Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jesus' Proclaimed to Apostle Paul, "My Grace Is Sufficient!!"....

When apostle Paul was experiencing, what he called: A thrown in his side. He asked Jesus to remove it.
It seems that Paul was very anxious to get it done, so he kept asking Jesus. He did so; several times.
When Jesus finally answered, these were the words: Paul, don't you know my Grace is Sufficient!!!

What exactly did Jesus mean? How do you think Paul comprehended the answer?
Well, I want to share some insights upon the situation. While in Seminary, we spent and in ardent amount
of time learning to "Exegete" words of the biblical text. Which translate to the ultimate interpretation of words and passages of scripture.

When Jesus made the statement: "My grace is sufficient". He was relating to the capacity of his power indwelt in him by God Almighty. The sufficiency proclamation means: My power has been made perfect for you.

Just know that God's power, in the name of Jesus, is almighty, everlasting and forever.

In the sufficiency genre, it is not just enough, but more-than-enough, it is in the "Land of Plenty"
God always have our best interest at heart; because he knows us best, he is our manufacturer, that right ,
he made us in his image and after his likeness. God is our King-The King of Glory!!
Just who is this King of Glory?. He is the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. The Lord of hosts, he is, The King of Glory (Psalm 24:8-10)

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