Sunday, January 22, 2017

ALERT! Daniel Fast 2017, 3rd Week/21 Days/Lifestyle Change

Hello FB Fam & Friends, here we are!-we've arrived at the third week, 21 days. If you're still with us; kudos to you; for your steadfast spiritual stamina and staying power on this awesome, wonderful, life changing journey.

I wanna to keep you in 'front-of-mind-consciousness' regards insights and Intel for the connects between 'Prayer & Fasting".
In the O.T. biblical passages, it tells us that-it appears the process of prayer and fasting is done with a sense of need and dependence,and/or of abject helplessness, in the face of; anticipated calamity. Also in certain instances; as grief, bereavement, mourning, repentance, and/or deep spiritual needs.

The N.T. Biblical exegesis revelation-focuses on the theology of fasting, and is of one's personal priorities. In which, believer's are given the oppty to express themselves in undivided and 'intense devotion to the Lord'. Moreover; to the concerns of one's spiritual proclivities-life to cause and to aspire and to inspire self and others.

This lends itself {which is key} to get closer to God. In doing so; such devotion can be expressed  by abstaining and/or to deny self for short or extended periods of time from certain foods and drinks.

During this short and/or extended time frame-it's very important to know-it shall be a time to enjoy uninterrupted communion and special devotion to God. Which bode well to build stronger faith {confidence} in self and belief in God Unlimited Powers.
Striving; in the act of prayer and fasting must not be considered a burden or a duty. Instead; the focus should be more on a "Celebration" of God's goodness, mercy-and remember, His Grace, Is Sufficient.

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