Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Intel & Insights About The Vicissitudes "Hate and Anger"

As we take note of'; and look at the plight of dissident behaviors, turbulent-state-of-despair, confusion, miss-understanding, injustices being perpetrated on others of a different belief-this has caused unrest across these United States, and even the nation and the world, i.e., the activities of certain radical alt/right groups.
It is trending toward creating both violent and  toxic behavioral patterns that is lending itself  to expressions of 'hate and anger', whereas; it's targeting specific culture of the population who tend to be different culturally and hold other views concerning the status and equality of humanity.
As 'anger' is exhibited and displayed, it can become acid, because it has the propensity to do more harm than good. In particularly, the   vessel of the human where it is stored, rather than anything on which it is poured.
Thus 'anger' is a transitory emotion-it has no place to live or exist. All of it's efforts goes against the grain and is a drain to the totality of all available healthy human energy. In the biblical words of Solomon, "It is all vanity, Vanity of Vanities". In a word;  all for nothing, just wasted energy.
Those who labor under guise and promote the dis-order of 'hate and Anger', usually has come from the syndrome of "troubled childhood":
~Has experienced some sense of being afraid and shame
~Borders under the pointing of the finger of 'Blame & Shame'.
~Has low self-esteem
~Has sought a sense of belonging-but was none found
~Feelings of dis-connected from other human beings
~Tend to drift toward a direction that encompasses the attributes of  the 'Anti-syndrome Genre'
~I.E. tend to be against others who are different that they are; and tend to have low regards for all other humanity

They tend to be in search of an allusive type of "Pride and Honor" such as:
~Something or someone to look up to hold in high esteem
~They tend to become an easy target for violence, & crime, which involve gangs, and/or some type of other radical groups.
~Just know: even boredom has a higher emotional  rating than hate and anger, Because of the advent of "Feeling and Emotion" one may tend to experience along the way-the creation of something that just might have the proclivities to dispel the thought-of-consciousness of hate and anger.
Therein, lay the answer to the question: Can those be reached who are be-riffed w/hate and anger. Based on my prior experiential encounters, the answer is yes! In my latest book: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Included is a thread that runs through the below denoted details.
The focus has to encompass: 
~The search for hope
~Find/Discover an enormity of ways to cope
~Embrace, the comprehending and the understanding of "Forgiveness" for self and others
~The totality and essence of the key, is the awareness, and feeling and emotion-for the Joy-of-Healing, which is the new beginning for the connection and/or re-connection for 'compassion' for all of Humanity.

In a word, this is the essence for the new beginning, Renewal, Restoration, Deliverance, and Redemption, and to be in a right Relationship with All mighty God, In The Name who is The wonderful Counselor, Jesus the Christ. Amen...

Steve Braxton, Author, "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" Mentor, Life Coach, Hall of Fame StoryTeller, Enshrined by The Chicago History Museum copyright@2016, sbrax57@gmail.com

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