Messiah-the one that was sent to save, redeem, and restore man in a right relationship with God-The-Father.

After Jesus rose form the tomb, went to greet them, and ascended up to Heaven. One could see from the countenance on these men faces, which had a "Radiance of Jesus". So much so; one could a felt presence of Jesus as it was all around, and in was also in the resonance and intonation of their voices.

Jesus was a remarkable person in the flesh, and also in the Deity  of the spirit-a duality personification by God almighty. His persona was; and is; the epitome of a model that Jesus hoped  we as followers would emulate on our faith journey. Jesus always took the time to give attention to; and comfort individuals.

As you read the N.T. Gospels-and witness them unfold. Here you see the numerous encounters Jesus had with people on the wayside of his earthen journey. He was never too big; too burdened, nor was he ever too busy to encounter, encourage, touch or heal individuals. For example; the lame man at the temple gate, the woman with the issue of blood, Dorcas  daughter, or the woman at the well.

If we are to be genuine Jesus followers-it is imperative that we mirror his vision. Whose telescopic view took in the whole world. And his microscopic in-sight included all mankind-it was an inclusive aberration. His view of the world was not; monoscopic but rather Kaleidoscopic-he saw everything all at the same time.
Reverend Steve Braxton
Minister, Life Coach & Minister
Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel copyright@2006

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